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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Alienatör: Pariahs

August 24, 2019

Alienatör: Pariahs

In great murky noise and in a wicked culmination of sludge and noise rock, Alienatör gift us with their thirteen track record titled Pariahs. Within this release you are to find nothing else but abrasive in your face music that does a great job of snapping your head back before you realize what’s going on. From beginning to end Alienatör offers up a truly murky, chunky yet noise filled sound that tears at your ear drums, but in the best possible way. Each track is a madhouse of artery stopping, head banging sludge and noise rock that you cannot simply turn away from.

Once you hit play you hear a twenty second static filled intro complete with news clips regarding drug use, and you quickly realize what you have stumbled in to. As soon as the intro fades, you immediately become hit with buzzing murky riffs that are backed by hard hitting drums and manic vocals that are screamed at you from every angle. The first full track you come across titled “False Hope” is a hard hitting, in your face offering that hits you immediately and ultimately traps you within the vortex of chaos that Alienatör produces here. Each track that follows the intro is a chaotic sludge filled wall that storms at you from every direction never giving you a chance to escape the noisy, sludge filled blitzkrieg that Alienatör ushers forth.

Through and through Pariahs is a record that gets right underneath your skin from the very beginning. This record does a great job of manifesting itself in your brain from the get go having you thrash around and bang your head until your brain bruises. Each track is a force of sludge filled reckoning that is incredibly potent and explosive. These thirteen tracks are volatile and explosive as each one shoots straight out of your speakers to provide you with a truly whiplash inducing listen that you will not soon forget. Bombastic and neck bending from the beginning to the end, Pariahs never stops its noise riddled rampage until the final scorching note crosses the boundaries of your speakers.

With all of that said, each track really is great and something to behold. The musicianship is great, the vocals are varied and solid, the production is clean and the song writing is good as well and that all comes together to create something that is wholly entertaining and unforgettable. Each of the thirteen tracks that are harbored within the chaotic walls of Pariahs are great as each one is just as good as the last. If you are looking for something unique, new, heavy, entertaining and head banging, you don’t have to look much further than Pariahs.

Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

August 19, 2019

Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

In a reign of utter devastation and bone crushing heavy, Warcrab offer up their upcoming release. Titled Damned In Endless Night, Warcrab usher forth a brand of heavy that meshes together death metal and a dose of sludge that is enough to clog your veins. Ten total tracks, ten total tracks of murky death that drag you asunder in to the murky darkness whether you are prepared or not. Damned In Endless Night is amazingly heavy as it is down right crushing from beginning to end. Without looking back, forever pushing onward, Warcrab stomps forth with their spine bending brand of sludge riddled death for your twisted enjoyment. One track after the next you come face to face with a perfect balance of sludge and coffin packing death and the more that you listen, the closer you march toward your murky grave.

After a near serene two minute intro titled Perpetua that lulls you in to a false sense of calm, Warcrab hits you with buzzing, sludge filled yet ripping death metal in the following track Halo of Flies. In great cohesion, Warcrab mix both sludge and death metal together to create an impactful and devastating sound, and with Halo of Flies that is shown right off the bat. Quickly you become buried underneath the droves of thick, murky sludge riddled death, and before you know it you sink lower and lower in to a cavernous abyss. Each track that follows Halo of Flies is just as heavy and deadly, making this to be a true venomous and bone rattling listen.

No matter whether Warcrab offers up a true death metal rampage, or if they offer up a slower trudging sludge sound, or combine the two to create a truly menacing sound, you can be sure that it is going to be heavy. Each track following Perpetua is a sonic slab of grisly metal that is as menacing and terrorizing as you would imagine. Forever punishing and decimating, Warcrab trudges forth gifting you with one incredible track after the next. Damned In Endless Night as a whole is monstrous as it sounds like a titan emerging from the great depths of below. Bone rattling, destroying, deadly and wicked, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold as it is all consuming and enveloping.

Damned In Endless Night is a gripping release, one that takes hold of you from the drop of the first note onward, forever plunging you in to depths in which light does not exist. This release is grisly, nasty and down right crushing. It never relents in its sonic assault as it shifts from track to track aiming to fully envelope you in its titanic sound. The balance between sludge and death metal here is great as both work in sickening concert to provide you with an incredible sound that is wholly unforgettable. As massive and destructive as “Damned In The Endless Night” is, it is just as captivating and memorable, making this to be a truly exceptional release.

