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Entry: Detriment

July 17, 2020

Entry: Detriment

Hailing from Los Angeles, California comes hardcore punk act Entry. Their debut full length titled Detriment features nine total tracks of short, yet punchy and in your face hardcore punk that you cannot look away from. Each track is a stomping and furious one that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time. With as short as this release is, it more than makes up for in pure quality. Each track is a straight forward, hardcore punk heavy hitter that gut checks you from the drop of the first note and has you thrashing about from then onward.

Throughout Detriment, Entry creates a powerful and venomous sound that leaves your ears ringing as well as an imprint straight on your frontal lobe. Of the nine tracks here, all nine are a furious metallic hardcore punk onslaught that cannot be stopped once started. The tracks are short and neck breaking and they have a great tendency to get right underneath your skin as well. These aren’t tracks that you can sit still to as the pure energy and intensity is incredibly palpable and powerful.

The unhinged, raw and pure power of punk can be felt all throughout Detriment. Entry doesn’t take a track off as they stomp through each one providing you with a high octane, intense and incredibly head spinning punk sound that leaves you wanting more. It is clear that Entry embodies the power of punk and hardcore down to their very bones and that can be heard all throughout this nine track offering. Detriment is pure, underground, intense hardcore punk that is undeniably heavy and entertaining.

Entry knock it clear out of the park and into the stratosphere with Detriment. There is no way you can go wrong with picking this release up if you are a hardcore fan of hardcore punk, or even a more casual fan of the genre(s). What is exciting almost even more so than this release is that this is just a sliver of what is to come, and after listening to this, it will be exciting to see what they have to offer in the future.

Detriment will be released July 17th through Southern Lord Recordings.

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Entry Facebook

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Southern Lord Recordings Bandcamp

Bleach Everything: So We Gnaw

July 13, 2019

Bleach Everything: So We Gnaw

Hardcore punk collective Bleach Everything came to be in 2012 and after releasing several singles and an EP they recently released their debut full length titled So We Gnaw. So We Gnaw is filled with seven punchy and head caving tracks that get your fist pumping and your brain bashing against your skull in no time. Without so much as a warning, Bleach Everything set in immediately making their ferocious and energetic presence known. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but whiplash inducing hardcore that gets right underneath your skin from second one. Grabbing a hold of you never to let go until the final metallic note rings through, So We Gnaw is an engaging, volatile and highly entertaining effort.

Fast, unrelenting and unapologetic in their metallic assault, Bleach Everything stomps from one leveling track to the next. Never offering a moment of reprieve, Bleach Everything continues a torrid pace through each offering never to let their foot off the gas until the final note rings through. With heavy riffage, pounding drumming, prominent bass lines and venomous vocals, Bleach Everything provides you with a bombastic and energetic sound that does a great job of getting you up and right out of your seat.

So We Gnaw has a great ability of worming its way into your brain and manifesting there for some time to come. Each of the seven tracks present within So We Gnaw are all memorable explosive cuts that will rattle around in your head once you finally are done listening. Each track is just as ferocious and neck bending as the last making the entire release to be an adrenaline pumping, head bang inducing onslaught. If you aren’t head banging and thrashing about while listening to So We Gnaw you may not have a pulse.

Loud, accosting, bombastic and down right heavy, So We Gnaw has it all. Through and through this release is great as it is entirely engaging and incredibly entertaining. Not a single track is an outlier when it comes to memorability or heaviness as each one is just as heavy and memorable as the one(s) that came before it. From the drop of the first note you become ensnared in the clutches of Bleach Everything only for them to let you go once So We Gnaw has finally concluded. With each track being as punchy and energetic as they are, this is an incredibly solid and highly entertaining record. If you are a fan of hardcore and punk, you cannot go wrong with So We Gnaw.

So We Gnaw is out now!

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Bleach Everything Facebook

Dark Operative Bandcamp

Bleach Everything Official Site

SUE: It Will Never End

June 1, 2019

SUE: It Will Never End

Hailing from the UK comes punk noise rockers SUE with their debut album titled It Will Never End. This release is filled with twelve total tracks of energetic, raw and distorted punk that gets right under your skin and has your fist pumping and head banging from the first minute onward. Through this release, SUE never presents you a chance at reprieve as they smash through one track and on to the next providing you with twelve straight offerings of metallic noise.

It Will Never End is a highly engaging and memorable offering that will be rattling around in your head for some time once all is said and done. Each of the twelve tracks that are present here within this offering are well constructed punk noise hymns that worm their way in to your mind only to sink their hooks in deep. Once you press play and journey through the chaotic noise filled romp that is It Will Never End you ultimately reach for the play button again for more metallic punk goodness.

