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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Druid Lord: Grotesque Offerings

December 14, 2017

druid lord - grotesque cover haulix

Supplying you with a years worth of dread, horror and all things grotesque is Druid Lord, and slithering up from the crypt with them is their upcoming offering Grotesque Offerings. Pairing doom, death metal and all things horror, Druid Lord provide you with a sound that is raw, fear inducing and dripping with ooze and stagnant blood. As horrifying and terrifying as each of the ten tracks are on this effort, they are just as mesmerizing and enchanting. Druid Lord does a great job of catching your attention immediately after you press play. Even though the entire run time is around fifty minutes it never feels like a burden to listen all the way through and never once to you intend to leave the listen. Each track is captivating and bewitching and each track comes together in sickening harmony to present to you an unforgettable listen.

This macabre and dread inducing record is something to behold. Grotesque Offerings is monolithic as it presents to you ten ripping tracks that are chilling and stomach turning. Each track is just as sickening as the others and as a whole, Grotesque Offerings raises the hair on the back of your neck and makes you feel unsettled. The grim, slow burning and gnarled sound in which Druid Lord shovels out of your speakers makes you feel as though you are trapped in a nightmare from which you cannot find your way out of.

There is a dense, sinister and malevolent atmosphere that lingers above your head throughout Grotesque Offerings. This effort is truly menacing and a force to be reckoned with. Grotesque Offerings feels as though you are listening to a horror movie and not only that, but this release makes you feel as though you have been taken from the comfort of your own home and planted right in the middle of a horror film. The buzzing madness of the riffs, the blood curdling vocals, the cloaking atmosphere of misery and more come together to gift to you a skin crawling and horrifying listen.

The combination of death metal and doom on this record is damn near perfect as well. Druid Lord certainly isn’t afraid to step out of their realm of low and slow doom to provide you with faster paced face peeling death metal. Never do they lurch from one genre to the other as they work hand in hand to create a cohesive and disgusting sound that is all together addicting and intoxicating. The amalgamation of the two genres creates a wonderfully grim, dread filled and deadly tone that is so hard to get out of your head and out from underneath your skin.

Grotesque Offerings is pure madness as well as pure death and doom metal wizardry. This new effort from these shadow lurkers is truly something to behold and truly something to keep an eye out for. Come January this beast will be unleashed, and what a great way to kick off the new year. Be prepared.

Grotesque Offerings will be released through Hells Headbangers January 19, 2018

Take a listen to the track House of Dripping Gore from the upcoming release below!

You can find Grotesque Offerings  for pre-order on Bandcamp

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Faceless Burial: Grotesque Miscreation

December 12, 2017

faceless burial - cover haulix.jpg

Originally released in September of this year digitally and on vinyl is Faceless Burial’s debut full length Grotesque Miscreation and now with the help of Blood Harvest Records this monster of an effort will see the light of day yet again this time on CD. Grotesque Miscreation is set with ten tracks of brain boiling death metal. Nothing else within this release trifles with the overall raw and flesh cutting sound of pure death metal as this is exactly that, pure unfiltered death. Upon pressing play you get a tepid whiff of stagnant death and rotting unfortunate dead flesh and for ten straight tracks you become shrouded in nothing other than visceral and disgusting death.

These morgue suppliers begin Grotesque Miscreation with an ominous and unsettling intro that lasts for just over a single minute before really laying in to you with their blood fueled and intense brand of death metal. After the intro has concluded, Faceless Burial begins their sonic, sharp and chaotic assault with their weapons brandished aiming to lop off your head and cull the weak. Through the rest of the nine tracks that follow the intro you are subject to a raw and barbaric style of death metal that boils the blood and tears at your very tender flesh. Faceless Burial takes ques from their death metal forefathers and contorts those elements to create a pulverizing sound all their own.

