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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Devouror: Slay For Satan

December 20, 2018

Proclaiming themselves as “bestial deathcult warfare” metal, Devouror rise from the flames of hell to grace us with a truly sordid and terrorizing EP titled Slay For Satan. The make up of this band as twenty-five years of experience, all raising the shredded banner of blackened death and that expertise shows here through each of the four tracks that are harbored within this title. Slay For Satan is a maddening and ever blood letting offering as each track is just as sinister and potent as the last, ever ripping your flesh from bone and draining your bones of marrow. Each track is a wicked and venomous offering never relenting and never giving you enough breathing room, forever suffocating you under the blackened flames of Satan.

From beginning to end, Slay For Satan is a chaotic skull smashing effort, pouring forth track after track of death and disease ridden metal. From the ever bone cutting riffs to the blasting tumultuous drumming to the hellish vocals, Devouror provides you with a bleeding raw and overall flesh gnashing sound. This EP is ceaseless in its assault, ever pummeling and ripping your soul to shreds only to send you to the pits of hell.

Slay For Satan begins with a nightmarish intro to kick the first track off before diving straight in to the bleeding meat of the EP. Devouror sets the blasphemous and destructive tone early, only to keep pushing forth gifting you with an entirely life threatening listen. Through and through, Slay For Satan is a gnarled and twisted release, one that dishes out some of the most hellish, skull bashing metal.

Each blackened track seems to do its best to tear the heavens asunder, sending them to eternal damnation and torment. These cuts are savage offerings of barbaric blackened warfare that tear you apart limb from limb. No frills, no fluff and no gimmicks are to be found here as these purveyors of death greet you with nothing but debauchery, death and hell fire baptized metal. Overall, Slay For Satan is a great EP, one that provides you with four incredibly wicked and well crafted tracks. You cannot go wrong here with this debut EP from these heathens.

Slay For Satan will be released January 21, 2019 through Metal Zone Records.

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Devouror Facebook

Devouror Bandcamp

TRUCHŁO STRZYGI To Release Debut Full Length Pora Umierać Through Godz Ov War

May 23, 2018

Check out what Godz Ov War has to say about this release below!

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Pora Umierać – a debut full-length album from the Poland’s old school black’n’heavy metallers TRUCHŁO STRZYGI.

The commando, comprising still pretty young yet experienced musicians, have delivered 40 plus minutes of uncompromising and relentless, aggressive yet pretty melodic (the good way) black heavy metal with a punky vibe, drawing on the masterpieces of the old gods!

Eight tracks recorded at Bestial Sound Studio and Na Batorego, in collaboration with Golgotha Studio, mixed by Tomasz W. and P., and mastered by Tomasz W., will be released on CD pn June 1, 2018. Artworks by Julia Yousif.”

To pre-order:

Godz Ov War Official Site

Godz Ov War Bandcamp

Lykhaeon To Release EP Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls Through Godz Ov War Productions

May 23, 2018

Check out what Godz Ov War has to say about this release below!

“Chthonic sounds of torment from below are about to devastate your senses again as LYKHAEON, the three-piece black metal act from Switzerland, are about to have their EP titled Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls released on June 1, 2018 through Godz Ov War Productions.

This time, LYKHAEON, a band affiliated with the Helvetic Underground Committee, have recorded only two tracks, but nearly half an hour of murky and ghastly, cavernous and crushing black metal, all wrapped up in excellent cover art by S.”

To pre-order:

Godz ov War Official Site

Godz Ov War Bandcamp

Urarv: Argentum

May 17, 2018


With black metal like riffs, howled vocals, an unmatched intensity and an overall sinister atmosphere, Urarv seem just like any other black metal band on the surface. However, that certainly is not the case as there is something that is different, unique and all around unsettling about them. Urarv are not black metal nor do they belong in any other sub genre of metal as they create a wicked, intense and grim sound all their own. They are harsh, punishing, atmospheric, schizophrenic in style as they never present you with the same sound twice even within one song. Urarv’s sound is eclectic, intriguing and ever twisting to present you with a sound that is all together odd yet gripping.

