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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Vingulmork: Avgrunn

May 12, 2019

Vingulmork: Avgrunn

In league with thrash comes elements of black metal blasphemy to create a punishing, brutal yet melodic sound that will get you mashing your brain against your skull before you realize it. Vingulmork rises from the shadows yet again with a brand new upcoming EP titled Avgrunn, which comes complete with four new undeniably powerful flesh ripping tracks. These tracks here are incredibly aggressive from the first second onward, providing you with an incredible metallic onslaught of blistering black metal infused thrash. Not to be denied, each track pushes forth, ushering a sound through your speakers that is skull battering and visceral. Forever marching forth without giving you a moment to breathe, Vingulmork suffocates you within their maelstrom from beginning to end.

Unwavering in their assault, Vingulmork marches forth with one track after the next of nothing but fiery and every vicious metal. There is not a single moment of filler or fluff here as what you get is four straight offerings of powerful and potent blackened thrash that is sure to melt your face straight off of your skull. As ferocious as each offering is, they are just as melodic as Vingulmork does a great job of incorporating great amounts of melody through and through. The balance of ferocity and melody throughout Avgrunn is great here making each track to be incredibly smooth yet terrifyingly venomous all the same.

Avgrunn is a solid EP through and through with each track being cohesive and incredibly heavy. With great technical musicianship, howled vocals storm forth through the wall of metallic noise providing you with an intense and potent sound that is hard to shake. This release is undeniably well done and undeniably heavy and uncompromising. With the passing of each second, you can’t help but to get dragged further and further in to the release as one listen turns to many. As short as this release is, it makes up for it with the quality of each track. Never do these cuts take time off as each one is just as pummeling and heavy as the ones that came before, making this to be a well rounded and neck bending offering.

This is an exciting, memorable and down right heavy release that you will find yourself coming back to over and over again. Each track is a well executed blackened thrash hymn that provides intensity, entertainment and an overall neck bending sound that is hard to ignore. Through and through Avgrunn is yet another very solid release from Vingulmork as you are treated to four great tracks of pure blackened thrash metal for you blasphemous enjoyment.

Avgrunn will be released June 1 through Crime Records.

Check out the single and official lyric video for Land of Nothing from the upcoming release below!

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Crush The Altar: Abhorrent Oblation

March 28, 2019

Crush The Altar: Abhorrent Oblation

Exploring the darker regions of thrash while mixing in some death metal undertones comes Crush The Altar with their newest nefarious offering Abhorrent Oblation. With three tracks behind the title, this offering is a ripping and flesh shredding beast that comes packed with slicing memorable riffs that are only to be backed by solid bass work, pounding drumming and larynx shredding vocals. From track one to track three you become subject to a maelstrom of sinister and down right malevolent metal. Never are you really gifted a moment of solace as Crush The Altar comes at you in waves, ushering forth track after track of brain bruising thrash.

There is no filler here and no time wasted as Crush The Altar immediately jumps right in to their gnarled and twisted sound. The combination of death metal and thrash here flesh out a sound that is all together deadly and down right blood letting. Each offering is an ever pressing and ceaseless thrashing assault from beginning to end. Technical, malevolent and ever skull grinding, each of the three tracks here offer up something that gets you mashing your brain against your skull for the entirety of their run time. You will have a hard time sitting still while listening to Abhorrent Oblationas each track does a great job of getting under your skin and embedding themselves in your brain for some time to come.

The mixture of death and thrash here is great as the thrash elements are the main focus where the death metal elements are featured more as undertones bringing forth a deadly and malignant sound. You get all of the great thrash staples with the added bonus of poisonous death that bleeds your veins and leaves you as nothing more than a husk. Each of the three tracks here are assaulting efforts that accost you from all angles through each passing second. Abhorrent Oblation as a whole is a wicked and highly engaging offering that gets you head banging before you know it only to induce whiplash once all is said and done.

