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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Soul Grinder: Chronicles Of Decay

July 3, 2020

Soul Grinder: Chronicles Of Decay

Forming in the gnarled and moss covered coffins of the underground in 2018, Soul Grinder ultimately released their debut EP the same year titled Sadistic Parasite. After the success of that EP and after sapping the blood and marrow from countless victims between then and now, Soul Grinder is back this year with their debut full length titled Chronicles Of Decay. Within this release you will find eleven gnarled, snarling, disgusting and impaling death metal tracks for your blood curdling pleasure. There is no reprieve and there is no solace once you press play as Soul Grinder bulldozes over you ultimately leaving you to fester and rot among the worms.

Soul Grinder takes many ques from their death metal forefathers as they provide you with a sound that is firmly rooted in the vein of the ancient all the while they make it all their own. This groove filled torrential down pour of flesh peeling death metal is just that. Each track as grisly and vein splaying as you would imagine but they are just as filled with groove. As a whole, Chronicles Of Decay is a rampaging, life stealing effort that gets your head banging until it snaps off your neck. There is not a track within this release that does not get under your skin or imprinted in your mind as each one works their way in like a parasite. You will leave this release bloodied and beaten feeling like you belong in a damp, bitter grave.

Foul and reeking of putrefaction and decaying death, Chronicles Of Decay marches forth from track to track rumbling over the waves of severed bodies that it has left in its wake. Blasting, brutal and lobotomizing, Soul Grinder provide it all and more within this release. The combination of artery splicing riffs, chest caving drum work, spine rattling bass lines and blood curdling vocals makes for one hell of an incredibly potent and dangerous listen. Each of the eleven tracks that are harbored within this title are just as deadly and visceral as the last making the entire release out to be a deadly and decapitating one.

Yet another element that Soul Grinder incorporates in to a select amount of their deadly hymns is the addition of super throaty harmonizing as well as eerie samples of cleanly sung hymns in the background. These folds are only incorporated into very few of the eleven tracks which appear near the end of the record, but when they do appear they add a wrinkle in to each of the tracks that freezes your blood. To add this to an already blistering and deadly offering, it creates an unholy atmosphere that sinks deep in to your flesh and soul. Everything within Chronicles Of Decay is perfect. From everything aforementioned to what was just written here, Soul Grinder does it perfectly.

Chronicles Of Decay is an incredible record from beginning to end. It is nasty, grisly, flesh gnashing and bone grinding, groove filled and down right heavy. It has everything. This is an absolute must for fans of death metal as this release will stand as one of the best death metal albums to be released this year.

Chronicles Of Decay will be released July 3rd through MDD.

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