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Ape Cave: Language of the Earth

January 6, 2018

Ape Cave has always been a band that has stuck with me ever since I discovered and was thoroughly impressed by their 2015 debut EP Primordium. The turning of 2015 saw the coming of their debut full length Pillars of Evolution and now exactly two years later Ape Cave has unleashed Language of the Earth. With each release, Ape Cave get better and better and continue to push the psychedelic, doom and sludge envelope. Pillars of Evolution was a great debut full length, and Language of the Earth is a great follow up as it is just as good if not even better.

Language of the Earth is a lengthy sophomore effort as it shows off fourteen brand new tracks for you to absorb. As lengthy as this release is however, you never feel as though you are battling to sit through and listen cover to cover, and that has to do with the fact that this release is incredibly immersive and captivating. From the very first note on, Ape Cave grabs a hold of you, grabbing your attention and fully immersing you in the wondrous soundscapes and atmospheres that they create. The longer that you listen, the deeper and deeper Ape Cave pulls you in to their murky, fuzzed out and hypnotic world of sludge.

Through fourteen tracks you are presented with great song writing, intricate musicianship and and overall raw, unfiltered and mesmerizing tone. Through and through, each of the fourteen tracks that are present on this release are wonderfully crafted and executed providing the listener with something that is wholly unique and incredibly memorable. Each song on this offering is solid and one can’t do without the other as each track plays off of one another making Language of the Earth play almost like one entire track instead of fourteen different tracks.

This new effort from these sludge wizards is an enthralling and intoxicating record. Each track is unique in its own way and each track has an innate ability to hook you right from the get go. Even as lengthy as this release is, it is an easy record to sink right in to and disappear among the wall of rolling sludge filled riffs to. Language of the Earth is an incredibly solid, hypnotic and unique record that asks to be listened to front to back, and once you do you won’t be able to stop listening.

Language of the Earth is a great record and a great way to kick off 2018. This release is nothing but sludge filled doom mastery.

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Ape Cave Bandcamp



December 23, 2017


There are massive albums, and then there are cataclysmic albums and that is what HELL has brought forth. With their self titled release, HELL unleashes a sound that is harrowing, bone breaking and apocalyptic. In only seven tracks, HELL unleashes sludge filled doom hatred upon you burying you beneath spine shattering riffs and unearthly bass lines. Upon pressing play you really do become buried under a sonic assault of epic proportions. Once HELL gets going they don’t stop as they scorch the earth behind them and lay waste to the unfortunate souls that cross their path. From the first track on you quickly realize that you are in for a harrowing and incredibly damning listen, one that drags you to the fiery pits of Sodom never to be seen again.

Heavy doesn’t really begin to describe how heavy this self titled offering really is. From track to track you are greeted with nothing but flesh flaying and life threatening sludge filled doom that ultimately digs you a grave and expects you to lie in it. The overall sound of this release is earth shaking and soul peeling making it out to be such a destructive yet captivating listen. Once you press play there is no going back, you cannot escape the walls of doom that close in with every passing second. Each of the seven tracks on this offering are just as colossal as the others and punish you all the same. With each passing second and each passing minute you become under siege by unrelenting murky doom that won’t let you out of its cold grasp.

Each track is a crushing offering ultimately making you buckle under the sheer weight shattering your bones in the process. This self titled release is inhumanly heavy and incredibly damning and bitter. Each of the seven tracks are harrowing, grim, dark, twisted, malevolent and incredibly unforgiving. This record crashes down upon you with an incredible intensity and weight that makes you feel bogged down as if you are stuck in a murky sludge filled mire. HELL moves along from track to track trudging along like a reaper patiently waiting for your demise.

Once you reach the end of this release you feel as though you have relinquished your life to the damned below. The melancholic way in which Seelenos wraps the album up makes it seem as though your life has come to a close, that your life is no more and you are only to be buried in a cold damp ground. This fifty minute release is something to behold as it is monolithic and unapologetic. This is an unforgettable release, one that buries itself under your skin.

With this offering, HELL has created something that is just undeniable as well as something that doom fans are sure to find incredible enjoyment out of.

