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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Rotten Evisceration: Ancient Grave Ascension

February 11, 2019

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Rotten Evisceration: Ancient Grave Ascension

No strangers to death, disease and malevolence, Rotten Evisceration is back with their newest offering Ancient Grave Ascension. It had been seven years since their demo Raped and Headless, and yet here these death dealers are once again stacking up corpses and desecrating graves. Within this rotten release you come face to face with eight brutalizing tracks that gnash at your flesh and never cease the tearing until you are no more than a putrid husk of skin and bone. Each offering is just as bleeding raw and assaulting as the last as you become trapped in a vortex of disease ridden death.

There isn’t a moment of reprieve within this offering as you become assaulted from the drop of the first bloodied note. These eight tracks are perverse, disgusting, twisted masses of flesh and bone that come right out of the gate, knife brandished ready to take your life and bleed your veins dry. Ancient Grave Ascension is a gutting and ever charging release, one that doesn’t stop the cutting until the final note has rang through the crypts. Each track is just as foul vile as the last making this to be a grotesque and down right filthy offering.

Gore gets shoveled upon you in heaps, disease gets spread through you like wildfire as each track marches forth, descending upon you like the plague. There is not a single track here that doesn’t press its rusty blade down on your throat as each one is as furious and malicious as the last. With cutting riffs and machine gun drumming that cracks your skull along with unearthly vocals, Rotten Evisceration pours on the sickness and life threatening death metal in droves.

As short as this release is, it packs a massive punch with each passing minute. Clocking in at just over twenty-nine short minutes, Ancient Grave Ascension is a disgusting and vile ride from beginning to end. Never skimping on the filth and gore, Rotten Evisceration has created an effort that is as gruesome and nasty as it could get. These Peruvian death dealers are sinister and malevolent as they usher forth eight grave stomping tracks one right after another, never to relent until you have been lowered in to your own rotten tomb.

Rotten Evisceration: Raped And Headless

July 19, 2018

Formed in Peru in 2006 as Profanator, these gore hounds changed their moniker over to Rotten Evisceration in 2009. Two years later the newly dubbed Rotten Evisceration released Raped and Headless, a four track effort filled with viscera, boils and bile. Raped and Headless is a disgusting offering from beginning to end as it showers you in nothing but stagnant blood, infested entrails and overall brutalizing and vile death metal. From track to track you become greeted by nothing but sickness and pure death as Rotten Evisceration rampages from track to track never giving a second thought or regard to human life.

Rotten Evisceration begin Raped and Headless on a torrid pace with Baptized In Semen. This track is the perfect sickening intro as to what you are going to hear throughout the rest of the release. This two minute track is perverse, sickening and skull blasting providing you with nothing but perverse and twisted death. The three remaining tracks that follow are much the same as they provide you with the same flesh cutting and vein draining sound. Each track within this release is a barbaric and savage offering that spew forth bile and blisters until you become entombed in vile viscera.

Raped and Headless is a straight up bleeding raw and pulverizing offering from beginning to end that supplies you with droves of disease ridden death metal for your perverse enjoyment. From track to track you encounter gutting riffs that are supplemented by pummeling drum work and bloodied vocals that roar through the halls of torn flesh. Each track is an in your face and unrelenting piece of work that is sure to twist your neck. With this release you get an entertaining listen and an overall good look in to what Rotten Evisceration has to offer. Raped and Headless is sure to please the gnarled ears of brutal death and death metal fans alike.

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