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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Psykopath: Primal Instinct

August 27, 2018

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Flying the thrash banner high and proud come Norway’s own Psykopath. Their three track EP titled Primal Instinct marks their very first official release, and what a release it is. With only three tracks to its name, Primal Instinct packs a massive punch. This EP is a no holds barred thrash madhouse from beginning to end as it dishes out three finely tuned thrash tracks that are hell bent on twisting your neck. Psykopath don’t wait around to get you acquainted with their pure face melting sound as they storm out of the gates with intensity with Lethal Introspect. This track immediately hits you in the jaw, and then again and again for three and a half minutes making you feel as though you have already weathered a massive storm.

The remaining two tracks that follow Lethal Introspect are much the same. They are no holds barred thrash attacks that are pointed, furious and down right head caving. Through their three tracks, Psykopath doesn’t let up as they mash the proverbial pedal through the floor taking you on a neck snapping ride. Never are you gifted with a moment of reprieve as Psykopath roll from one track right to the next providing you with an overall suffocating thrash storm. Each of the three tracks that are present here are face shredding and skin melting offerings that get your head banging before you know it.

Each of the three tracks are tightly woven together tracks that present you with razor sharp riffs and ever blasting drumming only to be fronted by hellish screamed vocals. As a whole, Primal Instinct is an intense release, one that hits you fast, hard and repeatedly until you are left unconsious. Each track is a blitzkrieg of thrashing madness that hits you square between the eyes, never giving you a moments rest from the ever relentless assault. Overall, Primal Instinct is a great EP as it provides you with three very solid and very well executed tracks that are just as addicting as they are heavy and skull bursting. For their very first official release, Psykopath has knocked it out of the park.

Mangler: Dimensions of Terror

March 28, 2018

Taking a thrashing mad approach and riddling it with the ever nasty stylings of death metal, Mangler treat you to eight new tracks through their debut full length Dimensions of Terror. Through and through, Mangler offer up a throw back sound yet they make it all their own. Dimensions of Terror throw eight wonderfully terrorizing and skin ripping tracks your way making your head bang and neck snap with fervor as you listen. Each track is undeniably memorable and catchy as they work their way under your skin to manifest like an (un)welcome disease.

Right out of the gate Mangler hit you with Switchblade Homicide which immediately comes barreling through your speakers with malevolence. This blasting and gritty offering is what you can come to expect from the rest of the seven tracks. Switchblade Homicide perfectly captures the murderous rampage that you are about to witness once this offering comes to a close. This track much like the following seven are relentless and hit you square in the jaw repeatedly until Mangler decides that you have had enough. Each track offers up a gritty thrashing mad sound that is sewn nicely together with gut ripping death metal to create an overall furious and ceaseless barrage of face melting metal.

Each of the eight tracks on Dimensions of Terror are well done and well executed. The musicianship throughout is tight and on point and the raspy gritty vocals bring home the overall grimy, raw and gritty sound. As a whole, Dimensions of Terror is a delightfully wicked listen as it is memorable, addicting to listen to and of course heavy. This release will get your head banging in absolutely no time at all. Each track is a ripper, flaying your flesh like its nothing and getting your neck to snap before you know it. These heavy and malicious offerings do a great job of rattling around in your head for some time to come.

Dimensions of Terror is a highly entertaining and highly addictive record. This is the type of release that is easy to get in to and easy to sit and want to listen to for hours without tiring of it. As mentioned above, each of the eight tracks on this release are incredibly memorable as they will have you doing air guitar along with them and chanting the lyrics right along with the vocalist before you know it. Overall, Dimensions of Terror is a very solid debut outing for these thrash maniacs.

You can find Dimensions of Terror right on Mangler’s Bandcamp.


Power From Hell: Blood ‘n’ Spikes

January 8, 2018


Since forming in 2001, Power From Hell has released numerous full lengths (with the latest coming in 2015) as well as several EPs and demos, and now this year they are on the cusp of releasing an MLP titled Blood ‘n’ Spikes. This newest hell fire baptized offering features five original tracks as well as a cover of the Judas Priest track Freewheel Burning. Much like their other releases, Power From Hell unleashes a hellish black metal assault that is infused with some thrash metal to provide you with a completely relentless metallic assault. From beginning to end you are assaulted from all sides by Power From Hell’s gritty, grime filled and hell fire propelled maelstrom.