Last Minute To Jaffna: Quattro

November 26, 2017

lmtj - quattro.jpg

In just two tracks, Last Minute To Jaffna create an atmospheric world and have that world unfold before your very eyes. The atmosphere runs thick throughout this record and is very hard to escape from as it envelopes and shrouds you nearly immediately. The atmosphere isn’t the only stand out thing their newest release titled Quattro though as these sludge merchants provide you with thick and completely buzzing and fuzzed out tunes for you to escape to and lose yourself in. As atmospheric and groove filled as this release is, it is just as heavy and head banging.

Through and through, you are presented with murky rolling riffs that get your head nodding in a heart beat, progressive drumming and dissonant vocal chord straining vocals that peer through the sonic wall of atmospheric sludge. Throughout Quattro, you are greeted with passages that are hard rocking and head banging, and the next moment you are being thrown in to slower, more methodical and atmospheric passages. Last Minute To Jaffna does a great job of mixing and matching tempos and changing them frequently to keep you guessing and keep you listening for what may lie ahead.

Quattro is an easy EP to get in to and sit and listen to numerous times. Even though both tracks sport lengthier run times, it never really feels as though you are sitting for twenty minutes going through these tracks. Each track is well crafted and performed seamlessly to create a cohesive and intriguing listen that you want to keep listening to. On top of that, Last Minute To Jaffna have created songs that sweep you away to their vast soundscapes and broad all encompassing atmospheres that ultimately captivate you and keep you listening for quite some time.

Once you press play, the murky sludge pours through your speakers and in to your ears working their way in to your scarred brain making a nice home for themselves. Quattro is memorable and easy to listen to numerous times without tiring of it quickly. Each element that Last Minute To Jaffna has sewn in to this EP works seamlessly with one another gifting you with a complete and cohesive listen. This EP is at times serene and hypnotic, and at other times harsh and hard rocking providing you with plenty of variety within only two tracks. Overall, Quattro doesn’t break any mold, or shatter entirely new ground, but it is a great release nonetheless as it provides you with two really solid tracks that you can sink your teeth in to.


Acid Witch: Evil Sound Screamers

November 1, 2017

Acid Witch Evil Sound Screamers HAULIX.jpg

I realize that I have missed the Halloween boat for this Halloween released record, but here we are, the day after Halloween and we are already getting prepared for next years debauchery and there isn’t a better way to do so than with an Acid Witch record. Evil Sound Screamers isn’t just tailored for Halloween, it is the embodiment of Halloween. Intricately woven in synths are paired with doom death goodness to provide you with a skin crawling and all together creepy listen.

Acid Witch has always been a unique and interesting band to listen to and with Evil Sound Screamers that sentiment still holds true. With this new record, Acid Witch seem to have upped the ante for themselves. Evil Sound Screamers is an undeniable record and just one listen through doesn’t do it justice as you keep this treat on repeat well past Halloween. This record is a bewitching, highly memorable and intoxicating record that you seem to have a hard time not listening to. Even when you aren’t listening, the grisly riffs, ghoulish synths and the fiendish vocals play over and over again in your head.

Evil Sound Screamers does a great job of transplanting you right in the middle of a Halloween themed nightmare throughout all ten songs. The element that really helps you envision ghastly horrors are the very well done, unique and intricately placed synths. The synths that you hear all throughout this record are firmly planted in the seventies and eighties realm of horror providing you with some throw back horror for you to revel in. These synths aren’t so much as just another element to this wicked record, but they are also a bonding element through each track providing you with a cohesive and comprehensive horror filled listen.

Working in sickening harmony with the ever present synths is the wall of doom death goodness that drips through your speakers like spilled blood. Heavy haunting riffs pour through your speakers as the drums pound against your skull all while devilish grimy vocals spill through all of the madness. With the grim death doom metallic madness paired with the never ending horrifying synths to compliment it, you are ultimately provided with one hell of a listen. From beginning to end, Evil Sound Screamers is an entertaining, heavy and hair raising listen that you just want to keep listening to over and over again.

Evil Sound Screamers is a thirty-eight minute venture through nightmarish atmospheres and horror filled soundscapes, and at the end of the listen, thirty-eight minutes just doesn’t seem long enough. You keep reaching for that play button once the record has concluded as you just can’t seem to get enough to satisfy your horror hunger. This record is perfect for Halloween as well as for any other time of year. This murky, grim and ghoulish record is something to behold, and with this record Acid Witch seem to have out done themselves. It has been seven years since Stoned came out, and this time around, Acid Witch have created another record that will be remembered as a classic.

Evil Sound Screamers is available now! Follow the link below!

Acid Witch Bandcamp:

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