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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Possessor: Flight Of The Mutilator

June 24, 2019

Possessor: Gravelands

In the name of horror, punk, sludge and more Possessor is set to unleash a brand new album by the title of Gravelands next month. In waiting in anticipation Possessor has unleashed an official music video for a track titled Flight Of The Mutilator from the upcoming album. Flight Of The Mutilator is a murky, sludge filled track that is sure to stick to your ribs. From the first few seconds onward you are greeted by massive rumbling bass lines that ultimately get sewn in with dense murky riffs. Dissonant fuzzed out vocals fly over top of the wall of dense sludge to complete the overall grimy sound. Flight Of The Mutilator is a fast up tempo track that gets your head nodding before you realize. It is an engaging and entertaining track that is easy to get in to. Not only that but this track will manifest itself within your brain for some time to come. This ghoulish offering is just the tip of the grave stone of what is to come from these horror hounds and is a great offering to set you up for the remainder of the release that is to come in just a little over one month.

Check out the official music video for Flight Of The Mutilator below!

Gorgonchrist: The Blood of Endangered Species

April 12, 2019

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Gorgonchrist: The Blood of Endangered Species

In a true cacophony of industrial madness, Gorgonchrist emerges from the bitter shadows to grace us with their ever twisted release The Blood of Endangered Species. This seven track offering provides you with nothing but savagery and nihilism from beginning to end. This offering of mechanized mutilation is just that as it pushes the boundaries of industrial metal among others to provide you with a truly accosting aural assault. Each of the seven tracks that are present within this release are just as bloodied and wicked as the ones that came before it. With no reprieve, Gorgonchrist usher forth track after track of bulldozing noise that is sure to make your skull rattle and your ears bleed.

The Blood of Endangered Species is an unhinged and unfiltered slab of gruesome metal that throws you for loops and twists that you have no time to prepare for. This release is pure madness as it tears at your psyche and melts your brain within its concise seven cuts of maddening noise that you will have a hard time getting out of your head. The Blood of Endangered Species sounds exactly like an acid trip gone south as you become under siege by numerous jarring sounds that depict, and paint soundscapes that are wholly unnerving and nihilistic. Each offering is just as accosting and savage as the last as each one provides you with pure mechanized sonic torment for the entirety of their run times.

With crusted riffs and nightmarish vocals all tied together with the chaotic string that is the industrial and electronic elements, you get a sound that is jarring and skin crawling. Nothing within this release will make you feel at ease and comfortable as it aims to make you as uncomfortable and feel as unpleasant as you possibly can. Gorgonchrist’s ceaseless aural assault is something to behold as they have complete disregard to life in general as they usher forth track after track of brutalizing and ear drum gnawing noise.

This release as a whole is a cacophony of blistering, nihilistic noise that will infest your brain like a parasite. The Blood of Endangered Species is a bitter, dark and twisted release, one that provides you with droves of malicious noise one track after another. With that said, it is hard to turn away from this record all the same. As jarring and wicked as it is, it still is gripping and engaging all the same. Each track is a well put together maelstrom of sickness and nihilism making the entire record to be a well constructed and well rounded offering of despair and sickness. The unique style in which Gorgonchrist plays is hard to ignore and so is this record.

The Blood of Endangered Species is out now through Clobber Records.

Links To Follow:

Gorgonchrist Facebook

Clobber Records Official Site

Burn Victim: Panic

March 17, 2019

Burn Victim: Panic

With the foundation of their sound being rooted in hardcore, Burn Victim adds elements of death metal and thrash to obtain a truly heavy handed skull bashing sound. Through their second EP Panic, these bone crushers offer up five spine rattling tracks. Each of the five cuts here are short but they are punchy and demoralizing. Within their short run times, each offering cuts straight to the bone and smashes your teeth down your throat. Panic is a heavy, gnarled and savage offering, one that caves your skull in without a second thought.

