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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Rancorous: Vultures Will Gather

January 4, 2021

Rancorous: Vultures Will Gather

Popping up from the savaged lands of death riddled thrash metal comes Rancorous with their newest offering released at the end of last year titled Vultures Will Gather. This is a short offering as it features only three tracks with the longest one clocking in at a little over four minutes. However, with that said and how short this is, it more than makes up for with complete face melting, flesh ripping tunes for you to lose your head over. With Rancorous you won’t find any sort of gimmick here as they provide you with straight forward gutting death infused thrash metal that will leave your head hanging on by a tendon.

With Vultures Will Gather, Rancorous gets straight down to business ripping and tearing straight into and through your flesh. From the drop of the first gnarled riff you come to understand quickly that you are in for quite the life threatening ride. As mentioned, there are no gimmicks here, fluff, filler or what have you as Rancorous rips straight through from track one to track three. You don’t have much time to breathe as these heathens swiftly move from one track to the next sweeping you up in a storm of blood boiling death tinged thrash metal. The assault here is quick and outright deadly leaving you bloodied and bruised by the end of it all.

Through and through, the musicianship and production is great. Wild whiplash inducing riffs fly at you from every angle, the drum work is skull cracking, the bass is as meaty as you would want it to be and the vocals are sinister and larynx shredding. Top all of that off with a nice gritty sounding production and you have an incredibly solid sound that is hard to shake. Vultures Will Gather as a whole is a well rounded, head bang inducing, bloodied and down right heavy release. The aggression is palpable, the musicianship cutting and savage, the vocals potent, and all of that is wrapped up nicely in a three track bow.

Overall, Vultures Will Gather is a very solid release and it will be great to see what Rancorous does with a full length once that does appear. But, for now we are treated to this savagery that is well worth hitting play for over and over again until your ear drums finally burst.

Vultures Will Gather is out now!

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Rancorous Bandcamp

Putrid: Antichrist Above

March 5, 2020

Putrid: Antichrist Above

With a gripping and ripping combination of black metal and thrash, Peru’s own Putrid offer up ten blistering tracks all within their upcoming release Antichrist Above. Blackened to the bone and thrashing mad, Putrid unleash a true maelstrom of furious soul cleaving metal. Without so much as a warning, these heathens set in with their brand of devilish, neck twisting thrash never to cease until you are left as nothing more than a hollowed husk. Through and through Antichrist Above is chaos controlled as Putrid rolls through bone cutting offering after bone cutting offering. Forever trapping you in a relentless cyclone of scalding blackened thrash, you are gripped right from the drop of the first note only to be spit out the other side once the tenth and final track has concluded.

Antichrist Above is a pure, visceral and face melting assault that gives you no reprieve or solace among the sheer flesh tearing and soul devouring metal. At your throat as soon as your finger lifts off of the play button, Putrid marches forth with a blitzkrieg attack of nothing but pure unrelenting earth scorching metal. From beginning to end you come under siege by blood boiling riffs that are only to be paired with rapid fire drum work and manic vocals that seem to be screamed from the bowels of hell. All together, Antichrist Above is a great amalgamation of chaos and insanity as it offers up ten straight tracks of vein draining, neck snapping blackened thrash.

Forever tumultuous and relentless, Putrid never pauses for a single moment as they roll from one track to the next completely burying you underneath droves of assaulting metal. Antichrist Above is a down right face melting, brain scrambling effort that you continue to reach for the play button over and over again for. This is a vein exploding, soul cleaving effort that grips you by the throat never to release its grip. As chaotic and flesh shredding as this release is, it is just as addictive. Antichrist Above is an explosive, forever assaulting release in which each of the ten tracks here act less like songs and more like weapons.

Through and through, Antichrist Above is a great release. You really cannot go wrong here as what you get is ten straight offerings of nothing but pure blackened thrash metal. There are no gimmicks here and no filler and as soon as you begin listening, the Putrid experience is in full effect. Diabolical, malicious and down right heavy, Antichrist Above is excellent.