Each track on this release is pure burning chaos, the kind that whips you in to a frenzy and does its best to snap your neck before you have a chance to defend yourself. Never once does Power From Hell slow down or provide you with an opportunity to catch your breath. Power From Hell rolls right along from track to track providing you with a suffocating and devilishly whiplash inducing listen, one that gets hammered straight through your ear drums and smashed straight in to your brain. With only five original tracks to its title, Blood ‘n’ Spikes is a fairly short effort that is over before you know it. However, what this effort lacks in length, it more than makes up for in content.

Blood ‘n’ Spikes is an incredibly entertaining release that gets your head banging nearly immediately. This offering is an undeniably maniacal, satanic, twisted, heavy and most importantly solid and entertaining listen. Each track on this release is intense and in your face never backing down and never slowing down, gifting you with a head spinning listen. From the soul slashing riffs to the tumultuous drumming to the gritty dissonant vocals, you are provided with a raw and gritty overall sound that makes this release just that much better.

This effort is sonic madness in serpentine, venomous and completely deadly fashion. Each track is just as malevolent and carcinogenic as the last making for a destructive and explosive blackened onslaught. Blood ‘n’ Spikes is a solid release, one that is short in length, but one that also packs a great punch as well. If you are a fan of black metal and thrash, you just simply cannot go wrong with “Blood ‘n’ Spikes”.

Blood ‘n’ Spikes will be released through Dying Victims Productions February 19, 2018


Revenger: The New Mythology Vol.1

December 27, 2017


Kicking the year off in complete utter thrash madness is Revenger with their upcoming EP The New Mythology Vol.1. This brand new slab of metal if filled with five tracks of nothing but groove filled thrash metal for you to bang your head and twist your neck to. Each of the five tracks on this release shoot right out of your speakers and hit you square in the chest. Revenger wastes no time at all getting you acquainted with their music as they hit you fast and hard from the very moment you press play. This entire EP is heavy, memorable, groove filled, melodic and incredibly entertaining.

Through each track you are gifted pure thrashing energized madness. You won’t find a dull moment throughout this release as Revenger provides you with nothing but non stop thrash action. Each track is driven by heavy face melting riffs that are only to be coupled by barreling drums and intense throat ripping vocals. There isn’t a moment within this release where you are not completely under siege by Revenger’s brand of thrashing sonic madness.

The New Mythology Vol.1 is a high octane and highly entertaining and memorable listen. To add to that, each track is memorable and unique in their own way. Never do you hear the same sound twice as you are presented with plenty of variety and diversity throughout. Each track on this EP is gritty, technical, calculated and well put together creating a cohesive and overall well done release. Once you begin listening you will have no choice but to headbang and let Revenger take you on a thrashing ride through their world they have created with The New Mythology Vol.1.

This EP has a great ability for getting under your skin and finding its way up to your brain where it will rest for some time. Each track on this EP is well done and performed very well making it out to be a great overall listen. From start to finish you are entertained and hooked too each twist and turn that Revenger present. The New Mythology Vol.1 is a very solid effort, one that will definitely be appreciated by thrash fans and heavy metal fans in general.

The New Mythology Vol.1 will be out February 17, 2018

Satanic: Architecture of Chaos

December 21, 2017


When sewn together, thrash and death metal typically create a chaotic and mayhem fueled sound that does its best to peel your face back off of your skull and with Architecture of Chaos that is what Satanic tries to do. Satanic marries thrash metal and death metal together to create a wholly head bang worthy sound that is ripping from beginning to end. While the joining of both thrash and death isn’t something that is entirely unique or new, the entirety of Architecture of Chaos is an entirely entertaining and enjoyable listen. Throughout this release you are presented with eight tracks that shred right from the beginning never to look back at all of the mayhem that they have spread.

From beginning to end Satanic provides you with ripping tune after ripping tune. There isn’t one second of filler or fluff that can be found within this record as you are greeted with nothing but eight tracks of deadly thrash infused death metal that snaps your head back from the drop of the first note. From the very beginning Satanic pour their brand of hellish thrash tinged death metal on thick never to stop and never to let their foot off of the pedal. Each track leads right in to the next blistering track never really giving you much time to prepare or breathe.

Through each track you will be greeted with furious riffage that is complimented by spastic yet pin point drumming, rumbling thick bass lines and vocals that are bloodied and barbaric. Through and through each track is a sonic thrashing assault that gets your head banging nearly immediately after starting. The musicianship on this release is on point as are the vocals and production making for an entertaining high octane kind of listen.

