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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Temple of Dread: Blood Craving Mantras

July 24, 2019

Temple of Dread: Blood Craving Mantras

Emerging from crypts long since molded come grave desecrators Temple of Dread with their debut title Blood Craving Mantras. Offering up a true bloodied death metal assault, Temple of Dread features eight brand new gnashing tracks within this release. While keeping their overall sound firmly rooted in the rotting vein of old-school death metal, Temple of Dread add their own influence to create their own twisted brand of death metal. Through this offering you will come face to face with eight tracks that are as vein draining and devouring as you would come to hope. Without reprieve, Temple of Dread ceaselessly ladle their deadly assault upon you burying you under droves of death never for you to see the light of day again.

Temple of Dread kick this release off with a two minute haunting intro that perfectly sets you up for what you are about to hear. Once the intro fades into darkness, Temple of Dread kicks everything in to high gear by supplying you with flaying riffs that are only to be backed by bone cracking drumming and bloodied vocals that emerge from beyond the wall of devastating death. Temple of Dread rolls from one track to the next with ease, providing you with an all out sonic death metal assault that aims to leave you rotting. After the intro, you are not to get a moment of solace as each track stomps forth, twisting your neck and dragging you in to your own timely grave.

Each of the seven tracks that follow the intro are furious and explosive offerings that never give you a chance to prepare yourself before a truly savage and destructive assault follows. Blood Craving Mantras offers nothing but pure death. There is not a moment of filler here as Temple of Dread buries you underneath hordes of blistering death metal from which you will not be seen again. Each offering is fast, technical and deadly, making the entire release something to behold. Once you press play, you become gripped by the cold hand of death never to be let go until the final gruesome note rings through your speakers.

Ever flesh gnashing and brain drilling, Blood Craving Mantras is one hell of a neck twisting release. From beginning to end you are treated one track right after the next that is ultimately gripping, deadly and down right heavy. With their debut release, Temple of Dread comes screaming through the graveyard to present us with an excellent record by the title of Blood Craving Mantras. Solid through and through, this is a great release and there is nothing left more to say than that.

Blood Craving Mantras will be unleashed August 30 through Testimony Records.

Check out the single Gone But Still Here from the upcoming release below!

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