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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Urarv: Argentum

May 17, 2018


With black metal like riffs, howled vocals, an unmatched intensity and an overall sinister atmosphere, Urarv seem just like any other black metal band on the surface. However, that certainly is not the case as there is something that is different, unique and all around unsettling about them. Urarv are not black metal nor do they belong in any other sub genre of metal as they create a wicked, intense and grim sound all their own. They are harsh, punishing, atmospheric, schizophrenic in style as they never present you with the same sound twice even within one song. Urarv’s sound is eclectic, intriguing and ever twisting to present you with a sound that is all together odd yet gripping.

Argentum begins with the opener Ahaman Inikak Mo, a track that is filled with didgeridoos and unsettling chanting arising from the ever blackening abyss. From there, Urarv roll onward in to their next track Krakekjott which stampedes out of hell right from the get go blasting you with that familiar cold black metal intensity. Kraketjott is probably the one track on this release that resembles what black metal traditionally is. Beyond this point, Urarv delve deeper in to their more experimental and mind bending side, taking you on an odd sonic journey through the wonderfully weird and unique soundscapes that they create.

You can certainly expect the unexpected from Urarv as they never stick to one sound as they bounce around endlessly and tirelessly providing you with a sound that is hard to pin point. Each track is incredibly different from each other giving you an eternity of variety to listen to and listen for. Each listen will flesh out something new that you may not have heard before, and with each listen you will just want to continue listening. Through six tracks, Urarv snake and wind their way through excellently crafted tracks to gift you with an equally excellent and unique listen.

Argentum constantly twists in directions that you may not have thought off throwing you for loop after loop. Once you feel as though you have it figured out, Urarv send you spiraling again keeping you guessing as to what you are about to be subject to. Argentum isn’t a normal record by any standards and that is exactly what makes it stand out. Argentum makes you feel unsettled as it lurches forth, twisting and writhing between its many sounds offering you something odd and intriguing to remember and revel in. Overall, Argentum is a great record as each track is wonderfully crafted and executed with solid musicianship, manic vocals and a raw production that brings everything together nicely.

Argentum will be released through Svart Records June 1, 2018.



Cist: The Frozen Casket

March 22, 2018

frozen casket.jpg

Decayed, rotting and forever imprinting the stagnant and horrifying stench of death in your brain is Cist and their new EP The Frozen Casket. Released earlier this year, The Frozen Casket offered up five tracks of blood letting and entrails dragging death metal that ripped in to your flesh unapologetically so, and now months later Cist is set to re-release their EP with three new tracks that are equally flesh consuming and blood draining. Through this offering you are surely to come face to face with nothing but brain masticating and skin bubbling offerings that leave you to rot somewhere in an unmarked grave.

Cist immediately greet you with their gut tearing opener Antisceptic, which hits you with a barrage of fetid riffs and gruesome blood curdling vocals that roar through a long forgotten and rotten crypt. Through the rest of The Frozen Casket you can come to expect much of the same barbaric and marrow draining sound. Never does Cist relent and never do they stop hacking at your lifeless corpse as they barrel through track after track of nothing but sordid, twisted and perverse death that they seem to revel in. Each track is just as sickening and malignant as the rest, gifting you with track after track of filthy and blood drenched death.

Never can you escape from the madhouse that is The Frozen Casket as Cist suffocates you under their ever relentless and ruthless onslaught. This is an unforgiving and unrelenting release that shovels horrifying death upon you in heaps leaving you covered in gore and sores. The Frozen Casket is a furious release fueled by a crave for blood and a skin crawling desire to hack up anyone that dares stand in its way. Cist have truly created something vile here in the best way possible. Each track is filthy, raw and incredibly punishing making The Frozen Casket out to be one hellish and incredibly gruesome yet entirely entertaining listen.

Through and through The Frozen Casket is pure uncompromising and impressive death. Each malignant offering burrows its way in to your brain never to leave as they manifest themselves there never to be forgotten. These tracks are addicting, malicious and oh so wonderfully heavy. The Frozen Casket is a very solid release, one that is gnarled, bloodied, well executed and down right twisted, making it one hell of an offering. This is some great death metal, and with The Frozen Casket, Cist have certainly more than made their mark on the world of death metal.

The extended version of The Frozen Casket will be released through Redefining Darkness Records and Reaper Metal Productions April 27, 2018.

The Noble: Abolitionism

March 16, 2018


Hailing from the great city of Boston is hardcore act The Noble. Abolitionism is the title of their upcoming EP in which you will find five purely aggressive and in your face tracks that you have no choice but to listen to. The Noble puts a bit of a spin on the hardcore sound by offering up positive tunes for you to head bang and bash your brain against your skull to. Each track offers up positive messages about equality, standing up for what is right and respect among others. With their aggressive sound, The Noble fleshes out messages of positivity and hope which is a nice and fresh take on an ultimately destructive and bone shattering sound.

