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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

The Nika Riots: Anti-Social Social Club (Single)

November 3, 2017

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Hailing from Oslo, Norway is The Nika Riots and recently they have released their very first single Anti-Social Social Club from their upcoming EP titled Set Fire. The Nika Riots is an interesting combination of hardcore with some elements of metalcore thrown in the mix to keep things interesting. Anti-Social Social Club is a punchy, powerful, violent, yet memorable and incredibly catchy. You will find yourself head banging along while you sing along. Anti-Social Social Club is an aggressive in your face kind of track that just doesn’t go away that easily. This track is sure to be playing in your head for days to come once you listen. For the first single released from The Nika Riots’ upcoming EP, this is a solid track to say the least. If the rest of the EP is anything like this track, we are in for a memorable and heavy treat.

Check out the official video for Anti-Social Social Club below!

Set Fire will be released through Negative Vibe Records January 19, 2017

Vaultwraith: Death is Proof of Satan’s Power

November 2, 2017

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Taking what old-school horror metal did so well and contorting it to create their own brand of even more blood thirsty and malevolent sound is Vaultwraith. Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is the newest release from these Missouri hellions, and within this record you are subject to some gruesome, horrifying and hair raising tracks to lose your head to.  Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is truly undeniable, haunting, heavy and just down right sinister. From the first note on, you realize that you are in for a frightening and blood curdling listen.

Vaultwraith does a great job of capturing a truly horrifying atmosphere as you become acquainted with a massively devilish sound track after track. The atmosphere that you become shrouded in while listening is in a large part brought to you by the haunting keyboards that can be heard through each and every track. The keyboards work in harmony with the malicious metal to create an overall haunting, grim and overall chilling sound and atmosphere. The keyboard elements that are sewn in to this release are done so so seamlessly and so well. The ever present keyboard effects push each track further in to the netherworld and really bring not only each track, but the entire record together forming a cohesive damning listen.

Other than the swirling hair raising atmospheric elements that the keyboards provide, you are gifted with some neck twisting and brain bruising metal to go along with them of course. Each of the eleven tracks that are present on  Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is ripping and entirely memorable. There isn’t a track on this record that isn’t a fiery hell storm of black magic metallic goodness. Each track is just as good as the ones that came before it providing you with an overall entertaining and solid listen. Through and through  Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is a solid record with nothing but devilishly good songs to head bang to.

Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is a haunting, grim, atmospheric, heavy and well rounded release that will have you head banging and air guitaring along. These are the type of tracks that get stuck in your head for days and this is the type of record that you put on repeat for quite some time.

Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is out now through Hells Headbangers!

You can find this record right on the Hells Headbangers Bandcamp!

Zifir: Kingdom of Nothingness

October 30, 2017

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With their third full length release, Zifir presents you with what seems to be a pretty linear and straight forward approach to black metal. While that certainly is true, the true devilish magic of Kingdom Of Nothingness is what lies beneath the surface. Beyond the sinister sounds of blasting black metal, you are also provided with a hypnotic, enchanting and overall haunting atmosphere and overall sound that is hair raising and skin crawling. Each of the thirteen tracks that are presented on this record are ominous, damning and highly atmospheric.

As mentioned, at first glance, Kingdom Of Nothingness certainly doesn’t seem to be a record that amounts to all that much but in fact it does. Kingdom Of Nothingness is quite a lengthy record as it contains thirteen total tracks of nothing but soul darkening tracks that shroud you in a poisonous and dank fog. As mentioned above, this record certainly does have a certain hypnotic quality about it but that effect doesn’t seem to completely take a hold of you until you get a little deeper in to the record.

The atmosphere that swirls through this release is ritualistic, cold, grim, twisted and all together trance like. As noted above, it takes Zifir some time for them to completely pull you in to their dark and dismal atmosphere, but once they do you sit in a catatonic state listening never wanting to leave your dread filled state of mined. The longer that you listen, you end up getting pulled in deeper and deeper in to the ever growing, never ending darkness that Zifir provides for you.

Other than the bitter atmosphere, you are presented with sharpened riffs and quite frankly one dimensional drumming that is paired with diverse vocals that transition between wicked screams, demonic spoken word and often used chanting vocals. With everything combined from the haunting, soul possessing atmosphere, to the swirling wall of black metallic noise, you are presented with a dark and foreboding record that ultimately is a great listen.

Overall, Kingdom Of Nothingness is a solid release to say the least. This is a lengthy, cohesive and well crafted record that provides you with more than your fair share of death and despair.

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Velvet Thorns: Grisly World (Single)

October 30, 2017

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Recently Velvet Thorns had announced a brand new single titled Grisly World from their upcoming six track EP titled In The Name Of Reason. The track Grisly World as well as the rest of the EP pertains to the atrocities that were committed at the mental hospital Colonia in Minas Gerais. With such a dark, true and harrowing concept, one would have to imagine that the music itself would reflect such a horrifying and skin crawling sound, and Velvet Thorns certainly does just that.

If the rest of the EP sounds just like Grisly World does, we are in for a dark, twisted and hair raising treat. Grisly World begins with the chiming of bells coupled with choral singing in the background to provide you with an appropriate amount of foreboding. Once the chiming bells and the choral singing dies down, Velvet Thorns takes off providing you with straight forward drumming, ever buzzing straight ahead riffs that are paired with ghoul like vocals. Among the twisted and malevolent metallic noise is a haunting and ultimately nightmarish atmosphere.

With black metal, doom and experimental metal influences that are paired with a such a grim and haunting atmosphere, you are treated to a hair raising listen. With everything sewn together nicely, Velvet Thorns sets the scene of the grisly horrors that occurred at Colonia mental hospital. The pacing of Grisly World is good, the  atmosphere is excellent, the instrumentation is solid, and by just listening to Grisly World it makes you want to hear what Velvet Thorns has left to offer on their upcoming six track EP In The Name Of Reason.

But while we are waiting for the entire EP to appear, we are graced by this wonderfully dark piece to enjoy in the meantime.

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