Even though Faceless Burial takes ques from early death metal bands they never fall in to a rut and never sound exactly like their predecessors. Throughout Grotesque Miscreation, Faceless Burial’s sound is ever shifting and twisting never staying in one lane for entirely too long. With their own twists and elements added to each track, Faceless Burial gives the listener a varied and well rounded listen. Through each track you are greeted with something new and rarely are you ever beat over the head with the same riffs or drum patterns and what have you. Faceless Burial does a great job of mixing it up throughout Grotesque Miscreation bringing you along for a twisting and blood frenzied ride.

Through harsh rib splitting riffs, skull pummeling drumming and purely monstrous and blood craving vocals, Faceless Burial gifts you with a sonic wall of death and despair. The overall sound of Grotesque Miscreation is that of a crazed ax wielder on the hunt for his next victim. Grotesque Miscreation does a great job of snapping your neck back nearly from the get go never to relent until you have been shoved in to a shallow and early grave. Grotesque Miscreation is a monster as a whole as it administers blunt force trauma one track at a time until it leaves you feeling broken and bloodied.

This is pure death, pure, savage and bloodied death.

Grotesque Miscreation will be out on CD format January 18, 2017 through Blood Harvest Records.

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Boia: Chivalry of Death

December 11, 2017

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Inspired by death metal greats but aiming to surpass them and annihilate and dismember anyone that gets in their path is Boia. These monsters are loud, abrasive, caustic, blood curdling and aim to spread as much death and destruction as possible, so it seems. Chivalry of Death is the title of their very first recording and within this release you are subject to five tracks that total just about twelve whole minutes. Don’t pay too much attention to the run time though as Boia provides you with enough stagnant and stale death within those twelve minutes to last you an entire full length. Chivalry of Death is a raw, pummeling and eviscerating release that snaps your head back right from the get go never to relent until your limbs have been severed from your body.

Boia doesn’t give you too much time at all to get acquainted with their horrifying brand of death metal as they storm out of your speakers with the intent to maim and kill. After their ominous intro-and the signal of your death-Call of the Necromatter all bets are off as Boia blasts and chips away at your skull exposing your rotted and fetid brain. From the second track on you are treated to a deadly sonic assault that curdles your blood and drains the life from your eyes. Each track on this effort is a raw and unrelenting beast and they only seem to be out for blood and chaos.

Chivalry of Death is a blitzkrieg of a release as it hits you swiftly but just continues to beat you over the head with frenzied riffs, blood thirsty vocals and relentlessly blasting drums. Before you know it the entire release is over and you are reaching for the play button again and again for more and more torment and mayhem. As quick as this release is it is packed to the bursting point with solid, well constructed and performed death metal that you can’t get enough of. Chivalry of Death is an effort that you don’t mind listening to numerous times and re-snapping your neck to.

Boia takes what their death metal forefathers did so well and amplifies it to create something that is loud, shocking, accosting and all around venomous and purely deadly. For their very first recording this is a solid one and keeps you wanting more and more at the end of it all.

Chivalry of Death will be released December 18, 2017 through Caligari Records.

Wardomized: Forced To Eat From The Apple Tree

December 11, 2017


Hailing from Northern Ireland, specifically Lisburn and Belfast is grind outfit Wardomized. Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is their second EP to come out three years after their debut EP titled In the Raw. Much like their debut EP, Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is a short but blasting offering that does its best to peel your face back over your scalp. Each of the four tracks that are present on this release are played between a mid and up-tempo pace that gets your head rocking back and forth before you know it. Each track is gritty and grime filled with an intense raw feel to them as well. There is just no bullshit here as what you get for four straight tracks is ferocious and deadly grind.

Wardomized doesn’t wait to shoot right out of the gate and out of your speakers as they hit you quick and hard with their opener Suicide Death Rock-Inflicted By Force. This near three minute track sets the tone for the rest of the EP as it barrels out of your speakers hitting you square in your chest as well as your gnarled ear drums. This track is a rampaging one as it blasts away at your skull immediately only to cease its assault once it has concluded. The track to follow is an interesting one especially for a grind band. Blue, White and Black Flowers is a slower offering for the majority of its run time only to pick up at the very end to provide you with a deadly caustic assault for the last few seconds. Blue, White and Black Flowers breaks up the usual grind and blast first ask questions later formula and provides you with some variety and diversity among the usual brain scrambling grind.

