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The Black Hounds: Colossus

July 11, 2020

The Black Hounds: Colossus

Groove filled, heavy and incredibly infectious, groove metal outfit The Black Hounds offer up their brand new upcoming release titled Colossus. Colossus is an appropriate title for this record as The Black Hounds’ overall sound is colossal. With massive groove laden riffs, powerful drum work and vocals that transition between gritty clean sung vocals and roars from the depths, The Black Hounds create a sound that is incredibly memorable and as mentioned infectious. Colossus features eight total cuts with each one being just as head bang inducing and as memorable as the last. There isn’t a track here that these heavy metal merchants take off as each one is just as solid, well executed and expertly performed as the last making Colossus a well rounded and cohesive effort that you have no problem with playing over and over again.

Save for the intro, the seven tracks that follow reach run times between four and seven minutes, making this release a lengthy one yet one that certainly does not seem it what so ever. With that said, even with the longer run times your attention never wavers and your head never stops bobbing. Colossus as a whole is an entirely engaging and gripping record that grabs your attention from the very get go never to let you go until the eighth and final tracks has concluded. One by one, each track will worm their way into your memory never to fade for quite some time. They will rattle around in your brain long after you are done listening only to find yourself head banging along to these tracks that have ultimately embedded themselves in your mind.

As groove filled and infectious as these tracks are, they are equally heavy and gritty as well. The Black Hounds certainly do not skimp on the heavy as each cut is a thunderous riff smorgasbord that is so undeniable and attention grabbing that you have no choice but to bang your head until it falls clean off of your shoulders. The aggression and blood pumping energy is potent and palpable all throughout ultimately whipping you into a frenzy before you know it. Colossus is not just your standard groove metal record as there is just so much more to it. More heavy, more grit, more neck snapping energy and much much more making Colossus a ruthless, whiplash inducing record that will not and cannot be denied.

This debut full length from these lads hailing from the UK is something else and certainly not something to be looked over. You are treated to eight great tracks one right after the next with no gimmicks what so ever and certainly no filler. The Black Hounds stomp forth from one track to the next with incredibly potency and energy that is palpable well beyond wherever you are listening from. Colossus is an outstanding record through and through and should stand among some of the best groove metal/heavy metal records this to be released this year.

Colossus will be released August 14th. You can pre-order the record here.

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