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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Dreadful Fate: The Sin Of Sodom

December 3, 2017

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You can classify Dreadful Fate as thrash or blackened thrash or whatever you like, the fact of the matter remains that Dreadful Fate is sure to melt the flesh and skin right off of your face. Dreadful Fate seems as though they have come from the eighties to grace us with their wicked and thrashing mad sound when in reality they were formed earlier this year. The Sin Of Sodom is Dreadful Fate’s debut recording and it sports three tracks of nothing but sinister, darkened and sordid tracks for you to break your neck to. With a release that lacks in quantity it sure makes up for in quality. With only three tracks attached to this release you are provided with well constructed and performed tracks that get you banging your head from the start.

Dreadful Fate doesn’t give you much time to prepare for their metallic onslaught as they shoot right out of the gate with rotten riffs, spastic drumming and gritty throat ruining vocals. Dreadful Fate’s onslaught doesn’t stop until the entire release has concluded and once everything is all said and done you lay on the floor with a broken neck and torn flesh. Throughout The Sin Of Sodom, Dreadful Fate never lifts their blade from your throat. Through and through this release is a blasting and malicious listen, one that blasts and chips away at your skull until it is nothing more than a pile of bone dust.

The Sin Of Sodom is a chaotic and ripping maelstrom of pure thrashing energy. This release is in your face and unapologetic in its approach as it quickly begins to tear at your gnarled ears. Through three tracks you are gifted with a thrashing madhouse of a listen that grabs you by the jaw and demands that you listen front to back. The Sin Of Sodom is a gritty and raw release that is fueled by black magic and the dark arts to provide you with a ripping and all together entertaining listen.

For a band that started earlier in the year and for this to be their debut recording, this is a solid effort to say the least. Through three tracks you are gifted with a thrashing mad sound that is hard to get out of your head and ultimately you want more and more. It will be great to see what these heathens have in store next and while we wait, we have The Sin Of Sodom to tide us over unless our necks are broken before then.

Check out the first single titled Unholy Lust below!

The Sin Of Sodom will be re-released on Edged Circle Productions December 20, 2017

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Edged Circle Productions Facebook


Repression: Wretched Doman

December 2, 2017


Combining the utterly sickening sounds of death metal with the neck snapping tendencies of thrash metal is Repression, and in 2016 they self released their second demo titled Wretched Domain. Within this demo you are treated to three tracks that do their very best to tear your face straight from your skull. Each of the three tracks that appear on this demo are just as flesh tearing and blood consuming as each other. From track to track you are gifted with filthy, raw and unrelenting death that has a tendency to stick with you. As mentioned, Repression sews death metal and thrash together to create an overall sickening, spine severing and gruesome sound that is all together addicting.

The riffs are nasty, the drumming is assaulting, the bass lines are rumbling and the vocals are bestial and blood thirsty creating a frenzied whiplash inducing sound that you have a hard time not wanting to listen to. Each track is a savage and blood curdling entry that will get your neck cranking and your brain bashing against your already cracked skull. From note one on, Repression provides you with a blistering barrage of undeniable trashing death metal. There is not bullshit present on this demo as Repression rolls right along from track to track providing you with intense, flesh ripping thrashing death metal.

As a whole, Wretched Domain is a chaotic, crude and completely unrelenting listen. Wretched Domain is a stifling demo that doesn’t allow you any room to breathe what so ever as it rolls from track to track with ease gifting you with a complete onslaught of metallic death. Through three tracks Repression makes you feel as though you have been through the wringer leaving you for the buzzards once the demo has concluded. At the end of it all, Repression leaves you wanting more and more and so you reach for the play button over and over again.

You really can’t go wrong with this demo as it does provide you with your death metal fix. Each of the three tracks are well performed and well crafted and the overall sounds provides you with that stagnant old-school death metal stench that is so appealing. At the end of this demo you really do want more from these cadaver hoarding heathens, but for now we are left with three tracks of utter raw death that certainly is a great listen.

Wretched Domain has now been re-released through Caligari Records.

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Possessor: The Ripper

November 25, 2017

Barreling out of your speakers as loud and fuzzed out as possible is Possessor with their brand new full length appropriately titled The Ripper. Sludge, thrash, punk, a dash of old-school doom and even more make up the fuzzed out, speaker bursting sound for Possessor. These gents don’t screw around with intros or outros and they certainly don’t provide you with fluff and or filler. The Ripper is one hundred percent metal through and through. Through nine brand new tracks you are gifted with venomous, thrashy, sludge filled metal that will end up blowing up your speakers. The Ripper is the type of record that needs to be cranked up as high as it possibly can and listened to with complete recklessness.

As mentioned above, Possessor doesn’t fuck around with fillers, or intros or anything of that nature. Once you press play you are immediately greeted with buzzing fuzzed out guitars and pummeling drumming, and throughout the rest of the record that is exactly what you can come to expect. The Ripper is a relentless slab of murky, sludge filled metal that you have a hard time not thrashing about to. Each track gets right under your skin and imprinted in your mind making this for an unforgettable listen. As heavy as each track is, they are equally catchy and highly intoxicating.

Possessor took what they did really well with Dead by Dawn and amplified that and even added in a few more elements to create an overall sound that is grimy, dirty, and just flat out heavy. The Ripper is filled with plenty of venom and more than enough punk and thrash attitude to put you in your place. Possessor make it well known that they are back with a thrashing mad release as they barrel straight out of a deep, dark cavern in hell and burst through your speakers from the get go. Once you lift your finger off of the play button you become under siege by hard hitting and hard rocking tune after tune.

Each track on this release is heavy, catchy, grime filled and down right sinister making The Ripper one hell of a good release. Each track greets your gnarled ears with an addicting fuzzed out sound that you can’t get enough of. This sonic wall of sludge filled madness is something to behold and something to listen to repeatedly until you just can’t stand it anymore. There isn’t a let down track on this record as each track is just as solid as the last and they just keep getting better and better the more that you listen.

The Ripper is a hard record to pass up on, and one that shouldn’t be passed up on. This should be a record that is on everyone’s list to listen to at the very least. The Ripper is highly entertaining, heavy, memorable, groovy, catchy and much more. You really can’t go wrong with The Ripper as it provides you with nine face melting tunes that get you head banging nearly immediately. This is a hard record to quit once you begin listening.

The Ripper is out now right and can be found here:


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