After a brief intro, Burn Victim jumps straight in to heavy handed beat down with their first full track. Once the intro fades out and the remaining tracks take over, they bulldoze you straight in to the cement one anguishing minute after another. As each track marches forth, so does the clock as it counts down to your untimely demise. There isn’t a track here that takes a second off or that lets you take a breather as each one rampages forth with the intent to pummel you straight in to the dirt.

With massive, chugging riffs coupled with striking drumming, gnarled bass lines and gritty vocals, Burn Victim offers up a sound that is incredibly heavy and impaling. These heathens stomp from track to track, trampling over anyone who dares stand before them, burying them in a shallow unmarked grave when all is said and done. Each offering is just as barbaric as the last as each one offers up a true sledgehammer beating that leaves a crater in your skull before you know it.

The variety through Panic is great as Burn Victim switches up tempos with frequency providing you with a slower chugging tempo that caves your chest that can quickly turn to a full throttle thrash assault in the blink of an eye and back again. These are brutalizing and demoralizing offerings, one that aim to snap bones and bend spines and they truly succeed. Without so much as a moments reprieve, Burn Victim marches from track to anvil heavy track providing you with some wickedly heavy metal that you are sure to bash your brain against your skull to.

Links To Follow:

Burn Victim Bandcamp

Split/Cross: Rise of Discontent

January 6, 2019

Split/Cross: Rise of Discontent

In a mad mashing of metallic noise that features genres like: grindcore, doom, punk, d-beat, sludge, death metal, hardcore and more, Split/Cross offers up an incredibly eclectic and unique sound within their newest offering Rise of Discontent. In eight tracks, never are you to get the same sound out of Split/Cross as they are constantly contorting and shifting their sound. The balance between the numerous genres that they deploy is great here as not one overshadows another and each work in cohesion to create an overall blasting and skull numbing sound.

Split/Cross wastes none of your time getting you acquainted with their overall harsh and punishing noise. From the very onset right after a little interlude, Split/Cross sets off splitting skulls. Track to track, Split/Cross never ceases in their unbridled onslaught gifting you with heaping doses of nothing but pure chaotic metal. Never does their roll slow even when their down tempo sludge filled doom dirges crop up as each track continues to push the envelope and continues to push the over powering metallic noise.

Forever shape shifting and contorting, each cut is as unique and diverse as the last. Rise of Discontent is a wild and chaotic ride from beginning to end, never letting you fully get comfortable as you are thrown for loop after loop. You can never expect one thing or another from Split/Cross as they constantly change their sound minute after minute and track after track making them a true Frankenstein’s monster of metallic noise.

Rise of Discontentis sharp, venomous, punishing and brain rattling through and through, never gifting reprieve as you become suffocated under the droves of heavy forward charging metal. Complete with anvil heavy riffs, frantic vocals, tumultuous drumming, spine rattling bass lines and lyrics shouting out against injustices, Split/Cross feeds you heaping doses of monstrously heavy metal that is incredibly hard to ignore and deny. Forever in your face and forever venomous, each offering within Rise of Discontent is a record to behold. It is unique, captivating in its own way and highly entertaining.

The writing on this release is great, the musicianship is excellent and the overall sound of this record is superb. This is a release you cannot go wrong with.

Rise of Discontent will be released January 31, 2019.

Links To Follow:

Split/Cross Facebook

Devouror: Slay For Satan

December 20, 2018

Proclaiming themselves as “bestial deathcult warfare” metal, Devouror rise from the flames of hell to grace us with a truly sordid and terrorizing EP titled Slay For Satan. The make up of this band as twenty-five years of experience, all raising the shredded banner of blackened death and that expertise shows here through each of the four tracks that are harbored within this title. Slay For Satan is a maddening and ever blood letting offering as each track is just as sinister and potent as the last, ever ripping your flesh from bone and draining your bones of marrow. Each track is a wicked and venomous offering never relenting and never giving you enough breathing room, forever suffocating you under the blackened flames of Satan.