After Blue, White and Black Flowers concludes you become bombarded with more sonic punishment firmly rooted back in the grind landscape. Each of the four tracks on this release have their own unique sound to them making them stand out among the others. Never does it seem as though you are listening to the same songs over and over again as Wardomized does a great job in providing you with plenty of variety throughout only four tracks. Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree doesn’t just sound like a wall of spastic noise, instead you can clearly pick out each track and really enjoy each of the track’s own uniqueness.

Overall, Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is a solid EP, one that grind fans will surely enjoy. This EP is short of course but that only means that you get to listen to it again and again while bashing your brain against the front and back of your skull. The musicianship is on point and the vocals are monstrous and throat ripping as one would expect and to top everything off this EP has a nice raw and gritty kind of production that is wholly enjoyable. Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is an all around entertaining and enjoyable listen.

Check out The Ultimate Demise below!


Scaphism: Unutterable Horrors

December 6, 2017

unutterable horrors.jpg

Bursting out of a coffin like a bloated corpse is Scaphism and in tow with them is their upcoming full length titled Unutterable Horrors. Unutterable Horrors comes six years after their debut full length record Festering Human Remains, and this time around this new release is filled with eight more deadly, vicious and bludgeoning tracks that aim for your jugular. Unutterable Horrors is pure death metal through and through. You will find nothing else but death coursing through the collapsed veins of this release. There is no filler, there isn’t any fluff and there is no where to escape. Once you press play you become under siege by blasphemous death metal that tears, rips, and melts the flesh straight off of your cracked bones.

From the very beginning on, Scaphism pours their brand of molten death upon you and keeps on pouring until the final note has rang right through your speakers and your skull. Scaphism shifts from track to track with ease and without so much as a pause in between as well providing you with a cohesive and stifling listen. Each track is deadly as they come at you full force knives and axes brandished only aiming to spill as much blood as possible. Unutterable Horrors is a potent and powerful record that hits you hard and often. Throughout this release Scaphism mashes the proverbial pedal right through the floor and provides you with terrorizing track after terrorizing track never to cease their deadly and ferocious onslaught.

Unutterable Horrors is by no means a lengthy record as most tracks top out before the four minute mark. Within its shorter run time, Unutterable Horrors provides you with a sinister and completely violent listen that bashes your melted brain in from track one to track eight. This is a blitzkrieg as Scaphism assaults you from all sides quickly never relenting or easing up at all. From the first track on Scaphism provides you with incredibly venomous and gut ripping death metal that caves your chest in and picks at your bones before you know it. This twisting mass of rotted flesh and stagnant blood does a great job of beating you with a lead pipe until you are close to death-if you aren’t dead already-leaving you only to the vermin and the vultures.

With flesh craving riffs, rabid, hellish and blood thirsty vocals as well as blasting skull caving drumming, Scaphism gifts to you death in its ugliest form, pure. Nothing other than death infiltrates the brutish and blood curdling sound that Scaphism has seemed to hone and employ as a weapon. As a whole, Unutterable Horrors is a twisting, cadaver hoarding, heavy and ultimately great listen. This effort hacks, slashes and bludgeons you within an inch of your life and has you digging and early grave for yourself. Through eight straight tracks Scaphism provides you with precise musicianship, throat ripping vocals and good production to ultimately gift to you a record of nothing but terrorizing death metal for your enjoyment.

Overall, Unutterable Horrors is a solid and well executed and well crafted record. Each track is just as good as the others and sooner rather than later Scaphism has you head banging in no time. It has been a long time between full length releases and with Unutterable Horrors Scaphism certainly delivers. They seem to have honed their craft even more to provide the listener with a cohesive and incredibly damning, heavy and entertaining listen.