Overall, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but top notch, unrepentant metal. In all of its murky and deadly glory, this release is incredible and certainly one of the top tier releases to come out this year.

Damned In Endless Night will be unleashed August 30 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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Radien: Aste

July 8, 2019

Radien: Aste

In murky sludge and bitter black metal, Radien joins the two at the head to create a wall of reverberating noise sure to shake foundations. Within their newest offering Aste, Radien features two new tracks that sew the aforementioned genres together to create something entirely damning, dark and down right punishing. Ever engaging and gripping, Radien reaches out with the cold hand of death pulling you ever further in to the dark reaches of their soundscapes in which they weave. As heavy and bone crumbling as this release is, it is just as mesmerizing and captivating all the same. Through each of the two tracks you are greeted by not only brain rattling sludge and soul claiming black metal, but an atmosphere that is grim and foreboding. With this atmosphere lurking among the wall of murky noise, you are treated to something entirely sinister yet gripping all the same.

Foreboding is the operative word to use here as both tracks loom large and present you with an overall sound that makes you feel as though your life is to be claimed at any second. Radien begins Aste with the opener Tuune that begins with a low buzzing sound accompanied by wailing ghostly singing. This lead in fades around the four minute mark where Radien begins to kick things off by greeting you with a reverberating wall of crushing riffs and primal hellish screams. Through this track Radien trudges forth offering up a truly murky sound submerging you underneath its sheer weight and grimy sludge. The riffs are massive, the bass lines are bone rattling, the drumming precise and the vocals banshee like. Tuune is a rumbling force that ever marches forth for its twelve and a half minute run time. Tuune lurches forth with intent to bury you underneath the heaping droves of trudging riffs, forever keeping that foreboding atmosphere undulating underneath the massive wall of blistering noise. Radien doesn’t waste any time with Tuune as they set in with the intent to grip and grab your attention from the start, and doing an excellent job of just that. For its entirety, you are its captive audience as it marches forth until it fades into obscurity to make way for the second and final track Haudat.

Haudat begins with an unearthly low buzzing and atmospheric guitar work only to make way for a incredibly thunderous bass lines around two minutes in. The bass is notable here as it has enough potency to level a building. Around the three minute mark, that bass melts in to harsh and punishing noise that comes from massive riffs and those hellish throat cutting vocals. Haudat is a massive track that steamrolls you for ten and a half minutes giving you no reprieve as you suffocate underneath this track’s sheer weight. Once you become accustomed to the sinister wall of noise, Radien switches gears once again to present you with a sound not all too familiar until now. Near the four minute mark Radien breaks out what sounds like a saxophone to greet you with a wonderful and easing tone. The incorporation of the saxophone (if that’s what it is) is great and the inclusion is done so well that it really fits with the rest of the track. The serene sounds of the instrument don’t last however as once it fades in to the ever quickening abyss you come face to face with an eclectic ambient sound of jarring noises. For the remainder of the three plus minutes you come subject to these noises until they too fade out and leave your head spinning. Haudat is a great closing track as it offers up some of the same trudging, black metal infused sludge as you would expect plus something entirely unique.

Overall, Aste is a very solid effort as it provides you with two well constructed, written and executed offerings. Each of the two tracks within this EP are twisting, dark, murky and spine bending heavy. Aste is an all consuming effort that engulfs you from the very beginning only to spit you out the other side once the final note rings through. Through and through, Aste is a great EP, and not much more needs to be said than that now.

Aste is out now through Bunkkeri Records.

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Radien Facebook

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Bunkkeri Records Official Site

Friendship: Undercurrent

June 2, 2019

Friendship: Undercurrent

Sewing the heads of sludge and hardcore together to create an intense aural assault is Friendship. Their upcoming record Undercurrent features ten ripping tracks of sludge infused hardcore insanity that will get you bruising your brain against your skull before you know it. In a little over twenty-two minutes, Friendship deliver and auditory assault that is not to be taken lightly. These face smashers roll from track one to track ten with the intent to bulldoze anything in their path leaving nothing but wreckage and carnage in their wake. Each of the ten offerings within this release are precise assaults that rampage from second one until the final second ticks off the clock.

Through Undercurrent you come face to face with oppressive track after oppressive track that leaves you beaten and bruised at the end of it all. There is no reprieve and you are gifted with no breaks in between tracks to catch your laboring breath. Friendship stomps from track to track delivering a battering ram of sound that is sure to leave you head spinning. Each track is a potent and powerful assault that comes at you from all angles with sharp technical riffs, ever battering drumming and vocals that yell out from behind the sonic wall of auditory torture. Undercurrent is a tearing and skull sanding release that makes its presence known from the very get go.