From beginning to end, Slay For Satan is a chaotic skull smashing effort, pouring forth track after track of death and disease ridden metal. From the ever bone cutting riffs to the blasting tumultuous drumming to the hellish vocals, Devouror provides you with a bleeding raw and overall flesh gnashing sound. This EP is ceaseless in its assault, ever pummeling and ripping your soul to shreds only to send you to the pits of hell.

Slay For Satan begins with a nightmarish intro to kick the first track off before diving straight in to the bleeding meat of the EP. Devouror sets the blasphemous and destructive tone early, only to keep pushing forth gifting you with an entirely life threatening listen. Through and through, Slay For Satan is a gnarled and twisted release, one that dishes out some of the most hellish, skull bashing metal.

Each blackened track seems to do its best to tear the heavens asunder, sending them to eternal damnation and torment. These cuts are savage offerings of barbaric blackened warfare that tear you apart limb from limb. No frills, no fluff and no gimmicks are to be found here as these purveyors of death greet you with nothing but debauchery, death and hell fire baptized metal. Overall, Slay For Satan is a great EP, one that provides you with four incredibly wicked and well crafted tracks. You cannot go wrong here with this debut EP from these heathens.

Slay For Satan will be released January 21, 2019 through Metal Zone Records.

Links To Follow:

Devouror Facebook

Devouror Bandcamp

Meathook: Crypts, Coffins, Corpses

December 8, 2018

As soon as the ever buzzing and chugging riffs pummel straight through your speakers you realize that you are in for a wicked and disgusting ride. Shoveling out sickness and disease in droves is Meathook, and with their upcoming offering Crypts, Coffins, Corpses you can expect nine new tracks of gut ripping brutal death. From the onset Meathook offer up a powerful display of top notch brutal death never to cease their mindless slaughtering until the final blood soaked note rings through. 

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a straight forward bulldozer of death and mayhem, forever trampling over the deceased and stampeding over the eviscerated. Through nine tracks you are greeted by a truly vile and wicked sound that sticks straight to your ribs. Each slaughtering cut aims for the jugular with murderous intent only to back off when one track fades out, only for the next to be right at your throat once more. This is a purely guttural and gut churning display of straight forward brutal death that is just as relentless as you would imagine.

There are hardly any breaks in the skin flaying action as Meathook blasts from track to track suffocating you underneath their disgusting brand of barbaric metal. Sooner rather than later you become bombarded by ripping riffs that are backed by terrorizing drumming and incredibly unearthly growls that sound as though they themselves have festered in a forgotten crypt. Each deranged track is just that, deranged, festering and grotesque offerings of death and vile horror. 

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a twisted and demented offering that relentlessly attacks from beginning to end. This is true eviscerating brutal death in its most raw and pure form. Crypts, Coffins, Corpses offers up maniacal and mangling track after track providing you with something that is truly sickening and perverse. This cruel and depraved record aims to add you to the stacks of fetid corpses that it already has collected just making you another one of its twisted trophies. With that said, Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a hell of a brutal death record, one that packs more than enough devastation through nine solid bleeding raw cuts.

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses will be released January 1, 2019 through Unmatched Brutality Records.

Mansion: First Death of the Lutheran

December 6, 2018


Seemingly brewed in a light eating darkness, Mansion offers up their newest release First Death of the Lutheran. This five track record presents you with sinister, abyssal, spectral and highly unique doom for your insidious consumption. Each track within this release is a unique dirge of some of the most blasphemous doom to cross your speakers. The five tracks that are present here are slow burning chilling offerings that you won’t be able to shake no matter how much you try. First Death of the Lutheran is an ever twisting labyrinth of skin crawling metal that ultimately makes you feel as though you are being swallowed up by darkness and consumed by flames yourself.

