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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Kapala: Termination Apex

May 27, 2019

Kapala: Termination Apex

Leaving nothing but devastation and destruction in their wake, Kapala play a striking brand of metal that combines grindcore, war metal, noise and even elements of goregrind. With a stripped down, bare bones sound, Kapala offers up a listen that is flesh shredding and earth scorching. Devoid of humanity, only aiming to destroy and crush everything in their path, Kapala leaves you mangled beyond recognition once all is said and done. Through the six tracks within Termination Apex, you are treated to twenty-six full minutes of face peeling metal.

There is no compromise here as Kapala are ceaseless in their aural assault attacking you from all sides, shredding your ear drums and your sanity while they’re at it. Forever ceaseless and unrelenting, Kapala move swiftly from track to track suffocating you under their raw brand of chaos infused metal. From beginning to end you are treated to no solace and reprieve as you come face to face with pure devastation.

This war machine by the name of Kapala is just that. Each track is a savage and barbaric offering that hammers you over the head again and again until the final track finally comes to a close. Termination Apex is a pure aeonic slab of tormenting noise filled metal that cannot be denied. Each track is a blitzkrieg of bone shattering metallic noise that is brought on by the sound of mangled riffs that are only to be supplemented by pounding chest cracking drumming. These offerings are vortexes of chaos and devastation from which you will not escape from unscathed.

With instruments that nearly become their own weapons, vocals that are larynx shredding and an overall potent and powerful sound, Kapala offer up a release here that rips and shreds you to pieces. As short as this release is it packs more than a punch as it leaves a gaping hole in your chest once all is said and done. Forever life terminating and earth scorching, Termination Apex is something to behold as it sounds like chaos captured in musical form. If you are a fan of grindcore, war metal or the like, you will surely be pleased with this ear bleeding offering from Kapala.

Termination Apex will be unleashed June 25 through Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Check out the official video for Martial Dominance from the upcoming release below!

You can pre-order now at this location!

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Eggs of Gomorrh: Outpregnate

February 14, 2019

Eggs of Gomorrh: Outpregnate

In a disgusting and twisted three headed assault charged by black, death and war metal, Eggs of Gomorrh are set to unleash their newest offering Outpregnate. This release is pure malevolence and chaos from beginning to end, never gifting you a moment of silence as they shred forth scorching the earth behind them. Outpregnate has an overall sound that is hard to turn away from, a sound that is apocalyptic, one that is terrorizing and menacing all the way through. Each track within this release is vein draining savagery that masticates on your flesh until it has been stripped from bone completely.

Each harsh and foul cut are short and razor sharp, aiming for the jugular from the get go, never to stop the cutting until you are left drained and nothing more than a mere husk. Outpregnate leaves a wreckage of pure carnage and evisceration behind it, leaving nothing alive only to then torch everything that may still remain. In pure wickedness and malignancy, Eggs of Gomorrh offer up a release that is filthy, cynical and down right consuming. From beginning to end you are gripped by the clammy hand of death never to be released until the last bone shredding note has passed through your speakers.

Stripped down, bleeding raw and down right insane, each track offers up a furious and malicious sound that is hard to deny. With wicked riffs that lash out, machine gun drumming that crack skulls and hellish vocals, Eggs of Gomorrh present you with an overall sound that is pure chaos and destruction. Menacing and terrorizing from beginning to end, this release is something to behold. Within its six short tracks you are greeted by nothing but pure madness and mangling metal that is sure to leave your neck snapped and your marrow sapped.

Demonic and ever unrelenting, Outpregnate gifts you with an all around outstanding and life threatening listen. Once the near two minute unsettling intro fades, Eggs of Gomorrh never ceases in their demonic onslaught as they pour the disease and malevolence on thick through the remaining five offerings. Outpregnate is a record to behold, one that will turn heads and subsequently rip them off.

Outpregnate will be released March 18, 2019 through Krucyator Productions.

Check out the official track Prayeggrh from the upcoming release below!

The pre-order can be found on Bandcamp and the Krucyator shop.