Friendship’s murky sound buzzes through your speakers, rattling your brain. Uncompromising and ceaseless, Friendship tears through each track, pummeling and battering you with a relentless sludge filled hardcore assault. As short as this release is, it packs quite the punch in its concise twenty-two minutes of run time. Not a second is wasted as each offering flies off the hinges immediately to greet you with a raucous and skin shredding sound that cannot be ignored. Friendship barrels forth through Undercurrent providing you with incredible amounts of energy and intensity that gets your neck bending and head banging.

Violent, technical and potent, Undercurrent has it all here as each offering is a well constructed metallic offense. Undercurrent is an auditory blitzkrieg that snaps your head back before you have time to prepare for the face smashing onslaught. Through and through, this release is an incredibly heavy and uncompromising one that sets out for destruction and greatly succeeds. These merchants of destruction have put out another great and memorable effort with Undercurrent.

Undercurrent will be released June 14 through Southern Lord.

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Southern Lord Bandcamp

Southern Lord Official Site

Tumanduumband: S/T Demo

April 17, 2019

Tumanduumband: S/T

Fuzz, groove, doom and satanic worship all combine within the self titled release of Tumanduumband. Four tracks are present within this release, and this two man band offers up nothing but sludge filled doom that will rattle your spine. Each murky offering within this release is just as solid and brain buzzing as the last as Tumanduumband usher forth a truly jarring and inviting brand of doom. This is filthy, filled with attitude and presented to you in four slabs of murky, grimy doom that will stick to your ribs.

Tumanduumband offer up an ever inviting and enticing sound doing so all without a vocalist as their musicianship and instrumentation speak for themselves. Each track is riddled with riffs that vary from the low slow burning variety to a more mid tempo romp through murky hallways. Paired with the ever fuzzed out riffs are solid drums and an ever present foundation shaking bass that is hard to ignore. Each of the four tracks that are present here are as in your face with their brand of murky sludge filled doom as you could imagine.

As you wade through the thick, reverberating sonic mass that Tumanduumband creates, you quickly become submerged in nothing but filthy buzzing sludge. Along side the vast wall of sonic fuzz is plenty of groove and melody to keep your head nodding and brain spinning in its skeletal prison. Each track is a gripping and entirely entertaining piece of fuzzed out doom that you will find yourself coming back to more and more often. As mentioned previously, Tumanduumband’s overall sound gets stuck to you as each track will burrow itself inside your memory for some time.

Through and through, this self titled demo is great and all around cohesive and solid. Each track is just as entertaining and memorable as the one(s) that came before it. With great melody, groove, fuzz, doom, sludge and satanic worship comes great sludge filled powers, and Tumanduumband show that here with this release.

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Tumanduumband Bandcamp

Thra: Gardens Of Rot

February 24, 2019

Image may contain: plant and outdoor
Thra: Gardens of Rot

Arising from the murky depths to present you with a sound that is overall anvil heavy and as filled with grime as you could possibly imagine is Thra. Within their new offering Gardens of Rot you can come to expect four tracks of nothing but buzzing sludge with hints of death metal here and there for complete flesh shredding misery. Ever mired in filth and sludge, Thra offer up four cohesive and well rounded tracks that come bulldozing through your speakers from the very first second onward. Thra marches forth at a plodding pace, ever dragging you asunder in to the depths.

Gardens of Rot is a sonic assault from beginning to end, never letting you rest or take breather as Thra seamlessly transition from one track to the next, forever burying you underneath their malicious murky sound. Riddled with malevolence, death and misery, Thra marches onward never to relent in their menacing assault. From one track to the next you come face to face with plodding sludge and when needed Thra greets you with frenetic death metal to gnaw and tear away at your flesh. Each of the four offerings within this release are as terrorizing and menacing as the last, making this effort to be an all out aural assault.

With buzzing riffs, bone cracking drumming and insane unearthly vocals that transition between throat shredding lows and raspy screams, you are treated to an accosting listen. Without so much as a second between tracks you quickly become submerged and trapped within the thunderous wall of sound that Thra emits. Never does the barrage end and never does it cease as each cut is just as shredding as the last.

