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Wombbath: Tales of Madness

December 9, 2020

Wombbath: Tales of Madness

Wombbath needs no introduction whatsoever. These slaughterers from Sweden have been around since 1988, filling graves and leaving nothing in their wake other than diseased deceased scorched earth. These death metal and grave desecrating heathens have been on a tear since their inception releasing four full lengths up until this point, numerous splits and demos as well as a couple of EPs. Tales of Madness however, is a culmination of three re-recorded tracks, the very first Wombbath track written in 1990, a complete remake of Lavatory Suicide Remains, one track that was written before that and two completely brand new offerings. Whether it be re-recorded, a complete remake or entirely new tracks, Wombbath never disappoints as they offer up one track after the next of truly barbaric, savage and entirely vein draining death metal and nothing but.

Any sort of reprieve and any hope of light at the end is never to be seen throughout Tales of Madness as each track is a pure rampage of death and despair. This offering was put together to lower you into an early grave complete with worms awaiting your arrival to feast upon your festering flesh. Wombbath has always put out the most vicious and most devouring brand of death metal and that is all on display front and center all throughout Tales of Madness. Complete and utter destructive Swedish death metal and nothing but is what you come face to face with through each of these eight tracks and they leave you as nothing more than just a hallowed shell of your former self.

Forever barbaric and relentless, Wombbath unleashes an unbridled death metal assault that rips your flesh and chars your remains. When the first note arrives and hits your ear drums, it feels as though you are staring straight in to the face of a behemoth ready to expunge you from this earth. Each of the eight tracks that are present within this release have an incredible weight to them and an insane amount of terrorizing, butchering energy that will leave you faceless. Through and through, Tales of Madness is a complete onslaught of insane butchery. This is pure, rotting, putrid, life degrading death metal that you cannot wait to listen to over and over again.

These Swedish death metal masters create great harmony between traditional Swedish death metal and more of the new age focused death metal. Wombbath just simply never disappoints as they never have for their thirty plus year career. As stated above, once the final note clears through your speakers you feel compelled to press play again and do so over and over again until your ear drums finally burst. Tales of Madness is a great release from a completely legendary, slaughtering death metal band. Truly, death metal doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.

Check out the track The Fleshly Existence of Man below!

Tales of Madness will be unleashed December 18th through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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