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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Acid Cross / Kriegg / Hellripper: Three Way Split

May 3, 2018

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Defiling grave sites and summoning the wicked all under one split is Acid Cross, Kriegg and Hellripper. This three way split was released through Contaminated Tones Productions in late 2015 and features six cross burning tracks to get your adrenaline pumping and your soul torn in half. Each of the three bands here play a similar style of thrash infused black metal that is sure to rip your scalp straight off of your skull. Each track is just as venomous and dangerous as the last as each barrel straight through your speakers piercing your gnarled ears and eventually manifesting themselves among your brain.

The first band to crawl up out of the crypt on this three way split is Acid Cross. Acid Cross offer up two tracks on this release titled Technological Demise and Midnight Queen. Each of these tracks are dissonant terrors that rip and tear their way through your flesh spilling out your crimson. Acid Cross terrorizes with ever poisonous riffs that are only to be paired with ever blasting drumming and gravel filled screeches that howl through the sonic torment. While these two tracks that Acid Cross present aren’t as up-tempo as the two tracks from Kriegg or Hellripper, these tracks pack more than a jaw breaking punch. From the onset Acid Cross meets you with malevolence and maliciousness and continue to pour their sickening sound through your speakers for two straight tracks.

Kriegg takes up the middle section of this three way split with tracks three and four titled Nekyia and the aptly titled Grave Rape. These two grave defiling offerings are a little more up-tempo than the earlier tracks from Acid Cross, offering up a neck snapping, dissonant and gnarled sound that isn’t to be forgotten. Right from the drop of the first blasphemous note, Kriegg takes off like a demon spawned from hell to provide you with two face melting and flesh gnashing tracks that get your neck twisting. Slashing riffs are paired with ever hammering drumming and vocals that seem to be howled out from a long forgotten tomb. With these two tracks, Kriegg offer up a malicious, devilish and blackened sound rips and tears its way through your ear drums. These two tracks compared to the earlier tracks of Acid Cross are fused with a little more thrash influence providing you with a thrash heavy yet blackened sound that tears in to your soul.

The band to bring everything home on this split is Hellripper with their tracks Full Moon Witchery and Nekroslut. Much like Kriegg’s two offerings, these final two tracks from these heathens are up-tempo and ripping. With more speed metal and thrash influence, Hellripper’s tracks fly right out of hell offering up two furious and venomous tracks that get your fist and adrenaline pumping. These sinister offerings are just as dissonant and raw sounding as the four that came before them providing you with a welcome gritty and rough around the edges sound. Hellripper blast through the abyss with tight riffing, ever charging drumming and vocals that shred through the blackened noise only to make the overall sound even more deadly. These are two great tracks to nicely tie everything together on an overall great split between three excellent blasphemous bands.

Desekryptor/Draghkar: Split Tape EP

March 23, 2018

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Death, nothing but the pungent and vile stench of death can be found within this Desekryptor and Draghkar split. Upon pressing play the foul odor of stagnant blood and decaying entrails fill your nostrils, giving you a little bit of an insight as to what you are about to witness. This split features two tracks that are malignant, vile and blood letting as they both charge at you with murderous intent. Though this split is very short, it certainly does more than pack a punch as it aims for your jugular from the onset never to stop hacking and slashing at your throat until you are completely drained of your crimson blood and marrow.

Each of these tracks are raw and unrelenting gifting you with an intense and savage listen, one that doesn’t let you escape alive. The first offering comes from Desekryptor titled The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses. This near four minute track rains a heaping dose of blood curdling and terrorizing death down upon you leaving you covered in rot. The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses is a neck snapping ode to death itself that leaves you lying as nothing but a cloud of blood by the end. From the very beginning, this gnarled and filthy track rears its undead head to offer you up some incredibly twisted and mutilating metal of death. With disease tainted riffs, monstrous roars from an abandoned crypt and ever assaulting drumming, The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpsesis a very deadly, heavy and murderous offering.

Following The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses is Draghkar’s new track Stealing The Keys To Nothingness. Much like the rotten track before it, Stealing The Keys to Nothingness is just as a gruesome and gangrenous track. Offering up four minutes itself, Stealing The Keys to Nothingness is a grave desecrating and flesh gnashing track that starts off with a slower tempo for a short while before picking the pace up to an all out aural assault. Draghkar rumbles through minute after minute providing you with a savage, rotting and entrails spilling sound. This four minute blood drenched offering leaves you lifeless buried under cold soil.

This split between these two death metal stalwarts is a monstrous and impressive effort. The quality of death here between these two tracks is astounding as you get nothing but pure, fetid death.

This split tape will be released April 20, 2018 through Blood Harvest Records.

Links to follow:

Desekryptor Facebook

Draghkar Facebook

Blood Harvest Bandcamp

You can find this release here on Bandcamp

Fister/CHRCH: Split

November 8, 2017



To kick this split off between CHRCH and Fister is the brand new track from CHRCH titled Temples. This seventeen minute opening track begins with a melancholic intro that not only is melancholic but serene in a way, until you hit near the four minute mark. Around this four minute mark you become swallowed up in a wall of monstrous reverberating riffs, pounding drums and devilish shrieking vocals. From here on in you are provided with nothing but captivating, dark, twisted and ultimately bone splintering doom. Temples trudges along with the intent of dragging you along with it down a dark and twisting corridor to your ultimate demise. CHRCH create an ever looming and dark atmosphere within these seventeen minutes; one that follows you the entire length of the track. Temples is a wonderfully malevolent piece that does a great job of captivating and mesmerizing you from the drop of the first note. With longer tracks you tend to wonder if the listen will be a burden or longer than it should be, but that certainly is not the case with Temples. Even at seventeen minutes this track flies by because you become so wrapped up and involved with the track. This is a wonderfully crafted piece by CHRCH, one that you will have a hard time forgetting.

Immediately following Temples is Fister’s The Ditch. The Ditch is a great follow up to Temples as it is just as grueling and twisted. From the get go, Fister greets you with throat shredding screeches, low, slow and murky riffs that are accompanied by the ever present pounding of drums. The Ditch is a dissonant and monolithic assault on the listeners ears as you are provided with nothing but harsh doom for twenty plus minutes. Around the eight minute mark is when you can breath again as Fister presents you with a calm, nearly serene break in the action until the track builds back up and finally pushes you back down in to the dark depths of despair with more trudging and life ending doom. Even as oppressive as this track is and even with its lengthy run time, you still sit and listen all the way through marching in syncopation with the drum beats to your doom. Much like Temples from CHRCH, The Ditch is just as an enthralling listen as much as it is a damning one. With dissonant soul shredding riffs paired with hammering drums and vocals that range the spectrum from high pitched shrieks to rabid larynx shredding lows, you are gifted with a harrowing, punishing and ultimately entertaining and heavy listen. The Ditch is a cohesive and well constructed track that slowly drives you to madness, but even so you will find yourself playing this track over and over.

The pairing of CHRCH and Fister on this split is great and utter madness. Each band compliments the other very well providing you with an all around great listen. Each track has a ton to offer, and while this split may seem daunting, it is definitely worth listening to all the way through. This is a great release to say the least, and you certainly cannot go wrong here.

This split will be released November 17, 2017.


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