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Rancorous: Vultures Will Gather

January 4, 2021

Rancorous: Vultures Will Gather

Popping up from the savaged lands of death riddled thrash metal comes Rancorous with their newest offering released at the end of last year titled Vultures Will Gather. This is a short offering as it features only three tracks with the longest one clocking in at a little over four minutes. However, with that said and how short this is, it more than makes up for with complete face melting, flesh ripping tunes for you to lose your head over. With Rancorous you won’t find any sort of gimmick here as they provide you with straight forward gutting death infused thrash metal that will leave your head hanging on by a tendon.

With Vultures Will Gather, Rancorous gets straight down to business ripping and tearing straight into and through your flesh. From the drop of the first gnarled riff you come to understand quickly that you are in for quite the life threatening ride. As mentioned, there are no gimmicks here, fluff, filler or what have you as Rancorous rips straight through from track one to track three. You don’t have much time to breathe as these heathens swiftly move from one track to the next sweeping you up in a storm of blood boiling death tinged thrash metal. The assault here is quick and outright deadly leaving you bloodied and bruised by the end of it all.

Through and through, the musicianship and production is great. Wild whiplash inducing riffs fly at you from every angle, the drum work is skull cracking, the bass is as meaty as you would want it to be and the vocals are sinister and larynx shredding. Top all of that off with a nice gritty sounding production and you have an incredibly solid sound that is hard to shake. Vultures Will Gather as a whole is a well rounded, head bang inducing, bloodied and down right heavy release. The aggression is palpable, the musicianship cutting and savage, the vocals potent, and all of that is wrapped up nicely in a three track bow.

Overall, Vultures Will Gather is a very solid release and it will be great to see what Rancorous does with a full length once that does appear. But, for now we are treated to this savagery that is well worth hitting play for over and over again until your ear drums finally burst.

Vultures Will Gather is out now!

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