Argentum begins with the opener Ahaman Inikak Mo, a track that is filled with didgeridoos and unsettling chanting arising from the ever blackening abyss. From there, Urarv roll onward in to their next track Krakekjott which stampedes out of hell right from the get go blasting you with that familiar cold black metal intensity. Kraketjott is probably the one track on this release that resembles what black metal traditionally is. Beyond this point, Urarv delve deeper in to their more experimental and mind bending side, taking you on an odd sonic journey through the wonderfully weird and unique soundscapes that they create.

You can certainly expect the unexpected from Urarv as they never stick to one sound as they bounce around endlessly and tirelessly providing you with a sound that is hard to pin point. Each track is incredibly different from each other giving you an eternity of variety to listen to and listen for. Each listen will flesh out something new that you may not have heard before, and with each listen you will just want to continue listening. Through six tracks, Urarv snake and wind their way through excellently crafted tracks to gift you with an equally excellent and unique listen.

Argentum constantly twists in directions that you may not have thought off throwing you for loop after loop. Once you feel as though you have it figured out, Urarv send you spiraling again keeping you guessing as to what you are about to be subject to. Argentum isn’t a normal record by any standards and that is exactly what makes it stand out. Argentum makes you feel unsettled as it lurches forth, twisting and writhing between its many sounds offering you something odd and intriguing to remember and revel in. Overall, Argentum is a great record as each track is wonderfully crafted and executed with solid musicianship, manic vocals and a raw production that brings everything together nicely.

Argentum will be released through Svart Records June 1, 2018.


Enclave of Dreams: In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams

March 5, 2018

In a great melancholic ode to death, sorrow and misery, Enclave of Dreams ushers forth their newest offering of melodic doom in the name of In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams. Through this release these doom merchants pour forth seven brand new tracks of death riddled doom to shroud you in uncomfortable misery and grief. From the very beginning all the way through, Enclave of Dreams does a great job of pulling you in to their darkened world, shrouding you in grim melancholic atmospheres from which you can’t pull away from. This gloom laden release is sewn together with ever crushing riffs that are only to be supported by monstrous growls, forlorn clean sung vocals and ever present sorrow filled ambiance.

Each of the seven passages within this offering are slower burning odes to suffering and grief as each track takes you hand only to lead you down ever darkening corridors. In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams is a weighty record that really makes its presence known right from the onset, never giving you enough time to escape to the light and take a breather. Enclave of Dreams unravels their despondent brand of doom right before you making you feel heavy, stripping you away of your hope of ever seeing bright light again.

Through In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams, each depressive passage hits you square in the chest making you feel all of the emotion that has been poured in to each second of each track. For seven total tracks Enclave of Dreams pushes forth gripping tight to your sorrows and grief only to drag you down to a never ending world of darkness. There isn’t an uplifting spirit that you can find within this release as Enclave of Dreams trudges forth in slow burning fashion plunging further and further in to the abyss.

Not only do the atmospheric tendencies pull you further in to the dark world that Enclave of Dreams creates, but the ever melodious near hypnotizing musicianship grabs a hold of you as well. Each track is melodic and mesmerizing never making you want to waver and pull away from the listen. Enclave of Dreams pours seven well knit together, well performed, well crafted and incredibly atmospheric and melodic tracks through your speakers and in to your gnarled ears only to poison your mind with heavy, doom riddled, forlorn thoughts.

Right off the bat, Enclave of Dreams catches your attention never to let it go until the final dissonant note has rang through. Through and through, In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams is a very solid record, one that you can sit and listen to in solitude for some time without tiring of it easily. With everything being said, In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams is a solid record and a great listen overall.

