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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Grave Spirit: The Beast Unburdened By Flesh

January 24, 2018

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Howling through the void only to reach in to your soul and bring you despair and chaotic darkness is Grave Spirit. Grave Spirit was formed in molten darkness and sickening malevolence in early 2017, and late that same year these shadow dwellers unleashed their debut EP The Beast Unburdened By Flesh. This EP consists of only two tracks that sew together black metal and elements of death metal to create horrifying corpse raising metal for your sick twisted mind. Upon pressing play, Grave Spirit doesn’t waste a minute to shroud you in their hell fire baptized soul shredding tunes. From the first note on, Grave Spirit does a great job of gnashing at your flesh, never relenting until the final note has rang through and rattled through your skull.

Each of the two tracks on this release are terrorizing and pure blackened chaos. Though there are only two tracks within this title, you are sure to leave the listen with your head spinning dangling from a thread. The Beast Unburdened By Flesh is an unrelenting beast to be reckoned with. With just two tracks to its name it packs more than a hellish punch with each of the two tracks invoking the wrath of the wicked and damned. The Beast Unburdened By Flesh rips, roars and tears straight through whatever amount of humanity that you had left, instilling only darkness and dread in your mind.

This EP is a great foreshadowing of what is hopefully to come from these blasting heathens. This is a solid effort through and through from the musicianship to the production. It will be great to see where Grave Spirit takes things from here, but if this EP is any indication of what is to come, I’m sure we can expect more great blackened metal.

Check out the title track below!

Links to follow:

Grave Spirit Facebook

Iron Bonehead Bandcamp


FilthxCollins/Skinlover: Split

January 22, 2018

If you stop paying attention for just a second the split between FilthxCollins and Skinlover is over. This split is an incredibly fast and chaotic split that gets your brain doing somersaults from the very first second. In typical spine bending grind fashion, FilthxCollins and Skinlover provide you with fourteen total tracks that are chaotic maelstroms of searing skull rattling metal. FilthxCollins kicks the split off with Bacterial Empires which begins is vertebrae damaging fashion. The intensity that FilthxCollins starts this split off with is the same kind of intensity that remains throughout the entirety of this effort.

The first ten tracks belong to FilthxCollins and each one is just as insane and punishing as the others. Once FilthxCollins begins their buzzing skull mashing assault they keep on smashing their boot down on your throat until you stop breathing. Each track that FilthxCollins provides you here is a mayhem propelled grinding blitzkrieg that rolls from track to track bloodying and battering you until you are motionless. Each offering from these grind heathens is incredibly short with the longest track clocking in at just over one minute. For a very short period of time, FilthxCollins packs a massive punch leaving an indent in your skull. From the guttural vocals to the finger snapping riffs and the incredibly tumultuous drumming you are in for quite the detrimental, brain bruising and entertaining ride.

The final four tracks of this split belong to Skinlover, who combines more hardcore and powerviolence elements to their style. Skinlover’s four tracks make you feel beaten down and as though you are being repeatedly kicked and stomped on. Each of the four tracks are punchy, violent and unapologetic. Right from the get go Skinlover starts swinging and with each track they connect over and over again snapping your head back. Each track is filled with grind filled madness as well as slower more trudging passages that beat you straight in to the ground. Skinlover provides you with shredding anvil heavy riffs that are sewn together with manic screams and barbaric blasting drums to gift you with a powerful and menacing overall sound. Through their four tracks, Skinlover provides you with a heavy ear drum shredding listen that is hard to forget.

This split between these two anarchic bands is a solid one. This effort is a high velocity sonic assault that leaves your neck bent for quite some time to come.

You can find this split right on Bandcamp

Zeolite: Sermones Mortis

January 22, 2018


There must be something in the mid strength beer in Australia as it has become a breeding ground for heavy metal acts over the last however many years. That being said, Zeolite is a deathcore/technical death metal crossover band that hails from Melbourne, Australia. Sermones Mortis is their sophomore EP which contains five brand new tracks of incredibly punishing, brain rattling and bone shattering death metal. Zeolite kicks their explosive EP off with Malignant, which leads you in with a bit of an ominous intro  before kicking your teeth straight down your throat. Once the intro has concluded, Zeolite bring the blood spurting pain with blasting drumming, and disgustingly jarring riffs.

From Malignant on, you are treated to four more tracks of nothing but neck breaking brutality. There are no punches pulled within this offering and there certainly isn’t any fluff to be found as Zeolite rolls out track after track of deadly skull shattering death metal. Even when the third track Reticent appears-which is a straight forward instrumental-you aren’t given a breather what so ever. Each track on this release does its best job to make you feel as though your life is ending and at the end of the listen Sermones Mortis makes you feel as though you have taken a baseball bat to the face repeatedly.