Abhorrent Oblation is a highly entertaining offering that keeps your attention never to let it waver. Each cut is just as good as the last making this to be a well rounded and cohesive offering. Crush The Altar shows their great song writing and technical ability here through only three offerings making you coming back and wanting more. This is a very solid effort through and through, one that will not only please fans of thrash but fans of death metal as well.

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Eugenic Death: Under The Knife

March 13, 2019

Eugenic Death: Under The Knife

Thrashing mad straight out of North Carolina comes Eugenic Death. Since their inception in 2010, Eugenic Death released their debut Crimes Against Humanity in 2012 and in 2014 began working on their next offering Under The Knife. Five years later these thrash hounds are set to unleash this beast of a record that includes seven total tracks of nothing but thrashing madness. Through and through, from beginning to end you become subject to excellent spine bending thrash anthems one right after another. Each track is just as furious and whiplash inducing as the ones that came before it, gifting you with a truly entertaining and adrenaline pumping offering that is hard to get out of your head.

Eugenic Death wastes no time getting you acquainted with their torrid sound as they immediately jump set off with their opening track Indoctrinate. From Indoctrinateforward, Eugenic Death marches onward supplying you with droves of neck bending thrash for your devilish enjoyment. From beginning to end Eugenic Death does not slow their assault or cease their relentless attack as they usher forth track after track of razor sharp thrash metal that cuts to the bone. Under The Knife is pure thrash that is filled with memorable tracks that will rattle around in your brain for quite some time.

Filled with great musicianship that includes razor sharp riffs that are supplemented by scorching solos, pummeling drum work, great bass lines and gritty, filthy vocals, Under The Knife is a heavy maelstrom of thrash. Each track is just as solid as the last as each one is a well constructed offering of brain bruising metal. There isn’t a track here that is weak or feels out of place as each of the seven here bring something new and heavy to the gnarled table. Each cut is built to get your head banging and your brain mashing against your skull leaving a clear imprint on your mind.

These in your face ferocious offerings are entirely entertaining and memorable and have you coming back for more and more thrashing madness. There is no filler here, no gimmick, and nothing that makes you feel as though tropes or fads are being followed as Eugenic Death keep everything raw and straight forward. You cannot go wrong with this release as you are greeted with one excellent track right after another. This is not just a great thrash release, but a great album overall that deserves to be spun until it is worn out.

Under The Knife will be released March 15 through Heaven and Hell Records.

Check out the promotional video for Under The Knife below!

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Reaper-X: Rise

March 12, 2019

Reaper-X: Rise

Hailing from the UK is Reaper-X and with them comes their debut full length titled Rise. Through this release you come to greet nine total tracks that range from a variety of topics that include war, suicide, going to shows and moshing to more. Rise is a diverse and varied record, one that holds your attention for its entirety as it ushers forth track after track of thrashing intensity. This release delivers and then some and as a debut full length it is quite impressive. Reaper-X showcases their eclectic abilities throughout the entirety of their album making it to be an overall entertaining and memorable offering.

Reaper-X start their record with a great instrumental that ultimately sets the overall tone for the remainder of the record. The near two minute intro is a looming and heavy handed instrumental that brings to light what you are about to hear for the remaining eight offerings. What you can come to expect are heavy powerful riffs that are supplemented by ever pummeling drums and vicious vocals that pour through the wall of thrashing madness. For the majority of the tracks here they are up tempo romps influenced by thrash but with a little bit more of a modern touch to them making them even more memorable.

Each track here has something new to offer and bring forth and flesh out. Not a single track sounds like another as Reaper-X does a great job mixing things up to provide you with plenty of variety and diversity throughout. Each cut here is a well constructed and well performed metallic assault that gets your fist pumping and your head banging before you know it. Rise is an infectious record, one that is hard to turn away from and one that is easy to come back to when you need a good dosage of thrashing madness. As a whole, this record gets stuck rattling around in your brain for some time to come, never to relinquish its grip on you.