As a whole, Gardens of Rot is a well put together, well constructed and well performed offering that treats you to four great tracks one right after the next. Without filler, without gimmicks, without fluff, Thra presents to you an excellent release, one that sticks to your ribs and infects your mind with the murkiest of sludge. This is a malevolent creation, one that brings forth death, disease and terror all within four great tracks.

Gardens of Rot will be released through Camo Pants Records March 15, 2019.

Aislacion: Minor Chants

July 21, 2018

Aislacion began their descent into murky sludge filled darkness in 2016, and two years later their demo Minor Chants was brought out from the abyss. This demo features four tracks that merge doom and sludge together to create an overall murky, buzzing and head nodding sound. As soon as you hit play you become trapped in a rumbling and fuzzed out vortex of doom never to escape until Minor Chants has played out entirely. Each track is a head nodding and bone rattling ode to sludge and doom that gets your head nodding before you know it. Minor Chants is an aggressive and all together in your face demo that pours its molten sludge on thick from beginning to end.

Minor Chants is Aislacion’s first foray into the doom and sludge world and it is a good first foot forward. Each track within this murky offering are well done and well constructed providing you with an all around solid and highly entertaining listen. There isn’t any fluff or filler here as Aislacion hits you nearly immediately with rumbling bass lines and heavy dark riffs that are hard to get out of your head. From the first track forward, Aislacion presents you with an overall heavy and memorable sound that will keep you coming back for more murky madness.

Through this release, Aislacion provides you with heavy handed face melting passages that are only to be crossed with low, slow and melting doom laden sounds when needed. None of the four tracks that are harbored within this release sound anything alike providing you with plenty of diversity and variety through only four tracks. Aislacion does a great job of mixing their sound up not only from track to track but within the same track as well. You won’t be hearing the same sound twice all throughout this release giving it plenty of character.

Overall, Minor Chants is a solid release especially for a debut. Through and through this is an entertaining and memorable demo, one that you can keep coming back to.

Aseitas: S/T

April 29, 2018

There isn’t a single genre that can claim the sound of Aseitas. Combining sludge, death metal and elements of doom, Aseitas usher forth their self titled debut record filled with nine tracks of devastation and desolation. Clocking in at around one hour, this self titled release is fucking monstrous in run time and in sound. The unique combination of the numerous genres in which Aseitas deploys work in sinister harmony to create an overall sound that is dark, oppressive, discordant and at times isolating. From the onset, Aseitas see to it that you become buried under droves of punishing riffs and bone crumbling drumming, leaving you lifeless at the end of it all.

This release isn’t one to be taken lightly and upon pressing play you can understand why. Like billowing clouds of death, each track oozes from your speakers gracing you with a sound of madness and depravity. No matter whether you come across an instrumental-which there are a pair of-or whether you come face to face with ever oppressive and ever blasphemous tracks filled with throat tearing screams, ever shifting riffs and pummeling drumming, you can be sure that your bones will start to crumble. Aseitas offer up a sound that is jarring and spine rattling, and yet as punishing as it is you keep on coming back for more.

Once you get through three tracks, Aseitas offer a little bit of a reprieve once you come across the track The Orchard, only for it to fade out to make way for the ever skull caving track Covenant. Covenant rages on right from the get go as the drums blast away along with murky yet bone cutting riffs that are met with gnashing vocals from the abyss. This is one of the shorter tracks on this record clocking in at just under four minutes, but those four minutes are some of the most barbaric and lethal four minutes within this offering. The second breathe of air that you are allowed to come up for is when the sixth track The Obelisk appears from the murky depths, only to provide you with an isolating and overall grim atmosphere before the monstrous track City of Stone comes barreling through your speakers. City of Stone is a ripping and oppressive force that is entirely unapologetic in approach as it buries you under droves of sickening gut bursting riffs.

Only a few tracks were named above, but for each and every track much of the same can be said. Each of the nine tracks within this offering are massive, impressive and incredibly heavy, leaving you skull crushed in. Each track is riddled with monstrous riffs, venomous vocals and drumming that is out of this world. This self titled release is well rounded, well put together and executed to provide you with some sickening and massively heavy tunes to snap your vertebrae to. As lengthy as this record is you never feel as though you have been listening for near an hour as it has an incredible ability to suck you in and keep you entertained and intrigued. Never do you know where a song will end up and never do you know how one will begin. Each track sounds massively different from one another and it keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat for its entirety.