SUE does a great job of gripping you right from the start never to let go until the wild ride is all said and done. It Will Never End is a wholly entertaining and infectious offering that is truly hard to deny. You cannot sit still while listening to this record as it gets you up and out of your seat and thrashing about before you know it. With raw ever ceaseless riffs that are coupled with tumultuous drumming and great vocals, SUE creates a sound that is hard to be ignored.

As wild and noise filled as each track is, SUE throws you for a little loop with their fourteen minute opus to close out their debut. The twelfth and final track titled I Am Nothing is a much more subdued and serene sounding track in comparison to the eleven that came before it. I Am Nothing has a great mixture of a more calming sound as well as the more upbeat raucous punk that you had heard in the previous tracks leading to this one. Half way through SUE kicks it in to high gear to get your head banging once more before the sounds fades and you are left with a calming silence for nearly the remainder of the track.

I Am Nothing is a great closing track as SUE shows off their musical chops by providing you with a completely different sound than what you heard before while also incorporating their manic punk sound in the fold as well. As I Am Nothing wraps up It Will Never End nicely, you are left reaching for the play button again. It Will Never End is a solid release, one that provides you with raw and brain bruising punk that gets you up and out of your seat from the very get go. Each track is a solid one providing you with an overall well rounded and highly entertaining listen.

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SUE Bandcamp

SUE Facebook

SUE Official Site

Ötzi: Part Time Punk Sessions

January 31, 2019

Ötzi: Part Time Punk Sessions

Hailing from Oakland, CA is Ötzi who play in the vein of post-punk. With the emergence of Part Time Punk Sessions, this offering harbors four very impressive and addictive tracks one right after another. At times aggressive, at others haunting, at all times rhythmic and melodious, Ötzi create an overall highly memorable and infectious sound. Once you begin listening, it is incredibly hard to stop as this release is incredibly entertaining and highly intoxicating from beginning to end. This is a stellar release from beginning to end to say the least.

Each of the four tracks that are present here are wonderfully crafted offerings that never get old or stale no matter how many times you listen. These cuts are unique and fresh as they offer you something wholly mesmerizing and captivating. From beginning to end, Part Time Punk Sessions grips you, never to let you leave the listen until the final grim note has passed through your speakers.

Mixing the haunting with the aggressive, Ötzi strike a great balance of the two throughout each track. From beginning to end you are provided with an immense amount of variety and diversity, never to come across the same sound twice. Part Time Punk Sessions is a wholly mesmerizing and captivating offering, one that brings you in to its mystifying darkness never for you to leave as you keep hitting repeat until you have listened an innumerable amount of times.

Everything within this record is great. From the unique vocals, to the ever intricate and mesmerizing riffs and the ever thumping bass lines and solid drumming, you are treated to an overall excellent listen. These tracks will stick with you for quite some time even long after you finally pull yourself away from your speakers. Part Time Punk Sessions is a great EP through and through, with each track being just as excellent as the last.

Part Time Punk Sessions will be released February 28, 2019 through Psychic Eye and Near Dark.

Pre-orders can be found here.

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Ötzi Facebook

Ötzi Spotify

Atomic Kavemen: S/T

January 21, 2019

Atomic Kavemen: S/T

Call it punk, call it rock, call it punk ‘n’ roll, call it what you will, as Atomic Kavemen sew both rock and punk together to create an entirely memorable and catchy sound that is hard to rattle out of your brain. Through their self titled EP you are treated to six unique tracks that stick with you for long after you are done listening. Each track is just as unique and catchy as the last. From beginning to end, Atomic Kavemen roll out one track right after another of rock ‘n’ roll punk fusion that gets right under your skin and buries themselves deep within your memory.

With a unique Danzig like vocal delivery and ever rocking riffs and solid drumming that propel each cut, you are treated to a solid and ever rocking release that you are sure not to forget. With each track you begin to belt the lyrics out right along with the vocalist and nod your head in rhythm. There isn’t a track within this EP that doesn’t get imprinted on your mind and that isn’t infectious as each of the six truly are.

From beginning to end you are treated to top notch rocking punk and nothing but. From the cynical lyrics, to the ever buzzing riffs and pounding drumming, Atomic Kavemen have found a formula here that hearkens back to the days of early Danzig and the like; that infectious and dark sounding punk ‘n’ roll that is hard to shake. With each listen this self titled EP just gets better and better.

Overall, this is just a highly entertaining and engaging release, one that has you coming back for more and more. There ins’t a track within this offering that is lacking in anyway as each offering is just as solid and well performed as the last. This is a well rounded and cohesive offering that is infectious and down right catchy and memorable.

