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Oneiric Celephaïs: The Obscure Sibyl

July 6, 2020

Oneiric Celephaïs: The Obscure Sibyl

The Obscure Sibyl, the upcoming four track debut EP from Oneiric Celephaïs is a well structured and well crafted venture that combines wonderful melody with brutalizing technicality to ultimately create a gripping and all together compelling sound. Through each of the four tracks, Oneiric Celephaïs weaves in and out of sweet melodious moments and ever punishing technical death metal blastings with seamless effort. Each track is a precise, ever twisting and unfolding venture of death metal that truly encapsulates where technical death metal can go and what it does have to offer. Oneiric Celephaïs are technical death metal wizards and that is certainly shown all throughout The Obscure Sibyl.

This is an easy record to lose yourself in as you become wrapped up in all of the folds and intricacies that Oneiric Celephaïs incorporates through each offering. As weaving and twisting as each of the four tracks are, they are incredibly cohesive and well structured providing you with a mesmerizing and all together brain warping sound. As soon as you release your finger off of the play button, Oneiric Celephaïs takes you through labyrinth after labyrinth of heavy yet melodious and technical sounds that leave your mind wandering and weaving through each warping and shifting corridor.

With riffs that cut through and fly in from acute and at all times unexpected angles and solos that soar and surge all with masterful bass work and incredibly precise and acrobatic drumming, you are treated to a true technical masterpiece. The musicianship throughout this release is truly something to behold and marvel at. Everything from what was mentioned above to the incredible powerful vocals to the ever darkened atmosphere and everything else in between is pretty perfect. Through only four tracks you are treated to worlds of melody, technicality and brutality and that just speaks volumes about Oneiric Celephaïs’ musical abilities. Quite frankly those abilities are otherworldly.

The Obscure Sibyl is a fantastic release through and through as you are presented with four incredible tracks one right after the next. There isn’t a cut here that won’t amaze or bewilder or captivate you as each one is a technical death metal masterpiece, and to think that this is just a small taste of what is to come in the future from Oneiric Celephaïs.

The Obscure Sibyl will be released August 7th through Gore House Productions.

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