Antichrist Above will be released by Godz Ov War Productions on March 13th.

Nox Irae: Here The Dead Live

November 6, 2019

Nox Irae: Here The Dead Live

Members of the esteemed bands Catacomb have joined forces with members of Affliction Gate to create something that is ultimately skin peeling heavy, and steeped in the sound of ancient death metal. Their debut EP titled Here The Dead Live features six total tracks that blend old-school death metal and elements of thrash metal together to create an unholy, ripping and entirely memorable effort. You will find no filler here as Nox Irae shoot straight out of the gate as soon as you press play to offer you something that will surely melt your face from your skull and boil the blood that courses through your veins.

Gnarled, nasty and bone gnawing, Here The Dead Live is a flesh tearing and skull rattling effort that gets you bashing your brain against your skull in no time. Each of the six tracks that are harbored within this title will worm their way under your skin and make their home among your brain for some time to come. As heavy and neck snapping as each track is, they are just as memorable and catchy all the same making you come back for more and more of your insatiable death metal fix.

With buzzing flesh picking riffs that are coupled with ever pummeling drum work and bass lines that will rattle the spinal fluid straight out of your spine, monstrous, grit filled vocals pierce their way through the wall of buzzing death to tie everything together. Here The Dead Live is a monstrous, impressive, gnarled, nasty, flesh peeling and brain bruising effort that you simply will not be able to get enough of. Each cut within this offering is pure death with elements of thrash thrown in the mix for good neck snapping measure.

Barreling forth from the drop of the first note, Nox Irae offer up a sound that is gritty, and dripping in ancient death, pummeling you within an inch of your life until all is said and done. Forever ceaseless and disregarding of human life, these death dealers march forth from cut one to cut six leaving you a bloodied and bruised mess once all is said and done. With that said, even though you will be left near lifeless, you still find yourself coming back for more flesh tearing, and lobotomizing, grisly death. This debut EP is a solid one and a stand out for sure, and it will be exciting to see what Nox Irae has to offer in the future based off of this excellent debut.

Here The Dead Live will be unleashed November 15 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official video for the song All Is Over from the upcoming release below!

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Nox Irae Facebook

Nox Irae Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Official Site

Insurrection: Circles Of Despair

July 17, 2019

Insurrection: Circles Of Despair

Twisting death metal and thrash together to create an overall explosive, yet melodic and memorable sound, Insurrection is set to unleash their upcoming offering Circles Of Despair. Within this release you are treated to ten earth torching and neck wrecking offerings one right after the next. Never to slow, Insurrection mashes the proverbial pedal through the floor from the very beginning never to let up until the tenth and final track has concluded. As heavy and face ripping as each offering is, they are not without melody as each track is just as melodious as they are skull scorching. Through and through you are treated to ten great metallic onslaughts of thrashing madness that melt the flesh straight off of your face.

A lot of thrash tends to sound quite alike so it is a nice breath of fresh air to hear what Insurrection brings to the table. With their incorporation of death metal in to their thrash metal foundation, Insurrection offers up a truly destructive and cohesive sound. A little smattering of death metal within this release goes quite a long way to provide you with a heavy, hellish and down right skull smashing sound that is hard to shake. Never once does Insurrection let one genre take the spot light from the other as they mesh both together seamlessly having them work in hellish concert.

Through flesh flaying riffs, incredible precise and explosive drumming and vocals that range from manic screams to unearthly growls, Insurrection blasts forth with potency and power. Each of the ten offerings that are sewn in to this title are just as heavy and neck snapping as the one(s) that came before it. In great technicality and ferocity, Insurrection ushers forth one ripping tune right after the next. Never to gift you a moment of solace, these thrashing madmen trap you within a scalding maelstrom of lacerating metal from the very get go only to spit you out the other side with your face melted from your skull.