With the ever spectral and sinister vocals and the ever present poisonous ambiance, you are treated to a sound that is wholly devilish and unforgettable. Once you press play you ultimately begin your decent in to hell along with the rest of the sinners that may stumble across this offering. Through and through, First Death of the Lutheran is a wicked and ever ceaseless record that envelopes you in murky darkness where you are never to return. From beginning to end you are treated to an unholy and soul stealing sound that is just as addictive as it is wicked.

The concept of this release is that the Lutheran hypocrites time has come on this earth only to pass on for them to ultimately be judged by Satan himself. This record unfolds telling this story, passage after passage, and with the passing of each minute the record becomes darker and more malevolent than before. Each track is an undeniable dirge of death and despair as you feel as though you yourself are sinking in to madness. These tracks are brilliant and play as one cohesive ode to Satan as when one track fades in to obscurity, the next rises from the pitch black darkness to present to you yet another wicked and wretched tune.

With the spectral and haunting ambiance play the way that it does and with the ever chilling vocals and the ritualistic musicianship, you are treated to a truly devilish affair. First Death of the Lutheran is a gripping and mesmerizing offering, one that keeps your attention throughout never to let you break from your listen no matter where you are within the record. Everything within this release is done so well. The atmospherics are superb, the vocals are incredible, the musicianship is great among much more to create an overall fluid, memorable and unique listen. Each track is crafted well and constructed wonderfully making you want to keep listening over and over again. First Death of the Lutheran is a great release, one that haunts you, one that makes your skin crawl and one that embeds itself deep in your mind for some time to come. If you are looking for some unique and truly haunting doom, you don’t need to look much further than Mansion and their offering First Death of the Lutheran.

First Death of the Lutheran will be released December 7, 2018 through I Hate Records.

Links To Follow:

Mansion Facebook

I Hate Records Facebook

Lividity: Perverseverance

November 3, 2018


It has been twenty-four solid years since the disturbing inception of Lividity, and within those twenty plus years these heathens have been laying waste with their vicious and insidious brand of death grind. With numerous EPs, splits and demos under their skin stitched belt, Perverseverance is their fifth full length. Within this lobotomizing offering you are greeted with twelve offerings of perverse and insanely twisted metal that is sure to leave you covered in bile, viscera and copious amounts of smegma. You would come to expect nothing other than pure barbarity from Lividity and that is exactly what they deliver. From beginning to end you are treated to a skull grinding and gut slitting offering that is as relentless as you would want it to be and as you would imagine it to be.

Lividity begin their new offering with a crowd chanting, “No means yes, and yes means anal”, just to give you a little vile taste of what is to come. After the chant for anal subsides, Lividity gets in to the putrid meat of their record as they mash their pike through your skull presenting you with gut grinding metal. Chunky riffs, ever bone splintering drumming and unearthly blood stained vocals pour from your speakers one second after another as Lividity marches forth providing you with something foul and grotesque. As each minute passes you become buried further and further underneath copious amounts of gore and fetid viscera. Perverseverance is relentless from beginning to end as it gifts you with twelve straight gut churning tracks.

The slaughtering never ceases as Lividity rolls from track to track greeting you with nothing but sharpened track after sharpened track that is ready to gut. Never are you treated to reprieve, even when there is an occasional audio clip attached to the beginning of certain tracks as those are just as perverse as the rampaging grind that comes afterward. These tracks are perverse, wretched and down right putrid as Lividity offers up some of the most sickening death grind.

With great musicianship coupled with solid song writing and production, Lividity offer up their best record to date. Perverseverance is a well crafted offering that treats you to brutalizing grind around every corner, leaving you asking for more and having you reach for the play button as fast as you can. Each track is a well constructed lobotomizing machine that gets you bashing your brain against your skull and cranking your neck until your spine curves. This is a wicked and well done release by the masters of perverse death grind.

Perverseverance will be released November 30, 2018 through Metal Age Productions.