The cross between thrash and death metal works well for Satanic as they balance both genre’s well throughout the entirety of their release. Death metal or thrash doesn’t seem to take complete control of any of the eight tracks and instead they work harmoniously together to create a chaotic sonic assault. Through and through, Architecture of Chaos is a solid release, one that you can listen to on repeat and jam out to until your heart is content.

This is a fast paced, adrenaline pumping release that will be a sure winner for fans of thrash metal and death metal alike.

Perpetrator: Altered Beast

December 17, 2017


Four years ago saw the release of Perpetrator’s debut full length titled Thermonuclear Epiphany, and now four years later Perpetrator is on the verge of unleashing their new full length pumped full of thrash anthems. Perpetrator takes what they did excellently in Thermonuclear Epiphany amp it up and apply it to Altered Beast creating a sound that is even more memorable and catchy than before. Altered Beast is filled to the brim with eleven brand new tracks for you to twist your neck and bang your head to, and within minutes you just don’t have a choice. Perpetrator charges out of the gates immediately after you press play subjecting you to pure thrash metal mayhem for nearly forty minutes.

From the drop of the first note on Perpetrator mash the metaphorical pedal through the floor never to let up even once throughout their new effort. Each track is bombastic, furious and whiplash inducing. From one track to the next you are subject to nothing but chaotic and mayhem propulsed thrash metal that does its very best to have you lose your head from head banging too much. Each of the eleven tracks that are present on this release get under you skin and certainly leave and imprint on your mind as they are very catchy and memorable. You will have a hard time getting these tunes out of your head once you begin listening and on top of that you will have a hard time not wanting to belt the lyrics out with the vocalist as well. As a whole, Altered Beast is a highly memorable and easy record to get in to and enjoy.

Altered Beast is an entertaining record to say the least as it makes you want to thrash about with reckless abandon and without any cares in the world. Once you press play you feel the spirit of thrash metal course through your veins making you want to wild out and just enjoy the chaotic wall of thrash that is belting its way toward a head on collision with you. “Altered Beast” is the type of release that deserves to get cranked to eleven and played as loud as possible until your whole block can hear it. This loud, bombastic, chaotic record is thrash to the core and it is mightily enjoyable and memorable.

The musicianship, the vocals, the production, all of it is on point to create a gritty sound that is addicting to listen to. As a whole, Altered Beast is a solid follow up to such a solid debut in Thermonuclear Epiphany. Each track has their own unique qualities which make them memorable, and as a whole, Altered Beast is just an enjoyable, entertaining and memorable record that will get thrash fans out of their seats and thrashing about in no time.

Altered Beast will be out January 31, 2018 through Caverna Abismal.

Check out Extreme Barbarity from the upcoming release Altered Beast below!

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Fallen Nation: S/T

October 28, 2017

Thrashing their way straight out of Moscow and in to your gnarled ear caves is Fallen Nation. Their self titled release came out in August and packs in seven total tracks of old-school fueled thrash metal. The sound is incredibly nostalgic and definitely an homage to the thrash forefathers that came before them. And even with that being the case with Fallen Nation taking the tried and true approach to thrash, this is really well done. There is no inventing the wheel on this record, but what you do get is seven tracks of very solid and well done thrash metal that you ultimately feel the need to bang your head to once you begin listening.

Once that finger of yours lifts off of the play button you are greeted with nothing but sordid and rotten thrash. This release is pure as what you get is thrash metal with nothing else thrown in the mix to potentially make it fly under a different genre. Through seven straight tracks you are provided with well crafted and performed thrash metal that ultimately creates an enjoyable listen.

This self titled release is a wall of energized, crusty and angry thrash metal that you have no issues throwing up the horns for and head banging to. Each track supplies you with searing solos, acrobatic and spastic drumming and rough rugged vocals that tie Fallen Nation’s entire sound together very well. Each of the seven tracks on this record are just as solid as the last. There certainly isn’t a track on this release that is stale and there isn’t one that you would like to or want to skip.

As a whole, this thrashing madhouse of a release is well done and definitely does the thrash genre justice. As mentioned above, this release isn’t something that reinvents anything, but it does thrash metal more than enough justice as it provides you with a great throw back sound that has been executed oh so well. With old-school sounds flooding each genre it certainly can get tiresome, but there is something that is different about this release. Even though Fallen Nation has taken the beaten path and the tried and true approach to thrash, it just works as the overall sound that they provide you with is something that is enjoyable and not just mundane.

Overall, this self titled record is a good one. It gets you up and head banging until your neck breaks, it is energizing, entertaining, memorable and an overall solid listen to just sit and thrash out to. Well done Fallen Nation.

You can find this release right on their own Bandcamp.

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