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Vastum: Orificial Purge

October 22, 2019

Vastum: Orificial Purge

Bay Area corpse hoarders Vastum crawl up from their rotting, fetid tomb after four long years to provide you with sickening death in disgusting heaps. Their upcoming offering titled Orificial Purge is packed to the bowel bursting point with six new offerings that are as twisted, gruesome and gut churning as you can imagine. From beginning to end you come face to face with nothing but putrid, flesh flaying death metal that does not cease until you are left faceless and lifeless in a damp and decaying grave. Potent and savage, Vastum march onward from track to track, trapping you within their cyclone of horror and grisly obscene death.

With their potent brand of brutality that is mixed with an ever soul destroying atmosphere and vivid gruesome lyrics, Vastum offer up a distinctive brand of death that cannot be mistaken. Ever skull piercing and brain skewering, Orificial Purge twists and turns through each of the six terrorizing offerings within this warped title to offer you up something that is truly vein bursting. This is true, pure grisly gnarled death and nothing but. With buzzing skin peeling riffs that are supplemented by bone shattering drum work and a savage dual vocal attack, Vastum provides you with a sickening and life expunging sound that leaves your face cleaved clean off.

Unsettling and horrifying, Orificial Purge bulldozes forth with great potency and sharpness leaving your head hanging on by just a thread. Vastum stomps forth with the intent to let your blood run free from your collapsed veins and add you to their ever growing collection of fetid corpses. Each track is just as ripping and crypt defiling as the last. This is a cohesive and very well rounded executing effort. Vastum roll out one track after another, lobotomizing you before you know it. Vastum’s death doom style of play is incredibly venomous and sharp as it slices you and drags you asunder to the rotting depths.

Vastum never ceases to disappoint as they have continuously rolled out one excellent offering after the next and this is certainly no exception. With six sickening tracks to its title, Orificial Purge is a down right skull shattering and limb ripping release that will surely lead you to an early meeting with the reaper. Ever savage, steeped in brutality and unrepentant death, Orificial Purge is one hell of a release, one that aims straight for your life from the drop of the first gnarled note. The four years were more than worth the wait as Vastum has created a release here that is pretty fucking perfect.

Orificial Purge will be unleashed from its crypt October 25 through 20 Buck Spin.

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