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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Pestilent Reign: Pyres

February 18, 2018

Pestilent Reign album art.jpg

Appropriately and comically Pestilent Reign begin their new record with an Alex Jones clip that screams, “You people are cancer!…I’m not in a good mood now” before they really begin their blood letting. Pyres is eight tracks in total of dehumanizing and incredibly devastating technical death metal that drains the life from your eyes and tears the skin from your flesh. After the Alex Jones clip, Pestilent Reign jump straight in to their bone gnawing brand of death that is ceaseless and unrelenting. From front to back Pestilent Reign forces ever malevolent and malignant tune after tune upon you until you offer to bury yourself in a shallow damp grave.

Even as brutalizing and blood boiling as each track on this release is, each track is just as groove filled and technical which ultimately provides you with a melodic brain bashing torture. With plenty of ill intent, Pestilent Reign blasts through your speakers with an incredibly sharp and potent sound that threatens you within an inch of your life. Pyres is an unforgiving and incredibly brutal onslaught that does not give up on severing your head from your neck until the eighth and final song has had its say. Through and through, Pryes is a face smashing record that pours the deadly torment upon you early on and relentlessly until you are left looking like nothing other than a bloody pulp.

Pyres is menacing and monstrous and through eight tracks you are treated to a very thorough and brain bleeding beating. Other than the quick intro at the very beginning of this offering you are certainly not granted any solace or reprieve from the utter face shredding madness that Pestilent Reign offers up. From track to track you are greeted with technical flesh flaying riffing that is paired up with chest cracking drumming. Through the ever present onslaught come the bleeding guttural vocals that are enough to tear the throats of the fortunate listeners. All together, Pyres is a madhouse of death and despair that seems to seek out more cold cadavers for its seemingly ever growing fetid pile of offal.

This release is undeniably savage as it hammers you from all angles with nothing but true and pure death. Pyres is a technical, groove filled offering that is just as entertaining to listen to as it is terrorizing. For their debut full length, Pestilent Reign hit the nail right on the head as they gift you with nothing but great tune after tune making this to be one hell of an album.

Pyres will be released March 16, 2018 through Rising Nemesis Records and Rebirth The Metal Productions.

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Rising Nemesis Bandcamp

Rebirth The Metal Bandcamp

Pestilent Reign Facebook




Dark Archive: Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon

February 9, 2018

Kansikuva EP Cultivate our blood on Aeon.jpg

Rising up from Lucifer’s den and clawing their way out of the abyss below to provide you with nothing but blackened misery is Dark Archive. These blasphemers have been around since 2016, and since their blackened inception have released an EP in 2016 titled Abandon All Hope, only to follow that up with two more releases titled Closure of Empyrean Delirium and Godfear Eradication respectively. Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is the culmination of both Closure of Empyrean Delirium and Godfear Eradication ultimately providing you with five total tracks of black metal destruction and malevolence. For five straight tracks you become acquainted with a blistering, hellish and hell fire soaked sound that rips and tears at your flesh until you are nothing more than bone.

Dark Archive lure you in to their brand of tempestuous black metal with a brief intro that ultimately leads you in to pure destruction and carnage. Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is a savage and unrelenting release that charges at you horns first trying only to impale, maim and expunge you from this earth. From the very get go, Dark Archive is unapologetic in their approach as they riddle each track with tightly knit, razor sharp riffs that are supplemented by blasting drumming that picks away at your sanity for the entirety of the release. You never really have a moment to catch your breath or prepare yourself for the coming aural assault as Dark Archive swiftly move from track to track ladling visceral punishment upon you.

Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is a turbulent release that never really gives you a moment of reprieve. Even in tracks such as Closure of Empyrean Delirium where they fade the track out with a more serene sound and with Godfear Eradication where they lull you in to a sense of safety; those moments never last all too long before Dark Archive rain scalding, ferocious and venomous black metal down from the sky draining you of your life. Each track is a monster all its own, gifting you with nothing but malevolent and satanic tunes for you to relinquish your soul to.

This release from Dark Archive is well strung together and well performed creating an overall sound that is clean and incredibly flesh peeling. Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is a destructive force, one that is unrelenting and unforgiving. Ultimately, this is a great listen as it provides you with plenty of gnarled tunes to crank your neck to all while making you want more and more blasphemous tracks leading to you pressing play over again.

Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon was released through Inverse Records January 31, 2018.

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Dark Archive Facebook

Dark Archive Bandcamp

Check out the official videos for Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon and Varpunen Jouluaamuna below!


Sotz’: Tzak’ Sotz’

February 6, 2018

Sotz_ - Tzak Sotz Artwork.jpg

Hailing from Portugal and reigning destruction and death upon you is Sotz’. These death merchants have been around for a decade, lurking in the shadows, peering around corners deciding when it would be best to unleash death upon you. Last year saw that time come as Sotz’ unleashed Tzak’ Sotz‘ near the end of last year. This offering is the first from Sotz’ and within this EP you are to find five face melting and whiplash inducing tracks that get your noggin banging before you know it. In all of their melodic and technical glory, Sotz’ present to you nothing but pure death metal. From the onset Sotz‘ buries you underneath an avalanche of tightly knit riffs and chest caving drumming only to be supplemented by rumbling bass lines and hellish banshee screams.