As positive as the messages are throughout Abolitionism, The Noble certainly still takes a no holds barred approach to their sound as they blast off right away with Somethin Ta Say. This track is a trudging and heavy handed offering that grips you by the jaw right off the bat only to shovel copious amounts of hammering drums, manic screamed vocals and massively bone rattling riffs upon you. From this opener onward the intensity doesn’t let up what so ever as The Noble takes you on a savage sonic ride that very quickly sears each track in to your head.

Once one track fades out the next quickly appears confronting you with a massively heavy and in your face sound that is hard to forget. The Noble doesn’t give you rest in between tracks either as they stomp straight in to the next providing you with even more heavy handed and jaw gripping hardcore for you to bang your head to. Each of the six tracks on this release are pumped full of fist pumping energy that gets you involved right from the start as you shout along with each lyric. Abolitionism is a memorable and well put together record that hits the nail right on the head.

With Abolitionism, The Noble have put together a positive yet undeniably heavy and bone rattling sound that is easy to get in to and easy to want to continue listening to. Through this EP you are treated to six really solid tracks that never get old even after listening plenty of times and when you are done they stick to you and rattle around in your head for time to come.

Abolitionism will  be released April 20, 2018

Links to follow:

The Noble Facebook


De Profundis: The Blinding Light of Faith

March 12, 2018

The Blinding Light of Faith.jpg

Progressive smatterings, melodious offerings, and down right head spinning death is sure to be found within The Blinding Light of Faith. This is the fifth full length offering from UK’s De Profundis and among the descriptors above you are to find eight crushing and face peeling tracks in which you cannot ignore nor do you want to. The Blinding Light of Faith is an expertly crafted release that is hard to forget as this entire record will be bouncing around in your skull for some time to come. Anti-religious themes are to be heard throughout this offering, picking apart hypocrisies and blasphemies with precision.

Through the eight tracks that appear on The Blinding Light of Faith, you are treated to great musicianship wizardry and technicality. Each track is a tightly knit offering of nothing but the purest of blistering death presenting you with eight solid, heavy, neck snapping and flesh gnashing tracks for you to consume. This entire release is woven together perfectly gifting you with an overall cohesive and uncompromising sound that aims right for your throat from the drop of the very first note. From track one on, De Profundis push onward shoveling forth their brand of melodic, technical, bloodied and all together mesmerizing brand of death metal.

The Blinding Light of Faith offers up a very diverse and varied sound, ever twisting and turning guiding you down different paths with the passing of each minute. Each of the eight tracks on this release are fairly lengthy giving De Profundis plenty of time to experiment and push the proverbial envelope further and further. These winding ever shifting tracks keep your attention never to let it waver. From the very beginning, De Profundis grabs you by the jaw with their all out ferocious barrage of death never to let you leave the listen until their record has concluded. With an overall unique and ultimately heavy sound, with The Blinding Light of Faith, De Profundis provide you with something that is never to be forgotten.

With eight incredibly vicious and blood letting tracks to its name, The Blinding Light of Faith is a monster of a record to behold. Each track hits incredibly hard and each track is incredibly memorable and addicting. With this offering, De Profundis has created a beast of a record that is sure to be a front runner for death metal record of the year. The Blinding Light of Faith exceeded all of my expectations for it and then some as it truly is a masterfully crafted, brutal and intoxicating record that I cannot get enough of. It would be foolish to pass this record over.

The Blinding Light of Faith will be released May 10, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity.

Take a listen to the track War Be Upon Him from the upcoming record below!

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De Profundis Facebook

De Profundis Bandcamp

Depravity: Evil Upheaval

March 11, 2018

evil upheval.jpg

Nothing but death and dread loom large, stalking you from the shadows waiting to spill your crimson blood and revel in the aftermath within Evil Upheaval. This is the debut full length from corpse hoarders Depravity, and within nine tracks these guys aim for your life never to relent until your neck has completely severed. From beginning to end you are treated to an all out aural assault in which Depravity shovels their brand of sickening death upon you in heaping proportions. Never are you given time to breath as Depravity swiftly shift from track to track only to maim, mutilate, dismember and lower you in to a cold bloodied grave.

You don’t have to wait too long until your execution as Depravity leads you in with the opener “Manic Onslaught”, which sounds exactly as it is titled. This blasting flesh tearing opener prepares you for what is left to come, and what is left to come is even more depraved, savage and blood letting tunes that aim to expunge you from this world. Each track on this release is incredibly monstrous and unforgiving leaving you feeling as though you have been gutted and left to rot after each only for Depravity to jump right back in to their brand of insanity gifting you with even more marrow draining offerings.

Evil Upheaval is a monstrous release, one that never wavers from its war torn and bloodied path as it marches on only to bring along more devastation and mutilation along with it. From track one to track nine, Evil Upheaval provides you nothing but pure death. In technicality, ferocity and great murderous intent, Depravity gifts you with a completely hellish and intense listen right from the get go never to let their foot off of your throat until their album has concluded.