Kriegszittern: Yellow Cross

December 22, 2018

Kriegszittern: Yellow Cross

Crusty, disgusting, primitive, crushing and many more descriptors can be used to describe Kriegszittern and their newest offering Yellow Cross. Combining punk, death metal and smatterings of black metal, Kriegszittern unleash a foul beast. Within the offal covered walls of this release, you are to find ten vile tracks that are just as primitive and beastial as you could imagine. With straight forward punishing riffs, barbaric blasting drumming and disgusting blood drenched gutturals, Kriegszittern creates an overall grimy and nasty sound that gnashes at your flesh.

Kriegszittern’s style of gruesome death is straight forward and stripped down to the bare bones. There aren’t any frills or gimmicks here in their overall sound as Kriegszittern keeps things mold covered and ancient in sound. Through ten tracks you are presented with a primeval and raw sound, and as straight forward as each track is, they are just as terrorizing and blood draining. From front to back, Kriegszittern provides you with menacing punk riddled death metal that only aims to desecrate and destroy.

As a whole, Yellow Cross is as in your face as it can possibly get. From the onset Kriegszittern hits you with ceaseless barrage of blood soaked tunes one right after another. Once you press play, there is no stopping the slaughtering as these fiends barrel forth from track to track burying you under droves of sickening metal, never giving you enough reprieve. Each of the ten gnarled tracks that are harbored within this title are ceaseless monsters that storm forth with pure malice and malevolence, never once stopping to look back on all the destruction.

Yellow Cross is an all out death addled frenzy from beginning to end, never relenting as it ushers forth track after track of blood curdling death. Overall, this record is a solid entrails soaked slab of savage death from start to finish.

Links To Follow:

Caligari Records Bandcamp

Caligari Records Official Site

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!

October 17, 2018


Displaying truly raw power, 偏執症者 (Paranoid) combines the likes of d-beat, punk and hardcore to create a raw, dissonant and unrelenting sound. Through twelve tracks you are greeted by a gritty and destructive sound that takes no prisoners. With ever buzzing riffs, searing solos, ever pounding drumming and vocals that are as hellish as you would like, 偏執症者 (Paranoid) provides you with a ripping and overall head banging listen that is hard to deny. Each track is an infectious and deadly romp that throws you back to the sound of the ancients as they gift you with a gritty and filthy sound that gets embedded in your mind for some time.

Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! blasts the dust off of your speakers right from the get go as they lay in with their opening scorching track never to look back as scorched earth lays in their wake. This release is a no holds barred barrage of sonic dissonance from beginning to end. Each track is an in your face assault, and as the page turns from one track to the next you are greeted with a similar uncompromising filthy sound that just sticks to your ribs. Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! is a blasphemous and unrelenting release as it is riddled with track after track of nothing but hellish metal.

偏執症者 (Paranoid) shifts from track to track quickly never to provide you with ample time to take any kind of breath. Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! suffocates you under its torrid pace as it rolls from track to track like a bulldozer over the dead. These twelve tracks are furious offerings that pepper you with hellish notes over and over again making you bang your head and twist your already crooked neck until it pops off. This is a highly entertaining and engaging listen from front to back as it has you holding your attention never to break it until you have to reach for the play button once more.

This gritty grave stomping release is just that. It is gritty, hellish and dark, but most importantly it is heavy and intoxicating. From beginning to end 偏執症者 (Paranoid) provides you with a great sound that is brought to you by sewing together punk, hardcore and d-beat to create an overall dissonant yet powerful sound that gets mashed deeply inside of your head. Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! is a memorable and engaging release that will surely please fans of each genre mentioned and then some.

Doldrey: S/T

September 26, 2018

Hailing from Singapore comes Doldrey with their self titled release that comes complete with five ripping tracks that are sure to leave you banging your brain against your skull. Fusing death metal and punk together, Doldrey create a dissonant, raw and bombastic sound that you just can’t deny. Each track is a ripping and razor sharp offering that aims for the jugular. These are blitzkriegs as they are short tracks that pack a massive punch within their short run times. There is not a single hint of bullshit here as Doldrey get right into the thick of things from the very beginning never to relent in their assault for the entirety of the release.

Doldrey set out for blood  immediately with their opening grave stomper War. This track is a venomous beginning for an overall potent and savage release. War rages on taking no prisoners and leaving no weakling not stomped in to the ground. This opening track gets your head banging immediately and your body moving as sitting still just isn’t an option. War sets you up for even more rampage and blood letting as each track that follows is just as ruthless and gutting. Each of the five dissonant tracks that are present within this self titled release are venomous and filled with a massive amount of intensity that knock you back a couple of paces.

Doldrey is relentless as they provide you with razor caked riffs that are only to be supplemented by ever spastic and tumultuous drumming and savage blood dripping vocals that howl out from beyond the crypt. Each track is a bombastic offering that mixes death and punk together seamlessly to create an unholy alliance of noise, disease and death. This is a no holds barred offering that confronts you from the very get go, gripping you by the throat never to release you from your ultimate demise.