With insane speed, technicality, great song writing and cohesion, Insurrection storms through the gates with Circles Of Despair to offer up a truly great record. Through Circles Of Despair there is plenty of variety and diversity. There are no recycled sounds throughout this release as you are presented with a new bombastic sound with the turn of each track. This release is incredibly entertaining, memorable and heavy making it to be an outstanding offering.

Circles Of Despair will be unleashed unto the masses August 30.

Critical Defiance: Misconception

January 3, 2019

Critical Defiance: Misconception

In an age where thrash metal has plateaued and more or less stagnated, Critical Defiance ushers forth their highly entertaining and neck bending debut Misconception. Critical Defiance keeps to the roots of old-school thrash all while adding their own modern flair to the brain bruising sound. Through eight tracks you are presented with nothing but straight forward tracks that are in your face, furious offerings that are as ceaseless as they come. Stampeding from track to track, Critical Defiance provides you with face melting tune after tune, getting you to bang your head and mash your brain against your skull before you really realize it.

Propelled forth by ever hard hitting and slicing riffs that are coupled with tumultuous drumming and venomous vocals, these thrash fiends offer up a record that is hard to deny. Misconception is a well put together and well written offering through and through. Not a single track through this eight track monster is lacking in any way as each and every cut is just as entertaining and thrashing mad as the last. Misconception is a pure thrash record through and through never giving way to fads and never is filled with fluff as what you get is pure flesh searing thrash.

Each track thrashes forth with the malicious intent to have you smash your brain against your skull for its entire run time. Never does a track cease or slow its assault as what you get is pure thrashing madness through and through. Misconception is as furious a record as you would hope for it to be and as you would imagine it to be. This is a difficult record to sit still while listening to as from the moment you press play you come face to face with shredding thrash that ultimately sends you in a frenzy.

With great technicality, great musicianship, great vocals, production and song writing, Misconception is an exceptional record. As mentioned before, in a genre that has stagnated over the last however many years, it is great to see a pure thrash record that is truly as entertaining and engaging as this one is. Misconception is a stand out thrash record, one that should not be looked over or ignored. This is an aggressive assault, a violent mashing of your ear drums, one that shreds and urges you to head bang until your head falls from your neck, and god damn it is entertaining.

Misconception will be released February 9, 2019 through Unspeakable Axe Records.

Check out the official video for What About You from the upcoming release below!

Inferno: Basado En Hechos Reales

December 23, 2018

Inferno: Basado En Hechos Reales

Since their inception in 2009, face melters Inferno have been busy ushering forth their aggressive thrashing mad sound. In 2014 these heathens unleashed an EP titled Arrodillate, and less than three years later they put forth their debut full length Human Genetics. Now we fast forward to the present where Inferno is on the verge of releasing their sophomore record Basado En Hechos Reales. In short order, Inferno has released three top notch offerings, each better than the last and that sentiment holds true for this release as well. Packed with ten ripping tracks, Basado En Hechos Reales doesn’t disappoint. From start to finish you are subjected to complete thrash debauchery.

Basado En Hechos Reales is an in your face, no holds barred kind of thrash record that shreds from beginning to end without reprieve. Each track rolls straight in to the next never giving your neck a rest even though it only holds on by a thread. Not one track takes time off or relents as each one is a bombastic force of thrashing madness. Through each cut you will find nothing but pure, blunt force thrash metal that feeds in to your madness. Complete with scorching solos and jet propulsed drumming,
Basado En Hechos Reales is an explosive and head caving offering.

Each offering runs around the three to three and a half minute mark making each track to be a blitzkrieg of sonic metal. These are punchy and ever head banging offerings that get your neck cranking from the first few seconds onward. Inferno marches forth with the intent to have you mash your brain against your skull, never ceasing as they bulldoze from track to tack.

Through this release, Inferno creates a savage and explosive sound that is hard not to like. This is thrash in its pure form as nothing else is added here to mess with the overall raw and energetic sound of thrash.
Basado En Hechos Reales is undeniably potent as it is turbo charged and ready to rip your face from your skull. From the onset you become enveloped in the thrashing chaos that Inferno sets forth, forever getting you to head bang no matter how many times you listen.
Basado En Hechos Reales is a solid and infectious record to say the least.

