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Gygax: High Fantasy

June 19, 2019

Gygax: High Fantasy

Whisking your mind off to fantastical lands and wondrous soundscapes, Gygax comes flying in with a brand new effort titled High Fantasy. Soaked in influence from the likes of Dungeons & Dragons among other fantasy ideas and realms, Gygax provides you with a greatly melodious fantasy metal sound that is incredibly addictive and infectious. High Fantasy is a release that you will get hooked on immediately and continuously come back for more fantastical and wondrous adventures. This record is an easy one to fall in to and have it take you through great never ending soundscapes as it is entirely captivating and engaging.

Through High Fantasy, Gygax offers up great musicianship in the form of powerful riffs, a great drum performance and high flying vocals that you ultimately belt the lyrics out to. From beginning to end, High Fantasy is a well constructed offering that features nine great tracks that immediately make themselves at home in your mind as they get stuck there for some time to come. Ever energetic and wonderfully imaginative, Gygax unfold story after story through each of their nine offerings presenting you with plenty of variety and mystical metal to head bang to.

With great song writing ability, top notch musicianship, a great production and a fantastic cover to top everything off, High Fantasy truly is a remarkable and highly infectious record. You will not find a track here that disappoints as each one is just as good as the others. Sinking its hooks in to you early on, High Fantasy takes you on quite the journey from beginning to end, forever having your mind wander through each of the stories that unfold right before you.

From the great musicianship, to the incredibly infectious vocals and everything else in between, High Fantasy is a great record. Wondrous, fantastical and down right unbelievably memorable, this release is great from top to bottom. At the end of your listen you will be left wanting more which ultimately leads you to more and more repeat listens, and really it goes without saying that Gygax has rolled a nat 20 with High Fantasy.

High Fantasy will be released June 21 through Creator-Destructor Records.

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