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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Confessor A.D.: Too Late To Pray

March 9, 2018

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With some thrash and black metal tendencies thrown in to an otherwise death metal heavy sound, Confessor A.D. come up with an overall solid ripping sound that is meant to get your head banging, and they succeed. Too Late To Pray offers up five total tracks that don’t provide you much time between tracks to catch your breath. Confessor A.D. barrels through track after track one right after the other presenting you with an onslaught of nothing but gritty death. Each of the five tracks on this offering are well put together and well performed providing you with a solid listen that gets your head nodding from note one.

This filthy fast paced offering is brought to you in bloodied heaps by ever gruesome unrelenting riffs that are backed by a rumbling ever present bass as well as galloping drums that repeatedly hit you in the chest. Ushering in through the void of death that Confessor A.D. creates are the gruesome and bloodied vocals that roar up from the crypts below. With everything strung together you get a sound that is covered in filth and grime and Confessor A.D. does a great job of heaping both upon you in droves.

With the passing of each track comes yet another wave of bloody onslaught immediately. As mentioned above, these guys don’t give you too much time to rest between tracks as they push forth shoveling sinister track on you after sinister track. These death hoarders come at you with rumbling ferocity from the opening few seconds on pouring their ever grotesque and deadly brand of metal through your speakers one right after another. There is no fluff and there certainly is no filler within this release as you get nothing but unfiltered uninterrupted death in five total tracks.

This is pretty straight forward death metal with no frills and no bullshit attached to it. While Confessor A.D. aren’t reinventing the wheel here with their new slab of sickness, what they do provide are five sickening tunes in which you can bang your head until your heart is content. Each track is just as solid as the last with no real drop in substance or deadly brutality. Overall, Too Late To Pray is an all around solid effort that can be built upon. Too Late To Pray is entertaining, ripping and entirely head bang worthy.



Ripped to Shreds: Mai-zang

March 8, 2018

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Steeped in great murderous death metal majesty, Mai-zang is an unrelenting force from beginning to end. With eight tracks to its name, Mai-zang presents gruesome, flesh gnashing death metal in epic and heaping proportions. Through this release, Ripped to Shreds strings each track together expertly to create an ugly and gnarled sound that tears at your ear drums never to stop until the final murderous note has rang out. Mai-zang is a menacing, foreboding release that instills a great feeling of dread and death upon the listener right from the beginning marking you for death and nothing but.

Ripped to Shreds doesn’t wait around for you to get yourself comfortable before they jump right in to their deadly onslaught. Upon pressing play you become immediately acquainted with the opening track Craven Blood which hits you with a threatening foreboding opening riff that ultimately descends in to madness as the track quickly changes in to an all out ripping assault. Craven Blood barrels forth with hyper blasting drums and flesh flaying riffs that are only to be paired with blood curdling, unearthly vocals that are howled from beyond the grave. Craven Blood is the perfect introduction to Mai-zang as it sets you up for the pure punishment and bloodied execution that is to follow.

After Craven Blood you can come to expect more of the same entrails dragging, bloodied and menacing sound from the remaining seven tracks, and Ripped to Shreds certainly delivers. The rest of the seven tracks are just as blasphemous and riddled with the tepid stench of death much like the opener. From track to track you come face to face with brutalizing death that seems content with lowering you in to the ground before your time has come. Each track is a terrorizing force that does a great job of snapping your head back as soon as the first note hits your ears. These tracks are relentless in their pursuit for blood and never once do they let up to give you a breath of air that isn’t stagnant and riddled with the stench of foul death.

Each track on this offering is a rumbling force to be reckoned with as Ripped to Shreds provides you with nothing but potent and bloodied offerings that are sure to get under your skin and make an imprint on your mind. These blisteringly wicked tracks are well strung together to give you the complete and cohesive sound of bitter and cold death. This is an impressive debut for this one man death machine as he gifts you with a listen that is entertaining and deadly making you want to listen over and over again.

Mai-zang will be released March 27, 2018 through Craneo Negro Records and Necrolatry Records.


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