This offering provides you with an ultimately gut ripping and entrails spilling sound propelled by ever lacerating, bone shattering riffs that are supplemented by ever present chest caving drumming and blood dripping vocals that echo through the depths below. The musicianship on this record is great as it is tightly knit and incredibly technical. Each respective executioner on their respective instruments turns in a stellar performance throughout this release providing you with a sound that is cohesive, damning, flesh consuming and ultimately bone shattering heavy.

This is the sound of death. Evil Upheaval is unrelenting, uncompromised, raw and purely punishing and grave digging death. For their debut full length, this is fucking impressive. Each track on this lobotomizing offering is incredibly solid and incredibly well executed. There isn’t a weak track on this release as each of the nine tracks are just as good as the others providing you with one hell of a great listen. Pure death metal can’t get much better than this and as a matter of fact, Evil Upheaval is an incredibly strong contender for the top death metal record of this year and it’s only March.

Evil Upheaval will be released April 30, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity.

Take a listen to the track Despondency from the upcoming record Evil Upheaval below!


Ripped to Shreds: Mai-zang

March 8, 2018

ripped to shreds.png

Steeped in great murderous death metal majesty, Mai-zang is an unrelenting force from beginning to end. With eight tracks to its name, Mai-zang presents gruesome, flesh gnashing death metal in epic and heaping proportions. Through this release, Ripped to Shreds strings each track together expertly to create an ugly and gnarled sound that tears at your ear drums never to stop until the final murderous note has rang out. Mai-zang is a menacing, foreboding release that instills a great feeling of dread and death upon the listener right from the beginning marking you for death and nothing but.

Ripped to Shreds doesn’t wait around for you to get yourself comfortable before they jump right in to their deadly onslaught. Upon pressing play you become immediately acquainted with the opening track Craven Blood which hits you with a threatening foreboding opening riff that ultimately descends in to madness as the track quickly changes in to an all out ripping assault. Craven Blood barrels forth with hyper blasting drums and flesh flaying riffs that are only to be paired with blood curdling, unearthly vocals that are howled from beyond the grave. Craven Blood is the perfect introduction to Mai-zang as it sets you up for the pure punishment and bloodied execution that is to follow.

After Craven Blood you can come to expect more of the same entrails dragging, bloodied and menacing sound from the remaining seven tracks, and Ripped to Shreds certainly delivers. The rest of the seven tracks are just as blasphemous and riddled with the tepid stench of death much like the opener. From track to track you come face to face with brutalizing death that seems content with lowering you in to the ground before your time has come. Each track is a terrorizing force that does a great job of snapping your head back as soon as the first note hits your ears. These tracks are relentless in their pursuit for blood and never once do they let up to give you a breath of air that isn’t stagnant and riddled with the stench of foul death.

Each track on this offering is a rumbling force to be reckoned with as Ripped to Shreds provides you with nothing but potent and bloodied offerings that are sure to get under your skin and make an imprint on your mind. These blisteringly wicked tracks are well strung together to give you the complete and cohesive sound of bitter and cold death. This is an impressive debut for this one man death machine as he gifts you with a listen that is entertaining and deadly making you want to listen over and over again.

Mai-zang will be released March 27, 2018 through Craneo Negro Records and Necrolatry Records.


Killibrium: Purge

March 7, 2018


Hailing from India is one of death metal’s newest family members, Killibrium. Purge is the title of their debut offering in which you will find six tracks that are technical, pumped full of groove goodness and of course brutalizing. Killibrium start in on their bloodied path by introducing you first to their opening track Forewarned Is Forearmed, an immediate blasting track that hits your ears with ferocity and intensity. Through the next four tracks Killibrium offer up much of the same formula as they have in their opener. You are surely to expect each track to be riddled with groove, ever hyper blasting drumming and vocals that are blood thirsty and gritty, and that is what Killibrium deliver and more.

As mentioned, from the onset, Killibrium are intense and in your face never really to back down until the sixth and final track comes in to play. Each cut is a blasting amalgamation of technical death metal and brutal death. The combination of death that is thrown in to the already bloodied blender creates an overall sadistic and murderous sound that is easy to get sucked in to. From the beginning until the end, each track gnashes at you and confronts you at every corner and through every second. Purge is a fast paced groove filled onslaught that will undoubtedly get your head nodding.

Each menacing offering blasts forth with the intent to shred your face from your skull, and from track to track you can be sure that you are going to feel that intensity. Killibrium never lets off as they are seemingly only out for blood and to cull the herd.

While Purge doesn’t offer up anything that is ground breaking or incredibly new in terms of death metal, this six headed monster of a release is a good first effort and introduction in the ugly realm of death metal. Each track is solid, heavy, groovy, catchy at points and memorable.  Overall, this is a well rounded and solid first effort.

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Killibrium Facebook

Killibrium Bandcamp

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