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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Texas Murder Crew: Everyone’s Last Breath

July 10, 2020

Texas Murder Crew: Everyone’s Last Breath

Paving a path with violence, covered in blood and rotten viscera is Texas Murder Crew with their upcoming offering titled Everyone’s Last Breath. This six track release is packed with nothing but bludgeoning, brain spilling brutal death metal and nothing but. Unapologetic and unrelenting, Texas Murder Crew sets off from the drop of the first note to provide you with one sickening track after the next. Everyone’s Last Breath is short, but with its short run time it packs much more than just a punch as it treats you to paralyzing brutality from the intro all the way through to the outro. Mashing through eviscerated bodies and decapitated torsos, Texas Murder Crew stomps forth offering up a truly bloody and brain splattering sound.

Texas Murder Crew hits you right between the eyes and begins to lobotomize you from the drop of the first note onward never to relent until your brain has finally splattered on the ground. Each of the six tracks here including the intro and outro are as heavy and punishing as you would come to expect. As mentioned, there is nothing here other than that of pure torturous brutal death metal. Dished out in heavy handed doses, the brutality and onslaught just do not stop until the very last buzzing note splits your cranium in two. Nasty, twisted and down right savage, Texas Murder Crew hits you over the head and continues to bludgeon you until the final track.

Violence inciting and frenzy inducing, Everyone’s Last Breath leaves you in a state of pure blind savagery and murderous contempt. More than just violent and brutalizing, Everyone’s Last Breath is memorable as well in its own sickening frontal lobe infesting way. With riffs that splay your flesh combined with drum work that shatters your skull, bass play that leaks the marrow from your bones and the inhuman dual vocal work, Texas Murder Crew offers up a sound that is truly hard to forget. Tossed in to the mix are break downs that really make sure each track is stamped into your mind from some time to come. Truly embodying the definitions of heavy and brutalizing, Texas Murder Crew ladles out the punishment in doses that will make you collapse under their sheer weight.

Powerful, potent, punishing, brutalizing, terrorizing, heavy and many more descriptors can be used to define Everyone’s Last Breath, and all of the aforementioned adjectives are true and so is the statement that this release is just down right great. You cannot go wrong with Everyone’s Last Breath as it has everything here that you could possibly want from a brutal death metal record. The only gripe that I personally have is that six tracks is simply just not enough, and that is just being purely selfish. Other than that this release is fantastic and a must pick up for any brutal death metal fan.

Everyone’s Last Breath will be unleashed August 7th through Comatose Music.

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