Unutterable Horrors will be released January 12, 2018 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

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Magick Touch: Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire

December 4, 2017


Magick Touch twist elements of heavy metal in with their addicting and highly memorable brand of hard rock to create an all together head nodding unforgettable sound. Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire is the sophomore effort from these hard rock heathens and it is filled with ten tracks that will in no time have you singing and head banging along. Each track is just as memorable and potent as the others and there certainly isn’t a track on this release that is filler in any sense of the word. Through and through you are gifted with ten solid tracks that shovel hard rock intensity upon you until you have no choice but to nod your head and air guitar along.

Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire is infectious to say the least. Each of the ten tracks that make an appearance on this release will be rattling around in your mind for some time to come once you are done listening. This is a tough release to put down once you start to listen and that is simply because it is an incredibly enjoyable and entertaining record to listen to. Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire is easy to get in to and sit and listen to for an extended period of time without tiring of it quickly. Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire deploys slick powerful riffs that are paired with scorching solos as well as vocals that are incredibly undeniable. The vocals on this release are powerful, clean and contagious as they make you want to belt out every lyric right along with the singer, and sooner rather than later you just don’t have a choice.

Through and through, Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire provides you with an all around tight knit and well executed performance from each member. This effort is solid all the way around which ultimately provides you with one hell of a fun and addicting listen. There isn’t a track on this release that is lacking in any way shape or form and there certainly isn’t a track on this effort that you would think of skipping. Each song is a blast and incredibly easy to sink your teeth in to and really rock out to. Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire is a cohesive, well put together record that invites you in to their magick filled world immediately to jam and rock out until your heart is content.

It seems as though Magick Touch has taken what their rock forefathers did so well and add their own twist to it to create an all together well rounded and solid sound. Magick Touch simply is the complete hard rock package. They pump their music full of energy, excitement, enjoyment and much more to gift the listener with an outstanding listen. Throughout Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire you can feel the passion and the excitement that Magick Touch seems to have pumped in to each and every song. Each track on this release is great and is certain to get stuck in your head for days to come. Simply put, Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire is a great hard rock record.

Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire will be released on January 8, 2018 through Edged Circle Productions.

Check out the official video for Under the Gun below!

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Dreadful Fate: The Sin Of Sodom

December 3, 2017

dreadful fate - cover.jpg

You can classify Dreadful Fate as thrash or blackened thrash or whatever you like, the fact of the matter remains that Dreadful Fate is sure to melt the flesh and skin right off of your face. Dreadful Fate seems as though they have come from the eighties to grace us with their wicked and thrashing mad sound when in reality they were formed earlier this year. The Sin Of Sodom is Dreadful Fate’s debut recording and it sports three tracks of nothing but sinister, darkened and sordid tracks for you to break your neck to. With a release that lacks in quantity it sure makes up for in quality. With only three tracks attached to this release you are provided with well constructed and performed tracks that get you banging your head from the start.

Dreadful Fate doesn’t give you much time to prepare for their metallic onslaught as they shoot right out of the gate with rotten riffs, spastic drumming and gritty throat ruining vocals. Dreadful Fate’s onslaught doesn’t stop until the entire release has concluded and once everything is all said and done you lay on the floor with a broken neck and torn flesh. Throughout The Sin Of Sodom, Dreadful Fate never lifts their blade from your throat. Through and through this release is a blasting and malicious listen, one that blasts and chips away at your skull until it is nothing more than a pile of bone dust.

The Sin Of Sodom is a chaotic and ripping maelstrom of pure thrashing energy. This release is in your face and unapologetic in its approach as it quickly begins to tear at your gnarled ears. Through three tracks you are gifted with a thrashing madhouse of a listen that grabs you by the jaw and demands that you listen front to back. The Sin Of Sodom is a gritty and raw release that is fueled by black magic and the dark arts to provide you with a ripping and all together entertaining listen.

For a band that started earlier in the year and for this to be their debut recording, this is a solid effort to say the least. Through three tracks you are gifted with a thrashing mad sound that is hard to get out of your head and ultimately you want more and more. It will be great to see what these heathens have in store next and while we wait, we have The Sin Of Sodom to tide us over unless our necks are broken before then.

Check out the first single titled Unholy Lust below!

The Sin Of Sodom will be re-released on Edged Circle Productions December 20, 2017

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