Sermones Mortis is a punishing onslaught of nothing but metallic pain and fury. This five track offering is unrelenting and unforgiving as it provides you with nothing but violent and cutting tracks for you to turn your brain in to mush to. This EP is a bulldozer of death as it culls the weak and tramples the deceased. From beginning to end you are under siege by this sonic death machine. You are granted zero breaks or reprieve from the utter onslaught, and in only five tracks Zeolite puts you through the wringer only to throw you out like a useless corpse at the end of it all.

Once you press play, there is nothing that you can do other than sit back and let Zeolite smash your face to pieces. This is a harsh, jagged, technical and down right heavy piece of work and an overall great sophomore effort from these Aussies.


Veiled: Black Celestial Orbs

January 20, 2018

Veiled album cover.jpg

Upon listening to the very first few minutes of Veiled’s new offering Black Celestial Orbs, you can tell that you are in for an enchanting and mystifying treat. Through and through, Black Celestial Orbs is a devilish and captivating record that is hard to deny and hard to pull away from. With only six tracks, Veiled creates something that is all together bleak, spell binding and haunting among many other things. From the drop of the first note you become encased in a thick never ending blanket of fog that invites you in to experience the mystifying and swirling darkness that Veiled has so greatly crafted.

Each track on this record pulses with an undulating and unrelenting darkness that ultimately pulls you in capturing your attention and your mind. With the right amount of bleak, melancholic and sinister atmosphere that is sewn in to each track, Veiled fills your mind with creeping shadows and unforgettable soundscapes. Each of the six tracks on this release are just as good as the others, and each track is filled with plenty of swirling, ever enveloping atmosphere. Black Celestial Orbs as a whole feels weighty when listening and a large part of that is the product of such dense and purposeful atmosphere and ambiance.

Through and through, Black Celestial Orbs is a mystifying and immersive record. The lengthier run times of each of the six tracks really makes you sink in to this release and really become shrouded in all of the sonic blasphemy that Veiled has to offer. Since each track is on the longer side, it allows Veiled to take your mind on an ever darkening wander through their blackened fog filled mires. Not only that, but the length of each track allows them to breathe and allows Veiled to create vast spectral soundscapes.

Sewn together through each track are howling screams, never ending pulsating drums, slithering riffs and copious amounts of atmosphere that draw you ever closer to the pits of the abyss. All of that and more is sewn together to create an all around great record; one that you can listen to over and over again and become mystified and captivated over and over again. This offering is cohesive, well put together and very well performed making it to be an enjoyable, dark, heavy and well rounded record. It is not a mystery as to why and how Veiled has began making a name for themselves, and through this record they certainly show why they have began to make a name for themselves. This is an exceptional offering.

Black Celestial Orbs will be released March 16, 2018 through Iron Bonehead

Take a listen to Luminous from Veiled’s upcoming release below!

Links to follow:

Veiled Facebook

Iron Bonehead Website


Power From Hell: Blood ‘n’ Spikes

January 8, 2018


Since forming in 2001, Power From Hell has released numerous full lengths (with the latest coming in 2015) as well as several EPs and demos, and now this year they are on the cusp of releasing an MLP titled Blood ‘n’ Spikes. This newest hell fire baptized offering features five original tracks as well as a cover of the Judas Priest track Freewheel Burning. Much like their other releases, Power From Hell unleashes a hellish black metal assault that is infused with some thrash metal to provide you with a completely relentless metallic assault. From beginning to end you are assaulted from all sides by Power From Hell’s gritty, grime filled and hell fire propelled maelstrom.

Each track on this release is pure burning chaos, the kind that whips you in to a frenzy and does its best to snap your neck before you have a chance to defend yourself. Never once does Power From Hell slow down or provide you with an opportunity to catch your breath. Power From Hell rolls right along from track to track providing you with a suffocating and devilishly whiplash inducing listen, one that gets hammered straight through your ear drums and smashed straight in to your brain. With only five original tracks to its title, Blood ‘n’ Spikes is a fairly short effort that is over before you know it. However, what this effort lacks in length, it more than makes up for in content.

Blood ‘n’ Spikes is an incredibly entertaining release that gets your head banging nearly immediately. This offering is an undeniably maniacal, satanic, twisted, heavy and most importantly solid and entertaining listen. Each track on this release is intense and in your face never backing down and never slowing down, gifting you with a head spinning listen. From the soul slashing riffs to the tumultuous drumming to the gritty dissonant vocals, you are provided with a raw and gritty overall sound that makes this release just that much better.