Reaper-X employs a lot of different styles all throughout Rise, giving enough time to each style to let each track breathe and play out as it should. As heavy and brain mashing as the majority of the tracks can be, Reaper-X shows that they can tone things down a bit with the track Adrift. Adrift is a slower thoughtful song that displays the vocalists range as he gifts you with cleans that work so well with the track overall. This track is a softer, not so cranium sanding track that you may not think fits with the rest of the tracks, but does in reality fit well. Adriftis yet another example of Reaper-X’s diversity and ability to play in a style that does not have to be completely balls to the wall heavy.

Overall, Rise is a solid record through and through. With plenty of diversity, different genres thrown in the mix at times, and with a showcasing of a complete tonal shift with Adrift, Reaper-X really has it all through this record. With great musicianship, solid vocals and diversity in subject matter, there is a lot here for just about anyone and everyone to enjoy. This is an entertaining and memorable release as well as just an overall solid debut full length.

Rise will be released March 12 through Sliptrick Records.

Check out the lyric video for the title track below!

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Perversor: Umbravorous

February 15, 2019

Perversor: Umbravorous

Hailing from Santiago, Chile is the ever perverse and wicked Perversor and ascending from the depths of hell with them is their newest offering Umbravorous. In sickening harmony, Perversor blend black metal and thrash together to create an overall spine bending, neck snapping sound that is hard to tear yourself away from. Within Umbravorousyou are treated to ten ripping tracks that are relentless from beginning to end. You aren’t eased in to this record with an intro or any kind of lead in as Perversor mash the proverbial pedal through the floor to greet you with nothing but flesh melting metal from the moment you press play.

Filled with malevolence and malignancy, Umbravorous is a record that stabs at your throat over and over again with each passing minute until you are given numerous new cuts to breathe through. Each offering is as ceaseless and terrorizing as the last, and from track to track you are never given even a second before the next comes steamrolling through your speakers. This maelstrom of a record is just that as it provides you with thirty-one total minutes of detrimental, psychotic blackened thrash for your contorted enjoyment.

With vicious riffs spearing you through the side and machine gun drumming cracking your chest while hellish vocals are rattled off from the abyss, you become under siege from the very get go. Umbravorous is a hellfire baptized release, one that consumes you and envelopes you in an ever spinning blaze of perdition and terror. Never does Perversor slow or skip a beat as they rattle off track after track of razor sharp torment, battering your soul and sanity with each passing second.

This ghoulish offering is a twisted mass of metal, one that is executed very well and sewn together with expertise, providing you with a cohesive and well rounded offering. As thrashing mad as this release is, it is equally malevolent and blackened as each genre shows their truly wicked strengths through each offering. Umbravorous is a chaotic and mangling release, one that is sure to twist your head from your shoulders.

Umbravorous will be released March 15, 2019 through Pulverised Records.

Laceration: Remnants

February 10, 2019

Laceration: Remnants

Hailing from the Bay Area is Laceration. Forming in 2006, the band soon after took a five year hiatus only to reconvene recently to begin working on a full length and to provide you with more skull shredding thrash violence. Remnants is a ten track compilation of Laceration’s earliest recordings that include and EP, a demo and the tracks from their split with Tinnitus. Laceration fills each track with pure thrash madness that is all about they heavy, discarding the fluff and filler. Each of the ten offerings within this compilation are razor sharp, raw and bludgeoning cuts of pure thrash venom.

From beginning to end Laceration twists and contorts your neck until your head pops off your shoulders. Each offering is just as bombastic and vile as the last as each one provides you with purely wicked and malevolent thrash. Without slowing, without bullshit, Laceration marches onward creating a razor sharp maelstrom of caustic metal that is not to be ignored. These tracks are venomous and malicious, each one as potent and killer as the last.

With riffs that cut to the bone, drumming that hammers through your skull, bass lines that shake foundation and gravel filled vocals, Laceration present to you pure and bleeding raw thrash that is hard to not bash your brains to. Each track gets your head banging and neck twisting to the point where you leave this listen with a bruised frontal lobe and whiplash. From the drop of the first note you quickly realize that you are in for quite the thrash treat as each and every cut here is just as superb as the last.

