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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Terminal Nation: Holocene Extinction

July 8, 2020

Terminal Nation: Holocene Extinction

What do you get when you mix hardcore, powerviolence and death metal together? You get Terminal Nation and an incredible dose of neck snapping heavy. After releasing several EPs over the years, this politically and socially charged band is set to unleash their debut full length titled Holocene Extinction. This offering features thirteen total tracks of blunt force trauma inducing, in your face, fury laden metal that you will not forget. With their bone crushing sound and point blank lyrics revolving around corruption, racism, injustice and more, Holocene Extinction is a record as a whole that will stick around with you for some time to come.

Without respite, without reprieve, Terminal Nation marches forth from track to track trampling you underneath their feet as they move forward. Through and through, Holocene Extinction is visceral and brutal and with the majority of tracks being as short as they are, they get sledge hammered straight into your brain in unrelenting fashion. A savage beat down from beginning to end, Terminal Nation makes sure that you hear their messages loud and clear and you don’t soon forget them. Thirteen brutally heavy tracks smash straight through your skull into your frontal lobe leaving a searing reminder of what it was that you just listened to.

Through Holocene Extinction you come subject to sensory destroying riffs that only are to come paired with bone splintering drum work and bass lines that make your brain leak through your ears. To add to all of that black hole heavy madness are ear drum bursting vocals that as mentioned, add to the sheer heavy that the musicianship already provides. The only real reprieve that you are offered is when track nine titled Expired Utopia shows up, but once it ends it feeds into yet another bone crumbling track titled Death For Profit. It simply does not stop with Terminal Nation as they roll out one track after the next of furious, spine melting metal that is truly incredible and undeniable.

Holocene Extinction is a blitzkrieg of fury and madness that is as in your face as it could possibly be and as heavy as it can be. This is a cohesive, well rounded and well constructed effort that goes off like a car bomb from the drop of the first note. Holocene Extinction is loud, abrasive, heavy, in your face, heavy and it fucking rips from track one to track thirteen. Once track thirteen ends you really just want it to continue for another thirteen tracks or more and that ultimately leads you to hitting the play button over and over again until your ear drums finally can’t take it anymore. This is an incredible debut full length, there is nothing left that needs to be said other than that.

Holocene Extinction will be released August 7th on 20 Buck Spin.

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