You can find In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams right on Bandcamp

Grave Spirit: The Beast Unburdened By Flesh

January 24, 2018

cover haulix.jpg

Howling through the void only to reach in to your soul and bring you despair and chaotic darkness is Grave Spirit. Grave Spirit was formed in molten darkness and sickening malevolence in early 2017, and late that same year these shadow dwellers unleashed their debut EP The Beast Unburdened By Flesh. This EP consists of only two tracks that sew together black metal and elements of death metal to create horrifying corpse raising metal for your sick twisted mind. Upon pressing play, Grave Spirit doesn’t waste a minute to shroud you in their hell fire baptized soul shredding tunes. From the first note on, Grave Spirit does a great job of gnashing at your flesh, never relenting until the final note has rang through and rattled through your skull.

Each of the two tracks on this release are terrorizing and pure blackened chaos. Though there are only two tracks within this title, you are sure to leave the listen with your head spinning dangling from a thread. The Beast Unburdened By Flesh is an unrelenting beast to be reckoned with. With just two tracks to its name it packs more than a hellish punch with each of the two tracks invoking the wrath of the wicked and damned. The Beast Unburdened By Flesh rips, roars and tears straight through whatever amount of humanity that you had left, instilling only darkness and dread in your mind.

This EP is a great foreshadowing of what is hopefully to come from these blasting heathens. This is a solid effort through and through from the musicianship to the production. It will be great to see where Grave Spirit takes things from here, but if this EP is any indication of what is to come, I’m sure we can expect more great blackened metal.

Check out the title track below!

Links to follow:

Grave Spirit Facebook

Iron Bonehead Bandcamp

Zeolite: Sermones Mortis

January 22, 2018


There must be something in the mid strength beer in Australia as it has become a breeding ground for heavy metal acts over the last however many years. That being said, Zeolite is a deathcore/technical death metal crossover band that hails from Melbourne, Australia. Sermones Mortis is their sophomore EP which contains five brand new tracks of incredibly punishing, brain rattling and bone shattering death metal. Zeolite kicks their explosive EP off with Malignant, which leads you in with a bit of an ominous intro  before kicking your teeth straight down your throat. Once the intro has concluded, Zeolite bring the blood spurting pain with blasting drumming, and disgustingly jarring riffs.

From Malignant on, you are treated to four more tracks of nothing but neck breaking brutality. There are no punches pulled within this offering and there certainly isn’t any fluff to be found as Zeolite rolls out track after track of deadly skull shattering death metal. Even when the third track Reticent appears-which is a straight forward instrumental-you aren’t given a breather what so ever. Each track on this release does its best job to make you feel as though your life is ending and at the end of the listen Sermones Mortis makes you feel as though you have taken a baseball bat to the face repeatedly.

Sermones Mortis is a punishing onslaught of nothing but metallic pain and fury. This five track offering is unrelenting and unforgiving as it provides you with nothing but violent and cutting tracks for you to turn your brain in to mush to. This EP is a bulldozer of death as it culls the weak and tramples the deceased. From beginning to end you are under siege by this sonic death machine. You are granted zero breaks or reprieve from the utter onslaught, and in only five tracks Zeolite puts you through the wringer only to throw you out like a useless corpse at the end of it all.

Once you press play, there is nothing that you can do other than sit back and let Zeolite smash your face to pieces. This is a harsh, jagged, technical and down right heavy piece of work and an overall great sophomore effort from these Aussies.


Veiled: Black Celestial Orbs

January 20, 2018

Veiled album cover.jpg

Upon listening to the very first few minutes of Veiled’s new offering Black Celestial Orbs, you can tell that you are in for an enchanting and mystifying treat. Through and through, Black Celestial Orbs is a devilish and captivating record that is hard to deny and hard to pull away from. With only six tracks, Veiled creates something that is all together bleak, spell binding and haunting among many other things. From the drop of the first note you become encased in a thick never ending blanket of fog that invites you in to experience the mystifying and swirling darkness that Veiled has so greatly crafted.