Remnantsrolls onward without so much as a blink of an eye as it rattles off track after track of pulverizing, corpse hoarding thrash metal. These tracks are razor sharp, pummeling and down right malevolent. This compilation is a great one, one that showcases a great EP, demo and great tracks off of a split with Tinnitus. Each track is a well performed offering of deadly thrash that is hard not to bang your head to. This will have to tide us over until the full length is here to destroy.

Warfist: Grünberger

February 6, 2019

Warfist: Grünberger

Emerging from hell thrashing mad is Warfist and dragging up from the depths with them is their upcoming full length titled Grünberger. Packed with ten tracks, Grünberger offers up mayhem in the form of blackened thrash. From track to track you are presented with once face melting offering after another, never for Warfist to cease the maelstrom of blackened metal until the end. A ripper from beginning to end, Grünberger gets you head banging and your fist pumping early on only to keep you bashing your brain against your skull until the record has concluded.

There is no time to rest and no filler to provide you with any reprieve as Warfist rampage onward from track to track gifting you with nothing but sinister thrashing mad blackened metal through and through. From the drop of the first gnarled note you realize that you are in for quite the flesh melting treat as you become accosted on all sides by furious riffs that are coupled with ever blasting drumming, bloodied vocals and rumbling bass lines. Through and through, Grünberger is a straight storm of blackened thrash that aims to twist your neck never to cease until your head is screwed on backward.

Stampeding forth from one ripping track to the next, this ever relentless onslaught of malevolence is pure debauchery and sinister mayhem. With each cut running around the three to four minute mark it gives Warfist enough time to really pack a massive punch and have you mash your brain against your skull as you continuously head bang as though you wish your head to fall off your neck. This is an engaging, malevolent, wicked and highly entertaining record that grips you with the hand of death from beginning to end. Each track is a well constructed offering of blistering and blood boiling blackened thrash metal that is as punishing as they are entertaining.

Only scorched earth follows this record as it burns everything in its path aiming to maim and crush bones beneath it. This is well constructed and well sewn together offering that provides you with nothing but ten wicked blackened thrash tracks that are hard to forget and hard to deny. Each track is as memorable and damning as the last making this to be a well rounded and overall very solid offering from these heathens.

Grünberger will be released February 27, 2019 through Godz Ov War Productions.

Check out the official video for Death by the Cleansing Fire below!

Witchgoat: Egregors of the Black Faith

January 18, 2019

Witchgoat: Egregors of the Black Faith

Filled with enough blackened malevolence to sink your soul in to the abyss and filled with enough thrashing madness to tear your face from your skull, Witchgoat offers up nine vicious tracks within their upcoming offering Egregors of the Black Faith. Save for the foreboding intro, each track that follows is a ripper, never ceasing or slowing their onslaught no matter how many souls have been claimed. Meshing two chaotic genres together such as this, creates an unholy and chaotic sound that leaves your neck twisted and your face properly melted. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but pure chaos and debauchery caught all within nine ferocious cuts.

One right after another, Witchgoat ushers forth punishment in heaping three to six minute doses. Each track is just as venomous and wicked as the last as Witchgoat tears you limb from limb with their slicing riffs that are only to be backed by explosive drumming and dissonant wretched vocals. Track one to track nine you become enveloped in a blackened storm of chaos and malevolence. Never does Witchgoat relent in their onslaught as they mash their blade through your throat only to stop once the final track has concluded. These offerings are relentless from beginning to end, never gifting you a moment of solace as you ultimately become suffocated in the storm of blackened thrashing madness.

Witchgoat strikes a great balance between thrash and black metal all throughout, never to favor one over the other and instead having each work hand in vile hand to create a true maelstrom of flesh tearing metal. Each track gnashes at the flesh and cuts down to the bone with their overall wicked and malignant sound. Witchgoat has crafted a record here that is hard to deny and hard not to bash your brains in to oblivion to. From start to finish, you are greeted by nine excellent tracks that offer up top notch blackened thrash that has your neck twisted and your flesh melting in no time.

