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Revolting: The Shadow At The World’s End

December 21, 2020

Revolting: The Shadow At The World’s End

Over the years, Revolting has become one of Sweden’s most prominent death metal bands. Honing their deadly craft, Revolting has unleashed seven total full lengths including this one, an EP, split and a demo. Now twelve years of activity these death merchants come to unleash as mentioned their seventh full length record titled The Shadow At The World’s End. This behemoth of a record features nine total tracks of pure Swedish death metal and nothing but. Precise and cutting, yet melodious and filled with groove, each track that stampedes forth out of your speakers is a bulldozing force of death to be reckoned with. The Shadow At The World’s End is a straight forward buzzsaw of intensity and grave decimating death that leaves you being lowered into your own shallow grave once all is said and done.

Without filler, fluff or even an intro to ease you into this torrid death metal cyclone, Revolting sets off from the drop of the first note never to look back at the wreckage caused. As far as traditional Swedish death metal and traditional death metal in general is concerned, this is about as good as it gets. Forever charging ahead at a destructive pace, yet dripping and oozing with melody and groove, each of the nine tracks that you come across here are incredible. Death metal does not get a whole lot more addictive and memorable as it does here with The Shadow At The World’s End. This is an offering in its entirety that will get stuck in your head for some time to come.

The Shadow At The World’s End does and immaculate job of getting your blood pumping and your head banging from the very get go. Ever unrelenting, this charged death machine of a record gets your head banging enough to the point where your neck will snap and your head will be dangling by a mere thread of tissue. Revolting shreds through each of the offerings that are present within this release, ultimately shredding through you as well. If what you want is just pure, twisting, ever face melting death metal, you really don’t need to look a whole lot further than The Shadow At The World’s End. From beginning to end you are treated to a smorgasbord of death, ceaseless, life draining death.

The ultimate conclusion is just that this record is an absolute fucking ripper. As monstrous and menacing as The Shadow At The World’s End is, it is equally as memorable and incredibly unforgettable. You will leave the listen just wanting more ultimately leading you to keep pressing play until you just can’t anymore. This is a fantastic record, and nothing else other than that really needs to be said anymore. Revolting, The Shadow At The World’s End, fucking great.

Check out the official video for the track 1888 below!

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