Each track on this record pulses with an undulating and unrelenting darkness that ultimately pulls you in capturing your attention and your mind. With the right amount of bleak, melancholic and sinister atmosphere that is sewn in to each track, Veiled fills your mind with creeping shadows and unforgettable soundscapes. Each of the six tracks on this release are just as good as the others, and each track is filled with plenty of swirling, ever enveloping atmosphere. Black Celestial Orbs as a whole feels weighty when listening and a large part of that is the product of such dense and purposeful atmosphere and ambiance.

Through and through, Black Celestial Orbs is a mystifying and immersive record. The lengthier run times of each of the six tracks really makes you sink in to this release and really become shrouded in all of the sonic blasphemy that Veiled has to offer. Since each track is on the longer side, it allows Veiled to take your mind on an ever darkening wander through their blackened fog filled mires. Not only that, but the length of each track allows them to breathe and allows Veiled to create vast spectral soundscapes.

Sewn together through each track are howling screams, never ending pulsating drums, slithering riffs and copious amounts of atmosphere that draw you ever closer to the pits of the abyss. All of that and more is sewn together to create an all around great record; one that you can listen to over and over again and become mystified and captivated over and over again. This offering is cohesive, well put together and very well performed making it to be an enjoyable, dark, heavy and well rounded record. It is not a mystery as to why and how Veiled has began making a name for themselves, and through this record they certainly show why they have began to make a name for themselves. This is an exceptional offering.

Black Celestial Orbs will be released March 16, 2018 through Iron Bonehead

Take a listen to Luminous from Veiled’s upcoming release below!

Links to follow:

Veiled Facebook

Iron Bonehead Website


Fister/CHRCH: Split

November 8, 2017



To kick this split off between CHRCH and Fister is the brand new track from CHRCH titled Temples. This seventeen minute opening track begins with a melancholic intro that not only is melancholic but serene in a way, until you hit near the four minute mark. Around this four minute mark you become swallowed up in a wall of monstrous reverberating riffs, pounding drums and devilish shrieking vocals. From here on in you are provided with nothing but captivating, dark, twisted and ultimately bone splintering doom. Temples trudges along with the intent of dragging you along with it down a dark and twisting corridor to your ultimate demise. CHRCH create an ever looming and dark atmosphere within these seventeen minutes; one that follows you the entire length of the track. Temples is a wonderfully malevolent piece that does a great job of captivating and mesmerizing you from the drop of the first note. With longer tracks you tend to wonder if the listen will be a burden or longer than it should be, but that certainly is not the case with Temples. Even at seventeen minutes this track flies by because you become so wrapped up and involved with the track. This is a wonderfully crafted piece by CHRCH, one that you will have a hard time forgetting.

Immediately following Temples is Fister’s The Ditch. The Ditch is a great follow up to Temples as it is just as grueling and twisted. From the get go, Fister greets you with throat shredding screeches, low, slow and murky riffs that are accompanied by the ever present pounding of drums. The Ditch is a dissonant and monolithic assault on the listeners ears as you are provided with nothing but harsh doom for twenty plus minutes. Around the eight minute mark is when you can breath again as Fister presents you with a calm, nearly serene break in the action until the track builds back up and finally pushes you back down in to the dark depths of despair with more trudging and life ending doom. Even as oppressive as this track is and even with its lengthy run time, you still sit and listen all the way through marching in syncopation with the drum beats to your doom. Much like Temples from CHRCH, The Ditch is just as an enthralling listen as much as it is a damning one. With dissonant soul shredding riffs paired with hammering drums and vocals that range the spectrum from high pitched shrieks to rabid larynx shredding lows, you are gifted with a harrowing, punishing and ultimately entertaining and heavy listen. The Ditch is a cohesive and well constructed track that slowly drives you to madness, but even so you will find yourself playing this track over and over.

The pairing of CHRCH and Fister on this split is great and utter madness. Each band compliments the other very well providing you with an all around great listen. Each track has a ton to offer, and while this split may seem daunting, it is definitely worth listening to all the way through. This is a great release to say the least, and you certainly cannot go wrong here.

This split will be released November 17, 2017.


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