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Pythia: The Solace Of Ancient Earth

April 28, 2019

Pythia: The Solace Of Ancient Earth

Capturing your mind and imagination, Pythia offers up an incredibly bewitching and memorable sound in the name of symphonic metal. Through their upcoming offering The Solace of Ancient Earth, Pythia offer up ten incredible tracks of well executed and damn near perfect heavy metal. While riffs spill out of your speakers with great melody and enchanting clean sung vocals spin tales, Pythia capture your attention never to let it waver or wander for the duration of their release.

With ten wondrous and melodious offerings to its title, The Solace of Ancient Earth provides you with nothing but stellar symphonic heavy metal. Great ambiance is coupled with incredible clean sung vocals that are all joined by heavy and melodic riffs and solid drumming all to gift to you an all around well executed and cohesive sound. Each track within this offering is well performed and constructed providing you with one enchanting track after another.

The Solace of Ancient Earth is a spell binding and engaging effort. Weaving tales of sorrow, heroism and more it is easy to get sucked in to this release and be transported to worlds not yet known to you. This record has a great ability to draw you in to its world and keep you there for some time as one listen turns in to many. As each track bursts through your speakers providing you with wondrous atmosphere and majestic heavy metal, it is easy to get swept up in all of it and taken on a thrilling and engaging journey.

In all of its melodious majesty and grandeur, The Solace of Ancient Earth is a great record. Each track is excellent with each one getting better and better as you listen. This is ten tracks of great symphonic heavy metal that provides you with great musicianship, incredible vocals, lyrics and production all coming together in cohesion to present you with a release that is down right superb. Everything within this offering is done so well making this to be a must listen and one of the best heavy metal releases so far this year.

The Solace of Ancient Earth will be released May 17 through Golden Axe.

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