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Caveman Cult: Supremacia Primordial

June 3, 2018

supremacia primordial.jpg

Primitive, stripped to the bone and incredibly chaotic, Caveman Cult dishes out punishment in the purest of forms within Supremacia Primordial. Through four tracks you are greeted by an all out aural assault of nothing but life threatening war metal that is bound to smash your skull in. This is just unhinged chaos in its greatest and most bare bones form. From the very onset, Caveman Cult makes you feel unwelcome as they stomp forth with precision and murderous intent and continue to do so until the entire release has concluded.

These war machines roll from one track to the next aiming to let your blood and break your bones until you can hardly be recognized. Supremacia Primordial is merciless in its assault as it lays waste to anyone that dares stand before it. This offering is potent and incredibly volatile as it unleashes four tracks of pure chaos and destruction. There isn’t much that is quite as barbaric and punishing as Caveman Cult and they surely make their presence known all throughout this release as they unleash unbridled rage and anger upon you in heaping and detrimental doses.

Supremacia Primordial is a release to behold and not one to be looked over either. This offering sports four excellent tracks of some of the best war metal. With incredible precision, Caveman Cult lobotomizes and hacks you in to pieces before you know it. Each track is a bombastic and explosive offering that knocks your head clean off of your shoulders. Supremacia Primordial is a startling and unsettling release as it ushers forth four furious tracks that assault you from all angles until you have been left in the dirt lifeless.

Caveman Cult never fails to impress and improve upon their sound and this release is no exception. Through and through you are treated to some of the most barbaric and savage metal that you could come across and it is nothing short of excellent. Once again these fiends knock it out of the park and then some.

Supremacia Primordial will be released June 6, 2018 through Larval Productions.

Check out the track Impaled Humanity Ablaze from the upcoming EP below!

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Goatkraft: Angel Slaughter

February 5, 2018


Emerging from the murky light defeating depths of hell is Goatkraft and dragging up from the bowels of hell with them is their newest appropriately named offering Angel Slaughter. This writhing bestial slaughtering offers up six brand new tracks of nothing but blistering, soul sucking blackened metal for your misery. Right after a brief intro, Goatkraft jumps straight in to their brand of hellish blackened molten metal without so much as a warning. Once Goatkraft really kicks in to gear after the intro, your head snaps back and your teeth get pushed down your throat before you know it. Angel Slaughter is a malicious and malevolent release that has a complete disregard for life and does its best to extinguish yours before the final gnarled note sounds through your speakers.

Throughout this release, Goatkraft rolls on delivering punishing, visceral, gnarled and incredibly blasphemous tunes one right after another. Each track is menacing and filled with enough venom to put you to rest permanently. Save for the intro, the five tracks that follow it writhe like a witch that is being burned at the stake. These incredibly volatile and offensive tracks assault you from all sides never ceasing as they barbarically bludgeon and bloody you until you are no more than pulp. As a whole, Angel Slaughter is a sonic assault of tremendous proportions. With only nineteen minutes to its name, this offering is a hell razing and earth scorching effort that leaves no life intact.

Through Angel Slaughter, Goatkraft provides you with a cacophony of sickness and utter heresy. This is an abrasive, unrelenting and unapologetic release that aims for your throat from the very first few seconds on. Even as vicious and grave desecrating as this piece is and as much as it grinds down on your skull, you feel the need to hit play again and again. This blackened blitzkrieg is just that, an all out aural assault that hits you hard and hits you often leaving your head split and spinning. Once you press play there is no escape from the bloodied tempest that is Angel Slaughter as you become trapped in their cyclone of pure terror.

Angel Slaughter is an ever twisting and ever malicious record that savagely beats comes after your life once your finger lifts off of the play button. This is a solid release all around providing you with nothing but blasphemous tunes to twist your neck to. The six tracks on this release are all just as good as the others making it to be a well done and entertaining listen that you keep coming back to.

Angel Slaughter will be released March 9, 2018 through Iron Bonehead.

Take a listen to the title track below!

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