This effort is sonic madness in serpentine, venomous and completely deadly fashion. Each track is just as malevolent and carcinogenic as the last making for a destructive and explosive blackened onslaught. Blood ‘n’ Spikes is a solid release, one that is short in length, but one that also packs a great punch as well. If you are a fan of black metal and thrash, you just simply cannot go wrong with “Blood ‘n’ Spikes”.

Blood ‘n’ Spikes will be released through Dying Victims Productions February 19, 2018


Dead Meat: Preachers of Gore

January 4, 2018

With their newest offering Preachers of Gore, Dead Meat bursts out of your speakers like bloated innards burst out of a corpse’s stomach. This brand new sickening offering is filled with eleven brand new tracks that are just as stated, sickening. Dead Meat begins Preachers of Gore with an intro that welcomes you with blood curdling cry after blood curdling cry for over a minute and a half before really getting in to the meat of the record. Once the horrifying intro is over you still can’t settle down since Dead Meat immediately blasts and picks their way through hoards of corpses once the second track begins. Preachers of Gore is one terrifying and blood letting track after another, and never once do these blood fiends take their knife away from your throat all throughout.

This is an incredibly bloodied and depraved offering from these gore hounds, and the more that you listen the more that you feel as though you are becoming buried under droves of fetid flesh and stagnant blood. Each track is just as sick and twisted as the others so don’t think for a moment that you will be getting a rest or a break from all of the depravity and the vomit inducing tunes. Each of the eleven tracks-including the intro-on this offering are sinister, vile, bloodied and covered in enough viscera and bile to last you a life time.

Preachers of Gore as a whole is a menacing and brutish record, one that stands over you beating you in the head with a rusted lead pipe until your brain oozes from your shattered skull. Once Dead Meat gets rolling they don’t stop grinding away at your already damaged cranium and already bruised and bleeding brain. Preachers of Gore is an unrelenting mass of flesh and dead skin and instead of being a bull in a china shop, this release is a serial killer in a morgue. Each track hacks, slashes and carves its way through you leaving you a bloodied mass of tangled innards for the vultures to find and pick at.

Once you enter a listen of Preachers of Gore there is no escape and there is no going back. The buzz saw riffs cut straight in to your chest as the blasting never relenting drums break your bones. The vocals that cut through the wall of poisonous depravity are a mixture of blood thirsty gutturals and blood curdling pig squeals that make your hair stand on end. The brutality displayed all throughout this release is savage and incredibly wicked. Preachers of Gore is a punishing, blood drinking and flesh worshiping record that gets right underneath your skin and bashes its way in to your brain.

Preachers of Gore is a solid brutal death metal record from front to back. Dead Meat sets the tone early on by providing you with a skin crawling intro that is complete with blood curdling cries, and really from then on the onslaught never lets up even for a brief moment. This grimy, gritty, morbid and gore filled release grates on your ears in the best way possible gifting to you one hell of an intense and punishing listen.

Check out the single Died With Open Eyes below!


Antioch: III: Wings and Warlocks

December 31, 2017

Coming two years after their debut full length II: First Stryke, Canadian power/speed metal quartet unleashed III: Wings and Warlocks. This new offering is a step above their debut full length as Antioch displays more mature song writing and on top of that they have honed their craft more to produce a more technical overall sound. This new offering contains eight brand new songs that are sure to get your head banging and your fist pumping nearly immediately. Each track on this record is infectious, high octane, heavy and incredibly memorable. III: Wings and Warlocks is very well put together and very well executed to provide you with an entertaining and highly addictive sound.

Antioch doesn’t mess around with fluff of any sort as they present you with nothing but pure heavy metal goodness from beginning to end. Not only that, but Antioch doesn’t wait to get you acclimated to their ripping, soaring and screeching sound as they mash the pedal through the floor from the very beginning never to look back. The types of tracks on this release are the type that you can really sink your teeth into and completely enjoy no matter how many times it is that you end up listening. Through each cut, Antioch gifts you with nothing but turbo charged face melting metal that throws you straight back to the seventies where bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were first beginning to pop up.

With technical, face shredding riffs that are paired with soaring, powerful vocals as well as barreling drumming and memorable song writing, how can you go wrong? The song writing and the technical execution of each instrument is impressive, and when the incredibly infectious vocals come roaring through your speakers, everything comes together in great heavy metal glory. You really can’t go wrong with any of the eight tracks on this release as each and every one of them are just as good, potent and highly memorable as the others. Much sooner rather than later, Antioch will have you pumping your fist and singing along with them.

III: Wings and Warlocks is a speedy, technical, massively energizing and incredibly intoxicating release that will have you coming back for more and more. Once you begin listening, each of these tracks work their way in to and through your ear drums firmly planting themselves in your brain for you to remember for days to come.

Antioch Bandcamp

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