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Medium: S/T

February 29, 2020

Medium: S/T

Hailing from Argentina comes Medium with their adrenaline pumping, head banging self titled offering. Playing a furious and ferocious mixture of grind and crust, Medium offer up seven total tracks of nothing but ripping metal for your face to completely melt to. Without gimmick and with the absence of filler, this release treats you to seven straight tracks of raw, grinding goodness with some crust influence thrown in the mix for good measure. Undeniable and unforgettable, Medium make their sound completely their own as they provide you with a fresh and unique take on the grind infused with crust genre.

Unlike typical grind that is fueled by pure aggression and furiosity, Medium mixes in a great deal of melody all throughout the self titled offering among the ever charging blasting rhythms of grind. Cohesive, fluid and comprehensive, each of the seven tracks that are present here are constructed and written well as they offer up what you love about grind while also incorporating their own twist to create a sound all their own. Forever twisting their sound through each track, through each minute, Medium takes you down layered sounds with each passing second making this entire release a thrilling ride all the way through to the end.

Medium offer up true crust infused grind and execute it perfectly and in the way that they clearly wanted to. Full of energizing, head banging, heavy and at times melodious metal, Medium strike forth with one track after the next forever marching onward with their entirely addicting unique sound. Each track is unforgettable as they work their way in to your brain forever to remain there for some time to come. This self titled release is one that hooks you from the very get go never to let you go even long after the final note has been played as you reach for the play button over and over again.

Thrilling, enjoyable, addicting, heavy, melodic, blasting and many more words can be used to describe Medium and their self titled release, but one word sums it all up pretty well; and that word is excellent. Through and through you are treated to some seriously tight knit grind/crust excellence that is written, constructed and performed to near perfection. There isn’t a weak track among the seven as each one is just as solid, strong and memorable as the last. Overall, this self titled record is something to behold as Medium offers up a truly fantastic record.

Medium will be unleashed March 6th through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official video for El Gigante from the upcoming record below!

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