Overall, this self titled release is a complete ripper. The five tracks that are present here are head caving in the best possible way as you keep wanting to replay the savagery over and over again.


Nomura/Nulla+: Impronte/Lacrime

June 4, 2018


Loud, aggressive, in your face, rough around the edges and ultimately head caving is what you get when you listen to Impronte/Lacrime, the new split between Nomura and Nulla+. Each band’s foundation is in black metal but they combine elements of punk and hardcore in to their overall noisy blasphemous sound to provide you with a neck twisting and entirely ballistic sound. Within this split you become subject to five tracks that amount to only eighteen minutes, but within those short minutes you become accosted from all sides by a furious metallic onslaught.

First up to wear down the rest of your already gnarled ear drums is Nomura with two tracks titled Salice (Part I) and Salice (Part II). Nomura incorporates more hardcore than punk in to their otherwise blackened sound providing you with an overall sound that is equivalent to a punch in the mouth. Salice (Part I) starts off slowly and builds in to a noisy and punishing track that gets your head banging right out of the gate. With ever stomping drumming and ever blood curdling raspy screams, Nomura bombastically starts this split off. As Salice (Part I) progresses it descends in to blasting madness for nearly the remainder of its five minute run time before slowing things down once again only to lead you directly in to Salice (Part II).  Part one  bleeds directly in to the second part which begins much the same way. The second part of the track starts off slowly as the first did, slowly building with ominous guitar tones and vocals until finally blowing its lid off around the one and a half minute mark. Around this time Nomura treats you to a mid tempo romp that is heavy and neck bending as barreling drumming stomps through your speakers and those familiar raspy cries force their way through the metallic madness. This track continues its mid tempo onslaught until the final gnarled note has rang through. Each of the parts that Nomura offers to this split are well performed and crafted gifting you with an ultimately heavy opening for what is left to come.

The last three tracks of this split belong to Nulla+. Instead of hardcore, Nulla+ weaves punk in to their blackened foundation greeting you with an altogether in your face assault that does not back down until the split has concluded. Each of the three tracks by Nulla+ are savage yet short onslaughts that grate on your ear drums and get your spine and neck twisting in a hurry. The overall sound in which Nulla+ bombards you with is rough around the edges, unhinged and purely barbaric. These heathens don’t stop for a soul as they rampage onward through track after blistering track of punk infused black metal. From their first track on it is pure mayhem and carnage as each track is completely unhinged and pure sonic madness. With furiously yelled vocals that are coupled with ever spastic drumming and equally frantic riffing, you are treated to something that is heavy and head spinning all the same. From track one on, Nulla+ is unapologetically in your face as they ram their brand of blasphemous metal in to your brain. These three tracks are short but they are punchy, heavy and the embodiment of chaos making Nulla+’s three tracks entirely entertaining yet detrimental.

All in all, Impronte/Lacrime is an entertaining split as Nomura and Nulla+ offer up five tracks of pure entertaining, blasphemous and head splitting metal.

Ondt Blod: Natur

February 14, 2018

ondt blod.jpg

Comfortably dwelling between hardcore, catchy punk and straight up punishing heavy metal is hardcore hybrid Ondt Blod. Natur is the title of this sophomore effort and what you are to find inside are ten brand new tracks that are incredibly infectious and memorable. Throughout the ten songs off of this new offering, you find it to be very easy to nod your head along with these hardcore merchants and even sing along. Natur provides you with a mashing of several genres and the way in which Ondt Blod incorporates them all is done very well. Through this release you will come to find that Ondt Blod prefers to stick with their lighter more catchy punk/hardcore sound than anything else only to bring out the harsher more heavy hitting heavy metal elements when needed.

Each track is well crafted and each element that Ondt Blod deploys throughout Natur is sewn together well to create an overall cohesive, diverse and tightly knit sound. You will find yourself nodding to each track before you know it as Ondt Blod has a great ability to grab a hold of you with their catchy writing and suck you in to their music completely. Natur is an easy record to get in to and sink in to and before you know it you are nearing the end of your listen only to turn back to hear more.

It is hard to deny that each and every track on this release is memorable as each of them are unique in their own way and get stuck in your head before you really realize it. The amalgamation of numerous genres works well creating an overall clean, sharp and crisp sound that bounces easily from your speakers in to your ears. Natur has a very pleasing sound to it that is easy to sit and listen to without it being a burden or over staying its welcome.

This release is catchy and memorable when needed and heavy in other parts when needed and that formula flows throughout each of the ten present tracks gifting you with an overall enjoyable, diverse and varied listen. Not one track sounds alike as Ondt Blod does a great job of switching their sound up from track to track. Overall, Natur is a good record, as well as one that is surely to hit the mark with fans of numerous genres.

Natur will be released March 9, 2018 through Fysisk Format

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