Basado En Hechos Reales will be released January 23, 2019 through Necromance Records.

Check out the official lyric video for Apriétate El Bozal  from the upcoming record below!

Links To Follow:

Inferno Bandcamp

Necromance Records Bandcamp

Sichgart: Chest’ Ta Krov

November 28, 2018


Charged with lyrics that dive in to social and political issues as well as national spirit revival, Sichgart aim their new stampede at you making you twist your neck and bang your head. This Ukrainian death riddled thrash fusion present you with ten tightly constructed cuts within their newest offering  Chest’ Ta Krov that get your fist pumping and your head nodding before you really realize it. Their music is infectious and powerful and strikes at the heart of the listener with rapid fire drumming and technical riffs that are only to be supplemented by thick bass lines and vocals that are screamed at you from every direction.

Sichgart charges forth with their blitzkrieg of thrashing death nearly immediately as the opener begins with a little intro before it really kicks off and shows you what these thrash fiends are capable of. Each track here is tight and technical, never to really lay off the gas even when a couple of the tracks here aren’t played nearly as up tempo as the rest. Sichgart put their blade to the grindstone here from the very beginning onward gifting you with a chaotic and neck bending offering that never really relents from the first minute to the last.

Chest’ Ta Krov is a turbo charged offering that is just as in your face as you could possibly imagine. This gritty offering presents you with ten straight tracks of savagery with little room and time to breathe as all of these offerings are rapid fire cuts that leave earth scorched and your face properly melted. Sichgart weave death metal and thrash expertly together to create an overall bombastic and blasting sound that never quits and gets you to bash your brain against your skull for good measure all throughout.

Through and through, each track within this album is a very solid piece of thrash without a track here lacking and without you wanting to skip anything. From beginning to end you are greeted by top notch and technical musicianship that is supplemented further by gritty and powerful vocals as well as an overall clean production. Chest’ Ta Krov is a solid offering as it presents to you track after track of straight forward death riddled thrash metal that you can bang your head and pump your fist to in revolt.

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Sichgart Facebook


Red Riot: Seek! Kill! Burn!

November 25, 2018

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Bringing the sleaze and mixing it with some grimy thrash is Red Riot with their newest offering Seek! Kill! Burn!. This ten track release is riddled with thrashing greasy anthems that get your head banging and your fist pumping before you realize what you’re doing. This release is pure thrash entertainment as you are treated to one sleazy track one right after another as they urge you to bang your head in protest. While this release doesn’t reinvent the thrash wheel here, what it does do is provide you with plenty of entertainment for its entire thirty-five minute plus run time. There isn’t a track within this release that isn’t entertaining and memorable as you end up belting the lyrics out right along with the vocalist and twisting your neck from minute to minute.

It doesn’t take Red Riot long at all to strike right at the heart of their debauchery riddled release as they mash the thrash pedal to the metal never to let up until the final track concludes. These are angst and adrenaline filled offerings that get right under your skin and make you not only want to bang your head in protest but pump your fist in wild fervor as well. Each track within this release aims to melt your face with furious riffs that are backed by scorching solos, ever rumbling bass lines and gravel filled vocals that give each track that much more of a back bone. These ten offerings here have plenty of attitude and angst attached to them that when listening you feel the urge to throw a brick through a window and incite a pure riot.

Seek! Kill! Burn! is a grimy record and that is very apparent from the very beginning all the way to the end as Red Riot carries the grime all the way through presenting you with one filthy track one right after another. This is pure entertainment that is brought to you by good musicianship, ever gritty vocals and infectious lyrics that you have no choice but to shout out along with the group. As mentioned before, this release doesn’t break new thrash ground, and it doesn’t have to. It is memorable and entertaining the way it is and that is the point. This is rebellious and debauchery filled thrash that is meant to make you riot and go a little crazy, and that is pure thrash entertainment.