Links To Follow:

Lividity Facebook

Metal Age Productions Bandcamp

Gridfailure: When The Lights Go Out Vol.II

October 31, 2018

when the lights go out.jpg

Not as in your face, yet still nightmarish, Gridfailure presents When the Lights Go Out Vol. II. This release from the noise outfit isn’t as in your face noisy as its previous efforts have been, but with that being said this offering is an atmospheric mind bender none the less. Through each record, Gridfailure paints nightmarish soundscapes and atmospheres that cloud your mind and take it through darkened corridors until it has shrunk back in to the darkest of recesses. When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is sinister and haunting through and through as Gridfailure once again creates spectral ambiance and industrial noise that captivates yet horrifies.

Gridfailure begins their new offering with a slow burning offering that sets the overall skin crawling tone. The four plus minute opener floods your speakers with haunting sounds right off the bat, infecting your mind with darkened reveries and visions of horror creeping out of the shadows. The opener sets the tone for what is to come, and what is to come is even more sinister noise offerings that contort your mind and raise the hair on the back of your neck. Gridfailure does a great job of captivating you from the very beginning never to let your mind wander too far from the labyrinth of noise in which they create.

This noise monger paces this release very well as they start you off slowly, burning away at a four minute track before delving deeper in to the ever quickening darkness. From the opener onward, Gridfailure provides you with atmospheric blasphemy that stretches your imagination and brings you in to a world devoid of light. From beginning to end, Gridfailure paints grim and sinister paintings with a wide brush of industrial noise, haunting atmospherics and spectral voices among other elements to create an overall darkened and chilling sound.

Through the five eight tracks that are present within this release, Gridfailure leads you down darkened corridors never to be able to escape until the final spectral voice has called out through the void. Each track flows nicely together creating a cohesive mesh of nightmares. Overall, When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is a solid release through and through as Gridfailure provides you with eight solid tracks of nothing but haunting noise.

When the Lights Go Out Vol. II  will be released tomorrow October 31.

Triple Kill: Age of Rebellion

October 19, 2018

triple kill.jpg

Throwing their proverbial hat in to the thrash ring in 2016, Triple Kill got the ball rolling with their 2017 EP titled The First Kill, and at just a little over one year later these heavy metal maniacs unleashed their debut full length Age of Rebellion. Packed with nine tracks of nothing but metal madness, Age of Rebellion is one hell of a release as it gets your neck twisting from the drop of the first full track onward. After a brief sub one minute intro, Triple Kill dives straight in to the heart of their sound providing you with nothing but pure, raw and face melting tunes that are incredibly infectious and memorable.

With this release, Triple Kill swings for the fences and knocks it out of the park. Each track on this offering is incredibly solid all the way around from the song writing to the production to everything else in between. There isn’t a lack luster track within this beast as each one charges forth with neck snapping intent only to provide you with some top notch heaviness for your sinister enjoyment. This is an undeniably memorable and intoxicating record that you will have each track imprinted on your mind after everything is all said and done. From beginning to end Age of Rebellion is purely entertaining without a track skipping a beat or leaving you bored making you come back for more thrash goodness.

With some thrash influences thrown in to the mix, Triple Kill offer up a face melting and incredibly furious sound that leaves your face to be only a puddle on the floor. These tracks are played with great intensity with the intent to gift you with an incredibly heavy and intoxicating listen, and god dammit they succeed. With tight musicianship that is brought to you by ever scorching riffs and earth blazing solos that are only to be backed by rapid fire drumming and soaring vocals that are not to be forgotten, you are treated to an excellently performed and crafted record that is not to be skipped over.

Each track on Age of Rebellion is a treat making you reach for the play button over and over again. Age of Rebellion is a stampede of heavy metal as Triple Kill rolls from one track to the next presenting you with stellar track after stellar track. There isn’t a weak point within this record as each of the nine tracks that are present here are so well done. This is a strong debut to say the least as Triple Kill really has knocked it out of the park with this record.


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