Through Tzak’ Sotz’, you are gifted with six well constructed tracks that are as melodic and memorable as they are shredding and life disregarding. Each track is just as punishing and as in your face as the others as Sotz’ does not relent until the entire EP has concluded. Sotz’ barrels through your speakers one track right after the next never really giving you enough time to prepare for the deadly metallic onslaught. These Portuguese monsters don’t mess around either as they push their boot upon your throat from the very first note on providing you with an unrelenting listen.

Each track flows well in to the next for the most part creating a cohesive and overall whole sound. Instead of having each track act as separate rumbling death machines, the entire EP acts as one whole rumbling skull piercing death machine. Tzak’ Sotz’ is a deadly and vicious release that hits you square in the jaw and repeatedly hits you until you are no longer standing. This venomous offering is biting, hellish, and cranium splitting as Sotz’ dishes out nothing but nasty death.

With five tracks that are heavy and ultimately memorable, Sotz’ hit the mark with their first release. This is a great EP as it provides you with plenty of deadly content through only five tracks, and each of the five tracks here are as good as the others. Overall, Tzak’ Sotz‘ is a solid release, one that will surely please the chewed up ears of death metal lovers.

Tzak’ Sotz’ was released through Raising Legends and can be found here

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Sotz’ Facebook

Khandra: All is of no avail

January 27, 2018

In an intense, atmospheric, melancholic, bleak and highly memorable fashion, Khandra burst through fire and brimstone with their debut EP All is of no avail. Armed with only two tracks, All is of no avail is a somber, grim, and biting record that is sure to rattle around in your head for some time to come. Each of the two tracks on this release are something to behold, and certainly not something to take lightly either. Right from the drop of the first note, Khandra does a great job of pulling your attention, captivating and mesmerizing you with harsh melancholic melodies. From the first few seconds on you have no choice but to listen and let Khandra take your mind through bleak and unsettling corridors.

With distorted and ever twisting riffs sewn together with howling blood curdling screams and tumultuous drumming, Khandra presents you with a tempest of blackened malevolence. Through and through, Khandra provides you with blistering dirges of sorrowful black metal that work their way in to your brain never to leave, only to dance around in your mind for days. Each track ebbs and flows, flowing from urgent malicious eruptions to more melodic groove filled passages. Both tracks are forever changing in tempo and style keeping you on a twisting and chaotic journey through both poisoned offerings.

All is of no avail is a roaring and unrelenting beast of a debut EP that is incredibly infectious and hard to forget. Through only two tracks you are gifted with over fourteen total minutes of black metal mastery. This EP is incredibly solid and well done and is one hell of a first outing for Khandra.

You can find All is of no avail right on Bandcamp

Whipstriker: Merciless Artillery

January 18, 2018

Merciless Artilery Cover Art.jpg

Mashing speed metal and black metal together in a cyclone of chaos and mayhem is Whipstriker, and rumbling through the hordes of deceased is their fourth full length Merciless Artillery. From the front all the way to the back of this release, you are greeted with nothing but mayhem propelled metal that does its best to snap your neck and leave your head rolling on the ground. Through and through, Merciless Artillery is an unrelenting slab of gritty no holds barred blackened speed metal. Never once does Whipstriker lift their boot from your soon to be crushed throat.

Whipstriker gets Merciless Artillery rolling pretty damn quickly. After a very brief intro that is filled with gun fire and thunder, Whipstriker jumps straight in to the action never letting you really prepare for the ensuing onslaught and blood bath. From the first track on Whipstriker pours their brand of twisted, skull grinding blackened speed metal on thick never to let up and never to look back to see how many have been laid to waste. Through eight tracks you are greeted with skin bubbling riffs that are only to be paired with face melting solos that are backed by tumultuous and never ceasing drumming. Gurgling up from the depths of hell are the rabid and larynx shredding blood thirsty vocals. From the first few minutes on you become attacked from all sides constantly all throughout this release making it for a debauchery filled and incredibly dangerous record.

I am very confident that the word “slow” has been taken out of Whipstriker’s vocabulary as they propel themselves to a mach five pace without warning and they keep that pace for the entirety of the effort. Each track is a blistering eruption of unrelenting metallic fury. From the very beginning of Merciless Artillery on, Whipstriker does a great job of snapping your head back providing you with chronic whiplash. Each of the eight tracks on this offering are blistering blackened speed metal anthems that get pile driven straight through your skull and in to your brain. As dangerous and explosive as this record is, it is just as entertaining and memorable.

Merciless Artillery is a fairly short release clocking in at only just above thirty minutes, but within that time you are gifted with plenty of metal mayhem to satisfy your speed metal appetite. Each minute of those thirty is filled with nothing but metal. There is no filler and no time to kill within this record as Whipstriker provides you with eight straight tracks to mainline through to your ear drums. Overall, Merciless Artillery is a very solid record and a great addition to Whipstriker’s already great catalog.