With technicality, blackened malevolence, and just a sheer onslaught of menacing metal, Witchgoat makes Egregors of the Black Faith a highly volatile, wicked and entertaining offering. Each track is just as solid and well put together as the last never to have a weak track that is lacking in any sort of way. Through and through, Egregors of the Black Faith is a very solid record, one that will please many a gnarled ear drums.

Egregors of the Black Faith will be released February 13, 2019 through Morbid Skull Records and Hell Productions.

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Homicide Hagridden: Effect Lucifero

November 10, 2018


Thrashing mad since 1994, Homicide Hagridden has released countless demos and three full lengths including Effect Lucifero back in 2016. This offering is a near forty minute offering of nothing but thrash glory. Through each of the nine tracks that are present within this release you are treated to furious riffs that are paired with ever galloping drumming to present you with an overall adrenaline pumping and neck twisting offering. From beginning to end you are treated to a ceaseless onslaught of face melting metal that does not let up until the final track has concluded.

This is a tightly knit offering as each track rolls together to create one big maelstrom of thrash insanity. The musicianship is tight, the production is clean and the vocals have a tinge of Tom Araya to them making them stand out among the ever thrashing fury of the instrumentation. Each track is a solid offering never leaving you feeling unfulfilled or wanting more than what Homicide Hagridden provides for you. Each track is solid in length always topping over three and four minutes in length which leaves you with enough time to properly bend your neck out of shape.

Effect Lucifero is a well constructed and performed offering as it presents you with entertaining and well written tracks one right after another. These face melting offerings are just that. They are furious and scalding, forever making your head bang whether you want to or not. These are technical offerings as you are treated to some riff wizardry and excellent drumming through and through. Never once does a track feel sloppy and never once does a track feel as though it doesn’t belong as each track is a tightly woven thrash offering that does a great job of getting under your skin.

With this release, Homicide Hagridden created something for the thrash junkie. Not only does it pay homage to the forefathers of thrash, but it also implements its own flair to create a sound more technical and its own. These are quick ever jabbing tracks that get you moving before you know it and get you banging your head feverishly over and over again before you realize.

Godless: Swarm

October 26, 2018


With plenty of clinical precision, fury and malevolence, Godless presents their sophomore EP Swarm. This five track EP is a terrorizing and blood boiling offering that nearly kicks your teeth down your throat from the get go. After a fifty second intro, Godless kicks hell’s gates open with their official opening track Infected by the Black, a three and a half minute blitzkrieg of tight and technical death riddled thrash. The pace is torrid as it rips your skin from your flesh as Godless plays an unholy and unrelenting brand of death thrash, and that is just the first track. Godless keeps up their face melting pace through the remaining tracks presenting you with a wicked and entirely sadistic listen.

Godless roll from track to track with great fluidity never granting you more than a moment to catch your breath and spin your head back around. Each track is a ripping and flesh carving offering that leaves you starving for breath and a reprieve, but that you will not get. Through and through, Swarm is wicked and ceaseless as it rolls out four dehumanizing tracks one right after another. Each track is a hell ripping and malevolent offering that aims to drain you of your life before everything is all said and done. Godless seems to be out for blood here as they press forth ushering you one sinister track after another making Swarm out to be an overall menacing and terrorizing effort.

Swarm is undeniably crushing and bone rattling. This EP is as heavy as it gets as Godless seamlessly sews together death and thrash to present you with something that is truly punishing. Swarm is powerful, potent and venomous and never once does it let up or slow down only for it to greet you with punishing death thrash from beginning to end. Each track is precise, technical and down right heavy and the more that you listen the more that your head begins to hang by only a thread. Each track is pure savagery and relentless malevolent horror as these bloodied tracks pour through your speakers only seeking blood.

Godless has it all here within this EP. They are creative, heavy, malicious, precise and much more. This EP is something to behold and certainly not something to skip out on as it is a release that you should want to listen to and bash your brain against your skull to. Swarm is an addictive and highly potent release that is hard to put down.

Swarm will be released October 27, 2018.

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