This certainly is an outstanding record, as it truly is unique, addicting and entirely bone shatteringly heavy. One of my favorites this year.

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Aseitas Bandcamp

Aseitas Facebook

Check out the official music video for House of Sloth below!

ILSA: Corpse Fortress

February 20, 2018

Corpse Fortress.jpg

Flickering with black flames of madness, steeped in pure horror and terror and oozing malevolent sludge straight through your speakers in to your mind only to infect your sleepless nights with nightmares is ILSA with their newest offering Corpse Fortress. This hellish release marks ILSA’s fifth full length offering since their blackened inception in 2008.  Each of the nine tracks that appear on Corpse Fortress are a murky nightmare that are filled with plenty of filth and depravity that aim to degrade and drown your mind in nothing but sludge filled demonic malignancy.

From the opening track Hikikomori through to the closing track Drums of the Dark Gods, you become shrouded in death doom misery. Never once does ILSA let up in their murky assault as they roll right from one track to the next never giving you reprieve from their hellish offerings. Their buzzing murky style of death riddled doom metal rattles your spine and boils your blood through and through. Corpse Fortress is an oppressive force that is to be reckoned with as it drains the life from your eyes and buries you under droves of relentless venomous noise from the onset.

Corpse Fortress is an ugly, filthy and incredibly demoralizing sounding record that does its best to lay you to rest early on. ILSA keep Corpse Fortress as ugly and damning as they possibly can through nine tracks as they barrel forth with fuzzed out mammoth heavy riffs that are coupled with rabid almost banshee like screams and ever present hammering drums that really begin to take their toll after only a few minutes.

Corpse Fortress tests your sanity as it tries to break it down little by little with each passing second. Each track is a wicked offering that is steeped in madness and pure demonic essence that tests your mettle daring you to carry on listening through each mind bending track. With their cruel overall sound, ILSA beats and wears you down until you finally curl up in a hole. Corpse Fortress is an overall unforgiving and unrelenting record that assaults you from all sides from beginning to end leaving you looking like a defeated corpse.

You can’t deny that this is a disgustingly heavy release as ILSA pour their brand of molten sludge on thick from beginning to end creating an overall massive, oppressive and incredibly heavy sound. Corpse Fortress through and through is a good release that infects your mind and has you coming back to listen again and again to relive the sickening punishment that ILSA dishes out.

Corpse Fortress will be released March 2, 2018 through Relapse Records.

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ILSA Facebook

Relapse Records Bandcamp


Ape Cave: Language of the Earth

January 6, 2018

Ape Cave has always been a band that has stuck with me ever since I discovered and was thoroughly impressed by their 2015 debut EP Primordium. The turning of 2015 saw the coming of their debut full length Pillars of Evolution and now exactly two years later Ape Cave has unleashed Language of the Earth. With each release, Ape Cave get better and better and continue to push the psychedelic, doom and sludge envelope. Pillars of Evolution was a great debut full length, and Language of the Earth is a great follow up as it is just as good if not even better.

Language of the Earth is a lengthy sophomore effort as it shows off fourteen brand new tracks for you to absorb. As lengthy as this release is however, you never feel as though you are battling to sit through and listen cover to cover, and that has to do with the fact that this release is incredibly immersive and captivating. From the very first note on, Ape Cave grabs a hold of you, grabbing your attention and fully immersing you in the wondrous soundscapes and atmospheres that they create. The longer that you listen, the deeper and deeper Ape Cave pulls you in to their murky, fuzzed out and hypnotic world of sludge.

Through fourteen tracks you are presented with great song writing, intricate musicianship and and overall raw, unfiltered and mesmerizing tone. Through and through, each of the fourteen tracks that are present on this release are wonderfully crafted and executed providing the listener with something that is wholly unique and incredibly memorable. Each song on this offering is solid and one can’t do without the other as each track plays off of one another making Language of the Earth play almost like one entire track instead of fourteen different tracks.

This new effort from these sludge wizards is an enthralling and intoxicating record. Each track is unique in its own way and each track has an innate ability to hook you right from the get go. Even as lengthy as this release is, it is an easy record to sink right in to and disappear among the wall of rolling sludge filled riffs to. Language of the Earth is an incredibly solid, hypnotic and unique record that asks to be listened to front to back, and once you do you won’t be able to stop listening.

Language of the Earth is a great record and a great way to kick off 2018. This release is nothing but sludge filled doom mastery.

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Ape Cave Bandcamp

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