Check out the official videos for the tracks H.I.P.S.T.E.R and Rise or Fall below!

Psykopath: Primal Instinct

August 27, 2018

primal instinct.jpg

Flying the thrash banner high and proud come Norway’s own Psykopath. Their three track EP titled Primal Instinct marks their very first official release, and what a release it is. With only three tracks to its name, Primal Instinct packs a massive punch. This EP is a no holds barred thrash madhouse from beginning to end as it dishes out three finely tuned thrash tracks that are hell bent on twisting your neck. Psykopath don’t wait around to get you acquainted with their pure face melting sound as they storm out of the gates with intensity with Lethal Introspect. This track immediately hits you in the jaw, and then again and again for three and a half minutes making you feel as though you have already weathered a massive storm.

The remaining two tracks that follow Lethal Introspect are much the same. They are no holds barred thrash attacks that are pointed, furious and down right head caving. Through their three tracks, Psykopath doesn’t let up as they mash the proverbial pedal through the floor taking you on a neck snapping ride. Never are you gifted with a moment of reprieve as Psykopath roll from one track right to the next providing you with an overall suffocating thrash storm. Each of the three tracks that are present here are face shredding and skin melting offerings that get your head banging before you know it.

Each of the three tracks are tightly woven together tracks that present you with razor sharp riffs and ever blasting drumming only to be fronted by hellish screamed vocals. As a whole, Primal Instinct is an intense release, one that hits you fast, hard and repeatedly until you are left unconsious. Each track is a blitzkrieg of thrashing madness that hits you square between the eyes, never giving you a moments rest from the ever relentless assault. Overall, Primal Instinct is a great EP as it provides you with three very solid and very well executed tracks that are just as addicting as they are heavy and skull bursting. For their very first official release, Psykopath has knocked it out of the park.

Mangler: Dimensions of Terror

March 28, 2018

Taking a thrashing mad approach and riddling it with the ever nasty stylings of death metal, Mangler treat you to eight new tracks through their debut full length Dimensions of Terror. Through and through, Mangler offer up a throw back sound yet they make it all their own. Dimensions of Terror throw eight wonderfully terrorizing and skin ripping tracks your way making your head bang and neck snap with fervor as you listen. Each track is undeniably memorable and catchy as they work their way under your skin to manifest like an (un)welcome disease.

Right out of the gate Mangler hit you with Switchblade Homicide which immediately comes barreling through your speakers with malevolence. This blasting and gritty offering is what you can come to expect from the rest of the seven tracks. Switchblade Homicide perfectly captures the murderous rampage that you are about to witness once this offering comes to a close. This track much like the following seven are relentless and hit you square in the jaw repeatedly until Mangler decides that you have had enough. Each track offers up a gritty thrashing mad sound that is sewn nicely together with gut ripping death metal to create an overall furious and ceaseless barrage of face melting metal.

Each of the eight tracks on Dimensions of Terror are well done and well executed. The musicianship throughout is tight and on point and the raspy gritty vocals bring home the overall grimy, raw and gritty sound. As a whole, Dimensions of Terror is a delightfully wicked listen as it is memorable, addicting to listen to and of course heavy. This release will get your head banging in absolutely no time at all. Each track is a ripper, flaying your flesh like its nothing and getting your neck to snap before you know it. These heavy and malicious offerings do a great job of rattling around in your head for some time to come.

Dimensions of Terror is a highly entertaining and highly addictive record. This is the type of release that is easy to get in to and easy to sit and want to listen to for hours without tiring of it. As mentioned above, each of the eight tracks on this release are incredibly memorable as they will have you doing air guitar along with them and chanting the lyrics right along with the vocalist before you know it. Overall, Dimensions of Terror is a very solid debut outing for these thrash maniacs.

You can find Dimensions of Terror right on Mangler’s Bandcamp.


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