Check out the opening/title track below!

Merciless Artillery will be released March 9, 2018 through Hells Headbangers 

You can pre-order Merciless Artillery here!

Frost Giant: The Harlot Star

January 17, 2018

Frost Giant Cover.jpg

Storming out of the gates of Jotunheimr and stomping through your land is Frost Giant and their upcoming offering The Harlot Star. This effort is packed with eleven total tracks that combine the likes of folk metal, heavy metal, death metal and some hardcore elements to provide you with a unique and incredibly addicting sound. Frost Giant has an innate ability to suck you in to their album and captivate you for an eternity. Each of the eleven tracks that appear on this release are just as good as the others and just as memorable and intoxicating as the others as well. Even the interlude tracks are well done and help progress the album and sew everything together nicely.

The likes of each of the genres that Frost Giant has sewn together work so well together all throughout this release. Never does a track stumble over itself and never does one particular genre or element take control as each genre works in harmony to provide you with a wonderfully crafted and unforgettable sound. Frost Giant balances each unique piece that they draw from each genre they incorporate in to their brand of heavy metal so well. Each track is a seamless sonic display of powerful and incredibly memorable heavy metal. Through and through, The Harlot Star is an album to behold as you are presented with eleven frost bitten tracks that stick to you much like frost bite.

As a whole, The Harlot Star is a melodic, catchy and highly memorable record that won’t soon leave your mind. Before you know it, each track is imprinted on your brain and before you realize it you will be singing along belting out each track as they roll along. Through each track the musicianship is on point and the vocals that transition between troll like growls and wonderful clean vocals are well, wonderful. The atmosphere that accompanies each track is frosty, inviting and oh so well incorporated providing you with an ambient, atmospheric and incredibly captivating listen. Once you press play you will have a hard time pulling yourself away from your speakers.

Even when Frost Giant wanders in to the longer passages at the end of their release, they never overstay their welcome and they never feel longer than they should be. Tracks eight, nine and ten are ten, six and eight minutes respectively, and throughout their run times you are mystified and captivated. Frost Giant weaves these tracks together so well never making you feel as though you are listening to lengthier tracks. For their run times all you can do is fall straight in to the songs and let Frost Giant take your mind on wondrous atmospheric trips through frost covered forests where giants roam and wander.

The Harlot Star is a great release, one that will please the ears of death metal and folk metal fans alike. Each track on this release is really solid and even if your listen count gets up in to the double digits, this album still holds fast and steady and never gets boring or old. This is a beast of a record, and a great one at that.

The Harlot Star will be released January 19. 2018 through Transcending Records.

Check out the official music video for Prisoner of the Past below!

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Frost Giant Facebook

Frost Giant Bandcamp

Transcending Records Official Website

Wyrmwoods: Earth Made Flesh

January 16, 2018


Stylistically falling between progressive, atmospheric and ambient black metal is Finnish group Wyrmwoods. Earth Made Flesh is their debut full length record that clocks in at six total tracks that will take your mind on a vast and mesmerizing ride. Wyrmwoods does a great job of balancing elements they take from progressive, ambient and atmospheric black metal to create a full bodied and comprehensive listen. From beginning to end, Earth Made Flesh is an inviting yet punishing and harrowing listen that captures your attention only to keep it throughout the record.

Not only does Wyrmwoods do a great job of combining elements of different types of black metal, but they also do a great job of providing you with a balanced sound that mixes both harsh and serene passages. At certain points through each track, you will become under siege by dissonant pummeling drumming and razor sharp riffs, and the next moment you become surrounded by more ethereal and atmospheric sounds. Wyrmwoods sews their brand of atmospheric music together with blasting soul ripping blackened passages well to provide you with a varied ever shifting listen. Throughout Earth Made Flesh, Wyrmwoods has you guessing as to what you will be hearing next. Never once do you hear the same thing, and forever are you guessing what twist they might have up their wizard sleeves.

For only having six tracks to its name, Earth Made Flesh is a pretty lengthy album overall, however it never seems to overstay its welcome. Even though each track is pretty lengthy, you never feel as though you are trudging along through a murky mire of blackened noise. Each track on this effort moves along swiftly and expertly, never lurching and never making it feel like a burden to listen to. As a matter of fact, Earth Made Flesh does a good job of mesmerizing and enchanting you, keeping you listening and enthralled as to what you are going to hear next.

Each of the six tracks on this offering are put together well and executed well also. The atmospheric and ambient elements that Wyrmwoods pumps in to their brand of blackened debauchery takes your mind through harrowing, twisting and dark soundscapes all the while the face peeling blasting black metal snaps your head back with great force. Earth Made Flesh as whole provides the listener with so much variety and diversity, and the more that you listen the more that you will end up picking up on that you may not have before. This is certainly an ambitious record especially for a debut release, but it is one that works on all levels. Earth Made Flesh is a great listen and a great overall record.

Earth Made Flesh was released January 15, 2018 through Inverse Records.

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Wyrmwoods Facebook

Wyrmwoods Bandcamp


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